Funner California, Kung Fu Review TV Commercial

An actual review of Funner, CA dubbed over a kung fu movie. The rooms there are the best, I fell in love with the hot tub and spent hours floating. Awesome! At night, they have live bands while you swim! The beds are so comfortable, it’s paradise!

7 thoughts on “Funner California, Kung Fu Review TV Commercial

  1. There's this one commercial which I remember years back that this commercial reminds me of but also which I could never find again: there are these two Japanese? people having an epic sword fight and then, mid-fight the music changes to some goofy, techno thing that makes the actors pause and look confused. Then the scene cuts to the recording area where this bizarre guy is making the strange music in front of like an entire orchestra of people. If anyone knows what commercial this is from, then I'd really like to know~

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