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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. Coach Well done Next time, slow down a little Let’s go. OK Remember slow down a little and adjust the angle. Bye Bye Brother Big Black, I am the younger Oh, You are the younger sister. You are drunk, even don’t drink I am here Oh. That’s the granddaughter of famous Mahjong King, Mr. Jiang Come here What do you want to say? Let me introduce myself first What’s the thing? I invited you really for something. Three days later is your grandpa Mahjong King’s 70th birthday At that time he will retire and stop playing mahjong I know your plan Don’t let me lose face please OK? I’m at least the boss of Dragon Tiger Gang Let me finish my word, OK? OK, please. Bad atmosphere I don’t want to say now One thing Play a game with me If you lose you should retire with your grandpa No problem Nice! Let’s go! Hello? Honey, I’m stuck in traffic jam runing toward you I can’t stand You say, if I kill her grandpa and then kill her. Will you feel sorry for her? We three against you alone It’s unfair. Where’s your boyfriend and assistant? Is he with some young girl out happy leaving you alone? He’s stuck in traffic jam Men are always stuck in traffic jam Let’s start I didn’t realize you two are master hands One dot Kong Stop. You can’t kong I win You are really the Mahjong King’s grandgranddaughter Go on In the last round, you drew first. This round is my turn Discard! I’m so sorry, every one I win again I have to leave first See you next time, excuse me Kung Fu Mahjong Goddess Xuebo Is our plan going well? A good show begins Grandma, wait. I will revenge for you So fun Really the Senior, Mr. Hu with the name of Gold Finger as fast as a bullet Young girl, although I didn’t ever used any effort you are also marvellous when catch it easily Who is your master teacher? She’s not a master but an old friend Mr. Hu, challenging you this time is a little bit discourteous In fact, I just want to remind the old time with you The thirteen orphans of Mahjong Queen Yin the 6th She’s my grandma This deck of silver Mahjong was my grandma’s favorite When she was injured by that masked master the whole deck was broken only this One Bamboo left My dad and I looked for that masked master for many years I found him at last Are you suspecting me? How can I suspect it’s you! You helped to find him all through the country. Then you come here today for what I’m just a fragile woman I can’t compete with him at all so I ask for your help Impossible The one who killed your grandmother He can’t be still alive. Amoung the alive people Only one is able to defeat your grandma Right It’s him The Mahjong King Three days later is his 70th birthday he will retire and stop playing mahjong That would be my last chance to revenge for my gramma on the game. If you did love my gramma Please come and help me to play one mahjong game with him Brother Eighth Brother Third Ahey Brother Third I miss you so much How have you been these years I’m all fine AheyYou Haha Great We haven’t meet for years Look Master My student Zhou Xuebo You’re here now and just in time Four is just enough for one round Put on OK Please White Board Three Character Gong Brother we’re playing with the kids not need to be so serious Young Bro, you do win a lot No Sister Hurry up. Don’t hesitate. Look out of ç‚®. What if I do pick it Sister I’m sorry I win So do I Do I also win? I can’t play this You can’t escape Dare you escape? Qingqing Hurry off. Grampa Hurry off Grampa Hurry off. Grampa Grampa Grampa Hurry off Kill all Brother Black, these two man keep winning from 8am to now Uncles and aunties are scared off even the kids We have to warn them Brother Black We have been all-powerful for so many years They are not allowed to be so arrogant. Chanlenge him Go Stop crying baby Stop crying. Let’s go home Big Black, screw him They say you always Always win I told you, playing mahjong You can’t lose when you’re lucky Do you know Since Brother Black opened this parlor It’s been more than 10 years People win but no one like this way Have you cheated Have you cheated You never see before? It means you are lack of knowledge Want to deny your cheating? Brother Black you have to screw him. Show me some respect, can’t you? I’m at least the boss of Dragon Tiger Gang Especially you I? Good luck, right? How about we play two-men mahjong Two, five and eight as the General If you win You can come whenever you want You can win as much as you want What if I lose? Losing If you lose, I will make you two as a couple of Orphans Why not call the police to handle this Fucking forget the police Hurry Since you want to die I’ll play with you Waiter Water Brother Black Sister Don’t be naughty Waiting me. Wait till I win them. Eight Character Brother Black Drink some water Brother Black Drink some water No thank you Drink please Win by Own drawn No How? How did you win? Sleepy. Going home to sleep Own drawn grand 3 chief Total 167 Scoring 35.2 yuan Pay me Here Write it on paper Here turn off my bad luck Damn it Brother Black Don’t be naughty Why is your breast become one biger one smaller It’s so cold outside My silica gel shrinked Are you sure? Yes. Let me see. What’s this? You I though you’re skilled people A pile of cheater Hurry run Little Huahua Go after them and screw them Hurry Ok Brother Black Hurry Get in the car Hurry I’m done. Whoever want to do who do. Mihu what’s in your mouth? Have you got the money? Got it. Check it. Tell me or not? Where did you get the money? I don’t know. Tell me where did you get the money Stop Why did you let her go? Forgive where you may Brother Xiaofei where will we go tonight? Why not go home? Gramma has stewed the pork rimb soup Food You only have food in mind You eat Have I bothered you? What’s the date today? It’s 18th. Only 7 days left before we return Zhou Xue the debt of 1 million. You should think how to make money but not food. Nothing can be changed even if you’re worried. Next is a song from Miss Yin to Mr. Jiang Tianxiang Happy birthday song Brother Xiao Fei turn it down. It’s too noisy. It’s my idol. Lt’s listen. A cheater like you has Idol? Money won of cheating by Xiao fei Totally donating to the welfare house of Gramma Shut up Beat you But Brother Fei is very fond of the grandaughter of Majiong King I heard at that time Brother Fei used to write her love letters Really? Shut up Beat you Beat you Brother Fei, turn down. Too loud. You two Turn down a little bit. AH Some one is there. Beauty Beauty wake up We’d better run. No. We’d better wait for her family people to come. Are you fuzzle? Waiting for what family? What about We send her to the hospital? We can’t. The car is stealed The license plate is deck. When the police come We will all be arrested. Officier Wang, cars are stolen so offer in our zone What do you think? It’s a problem. Let’s check out after we go back. Look Let’s go and see. Go Stop. There are policemen. What’s the matter? We’re here… She Repair the car Right Repair the car It can’t be started in such a cold day Please show your driving license and driving permit Here It’s Might be here. Police Stop Stop Stop Thank God still alive Stop blahing Beauty Did you remember what happened last night I That would be easy. Yesterday We saw you faint on the way. So we bring you back. Where here is? You Seems what shown on TV series is real. Stop talking rubbish Beauty, here’s our home. Miss, how can you get up? Hurry sit down Hurry sit down Sit down and take the medicine Why does she look so familiar? Miss do you have boyfriend? Gramma please don’t make truble with me Look at you It’s ok. Gramma please don’t make truble with me Alright I know. Gramma you go back to take a rest They really looks the same. Not so silly as her. No, I have to try. I heard Jiang Qingqing is the master of mahjong. Though not as good as Zhou Xuebo, the student of his grandpa But is still kind of master-hand I heard she’s very marvallous at dicing Thank you. Mengjie, let’s drink the wine. Get away. What? Since the Mahjong King die, you don’t want to play with me If Jiang Qingqing don’t die We won’t be peaceful at all Xuebo I advise you utilize your power to find Jiang Qingqing You can tell them Jiang Qingqing is driving crazy by the death of his grandfather and no one know where she’s Can you? We won’t kill her. Ok, up to you. Where have you been so early? I went transfering money to the welfare house It’s very interesting of you and your grandma Why don’t you give the money directly to gramma Torture us everyday. You sleepy head If I give it directly to her she would ask me where did I get the money What can I say? That’s what we earned Enough Stop talking nonsense I‘m leaving now If grandma ask lie for me. How about the debt of 1 million we owe to Zhou Xuebo? He will be here in 2 days. In 2 days let’s talk tomorrow. I’m leaving. Where’s Xiaofei going without eating meals He went I know he’s going to He’s going to clean welfare house grandma My waist can’t hold long I need a rest Gramma Xiao Fei haven’t you gone to clean the house Why do you come back so early? Grandma leave me alone. You go back to your room now
I will go to clean soon Come in Who are you? Grandma Leave us alone please go back to your room. We have things to discuss. You go on. Brother Bo, please take a seat. Brother Bo, can you give me 2 days more for the debt of 1 million? Don’t be rush. I have another problem to discuss with you. Have you read the news? My master passed by. His granddaughter My girlfriend Qingqing She’s heavily strike down and got disappeared now. I’m very worried. That’s a bad man. Don’t mess with him It seems I have met him before Impossible
He’s Public face I’m sure you disreconized Help me and lookk it out for me Ok, brother Bo I will take my leaving. It’s not. It’s not. I have to ask him myself. Don’t go. You don’t go. Why don’t you stop her? It seems that she know Zhou Xuebo. If she do, it would be hard to explain. Wait me Where have I seen him? Zhou Xuebo’s girlfriend is missing. What can we do? We not only own him momey But also hit his girlfriend into a fool What can we do? It won’t be What can we do? It won’t be What to do? Right Alright It won’t involve us. How about we First we… Nine Character Eight Bamboos Win Excuse me Excuse me Pay the money Brother Wang, here you come Start already Enjoy yourself Brother Wang Fuck Come with me Win Haha I was cheated by you last time Are you going cheating here? Please don’t. It’s not good to fight. Fighting is not good. Fighting is not good. Fuck away. Brother Wang, this’s the territory of Uncle Eighth 八爷 You also know our rules Fighting here is not a good choice No fighting how about Mahjong playing Of course enjoy yourself Brother Wang Release You Beauty 2 days not see, why your breast shrink Stop fucking messing here Don’t fucking play the trick in front of me Sit down. Where are you going? Sit down I don’t know how to play I’m fond of playing with the non-skilled one.å°±çˆ±è·Ÿä¸ ä¼šçš„çŽ© Here Take the seat Hurry Here What to do? If there’s no chance We leave her to escape ourselves. Saving Xiaofei is more important. Right Here What? Dicing Dicing Oh Take cards Here From here? Yes Play your card what are you waiting for But I don’t know which one to choose Let me help you. Enough You shut up None of your business You teach her What Why you stucking too What’s the matter again? Win Bro One more Win again Win Win again Bro Win One more Win again Win again Win again
A heavenly hand So sorry Brother Wenhua Let you happy for nothing We still have things to do We leave first. Go Actually I don’t know how I win Let’s go Qingqing Go Go Zhang Xiaofei Slower Let’s go What’s this Qingqing try this Tanghulu This’s only enough for the interest I can offer you 2 days more. Well done Zhang Xiaofei
Good at learning Last time because of your cheating Just one night you owe me 1 million because of declaring a false win It’s only several months ago Great
Great future From now on just follow me We can share the money won by cheating
I 90% and you 10% Brother Bo I As soon as I pay you out I’m out of this How about I 80% You 20% It’s not.
Brother Bo Zhang Xiaofei You’re a little jerk
Do you know If not doing this
What else can you do You will always be a little jerk
no matter what you do you’re only a hepper Brother Bo
If nothing special I’m leaving Wait My girlfriend, you should know I’m not easy to let her live with you I will take her back in 2 days OK By the way, she has a book I need you to bring it to me If you can’t bring the book
Police will find you Ok Xiao Fei How’s your grandma thiese days Brother Bo
I know what to do What’s wrong Brother Fei Where’s she? Whom? This’s for you
Lokk it’s bigger Do you have a book?
Where’s it? Brother Xiao Fei What are you doing Is he your boyfriend? Are you the granddaughter of Mahjong King or not You tell me
Who are you Zhang Xiaofei You little buster, what are you doing? Kid, release and don’t cry I take you to eat the sugar biscuit Don’t be afraid Don’t cry I have beated Xiaofei for you Here Sit down Don’t cry Don’t cry Let’s eat the sugar biscuit Sugar biscuit Slower Yami What can we do Not only have to pay the debt bu also to find the book That silly girl Don’t even know her family name How to find I have an idea How about we help her find her memory back? Easy to say I get one. Won’t you afraid
After finding back the memory She will fall out with you Memories belongs to her Futher more
We use her making money for us is already unforgivable It’s her boyfriend’s money Using money of his girlfriend to pay for this debt It’s a causal circle If not happy
Why you still cheat her Fuck away
Beat you Non cultured Here I told you Like this Three Character Your turn Sugar Biscuit West Wind My head hurts Four Character My head hurts Qingqing Your turn Take this My head hurts I don’t want to play with you guys My head hurts Lucky bastard One more My head hurts My head hurts Very Lucky Brother Bo Come in and take a seat I’ll not go inside Where’s Qingqing Might be still sleeping. Go and pack her luggage I will bring her back. No, brother Bo. It’s too early I haven’t asked out anything Also I’m afraid if you take her back so sudendly She may be struck again mentally What about take it longer? If so, as soon as she wake up You calm her down If nothing special I will come to bring her tomorrow Brother Bo Qingqing Qingqing Qingqing Zhou Xuebo
Where’s Qingqing What’re you talking Zhao Xiaofei Have you played the trick Deceat me to go out first Then command others to take Qingqing from the window Zhou Xuebo you’re a fucking buster Fucking you calm down Do you think I take Qingqing away I told you
It’s not me I want to bring Qingqing back because Yin Mengjie want to kill her Fucking you suspect on me Then where’s she? Where is she is non of your business But look out on yourself. Tie him up Yes I Don’t explain I will bring her back Unnessary, I know where she is My granddaughter looks like a fake boy Jiang Qingqing Hurry back to eat your breakfast Hello Qingqing I don’t need your rescue. Please leave I knew you will remorn your grandfather Have you brought the book Release him Go I heard you lost your memory I’m fine now Qingqing I know I made mistake If you can come back to me I can even cut the relationship with Yin Mengjie We know each other We grow up together Enough Stop There are several years I thought you really love me. You grow up in my family since the little age I treat you as my bloody brother But since you mistaenly thinking grandpa won’t give you the book You changed totally You changed into a person like her Qingqing I have a good idea Why not we, three big family, unite Not only the Mahjong book but also the whole territory of Mahjong will belong to us Speaking of cheating I’m the best one It’s much better than you cooperate with Zhao Xiaofei, the down boy What a shame Zhang Xiaofei is cheating
But he give money tothe welfare house It’s different from you two adultery What a big joke Do you know who’s the owner of that welfare house It’s his grandmother By the end, the money is in his pocket People are all selfish Even Mahjong King Shut up For money I don’t care. But don’t insult my master Qingqing I really don’t know what are you thinking I have given the book to you
From now on Don’t ever bother me Master Sorry Uncle Eighth It’s right.
I killed your grandfather. Didn’t your good brothers. I knew your affairs early. I also know what you want Even you don’t rob for the book I have also intended to give it to you. Because Qingqing is not fond of Mahjong playing brother Eighth I know why you’re here today I know my dooming is coming I haven’t forgotten that thing. If not because of my last attack Brother
We all very clear Good Qingqing shouldn’t be involved withi this OK. You can take it easy. I promise Ok. I trust you Xiao Yuan Make the tea. Master What’s your relation ship with Yin Six Lady She’s my senior sister and the one I used to love Though she did amany wrong things But the last attack of your grandfather It’s not necessary At that time As to win the position of Mahjong queen Yin Six Lady, grandmother of Yin Mengjie had fallen deeply She did everything she could Poison your grandmother Your grandfather as to save your grandmother Killing her by accident. I knew it’t your grandfather
Whate ever he had done It’s forgivable because he did for his beloved one I had promised your grandfather Not to involve you But the granddaughter of Yin Six Lady She’s more ruthless than her grandmother Child
If you want the revenge.
Do it Grandfather used to tell me, there’s no end of revenge It belonged to your elder generation I shouldn’t have been involved. But the book belonged to my grandfather
I have to take it back Will you be the same with Yin family No Here they come Hello Look here Here This way Here Smile Here Please look here Here Get closer Smile Thank you for all friends of press to come I think you all know me Zhou Xuebo Here I will jump my self-introduction My master the Mahjong King Unfortunately strike by cardiac And fall asleep forever. He gone without any touring So here today I formally announce I will inherite my master become the new Mahjong King Why didn’t he pass the book to his granddaughter Jiang Qingqing Xuebo is very intelligent
His master appreciated him very much Before he passed by He especially made a will to leave this Mahjong Book to Xuebo Also heritated the name of Mahjong King become the new Mahjong King Then why Jiang Qingqing don’t show up on this meeting The pass of her grandfather is a great strike to her Qingqing decides to quit off Please leave here more space and freedom Don’t bother her anymore. You betrayed Jiang Qingqing for Yin Mengjie is that true The imparting ceremony of Mahjong Book will begin soon Please all take your seat over there Here
This way please Wait What’s the matter What’s the matter with this What a Mahjong King Obtaining the book by dirty tricks and murders my grandfather Are you daring to call yourself Mahjong King I gain the heritage from His Mahjong King with my own ability Why not dare You’re really shamless
Dare you play one round with me Bet on all the fortune and the name of Mhjong King The book is in my hand How dare you compete with me Are you out of mind Here’s all my fortune in Swiss Bank Doesn’t it what you always want Is it depends on you to compete or not Your really think yourself too important Then can I make the decision Who’s he Mahjong Master Golden Finger Hu Bawan There will be good show It’s the thing between young generations I should keep out of it But the title of Mahjong King It’s not deserved by anyone I will hold the competition of new Mahjong King You hold it?
You’re not the only one left of the elder generation Also there’s Guo Erdong elder It’s none of your business as a outsider Further more, the book is in my hand Really? Do you mean who get the book who is the Mahjong King I’m brother of Guo Sandong Zhou Xuebo and Qingqing break the rules first Who’s really the outsider You’re very clear To get the title of Majhong Kind rightly and properly See you in 3 days
The Mahjong King Competition Let’s go The expected Mahjong King Competition
Pre Competition Begin Jiang Qingqing Don’t be defeated on Pre Competition Otherwise, I will be so disappointed. Never mind wait to see Excuse me guys Own drawn complete sequence of one suit The thirteen orphans Own drawn seven pairs I win Ladies and Gentlemen After several rounds of wonderful competition Here we have got the top four of our competitors They are
Miss Jiang Qingqing Miss Yin Mengjie Mr. Zhou Xuebo and Mr. Black Welcome they to our stage Next They will go back to our VIP room
to take a small break and then We will start the final competition
The close final The final competition will be on a live show through the big screen You can watch the whole competition through our screen Let’s welcome them to take a short break Is Hu Bawan reliable or not All the participants are here Why he haven’t arrived Will he be afraid to come If so we have to back on our own Impossible. I believe he will come May I ask are you Miss Jiang Qingqing Yes The competition will begin soon As to your safety, please take your seat inside Please Thank you What to do What to do What to do What to do What are you doing? It’s too annoying
Can you stop Tell me how Don’t you know about Yin Mengjie If Qingqing go with her
Qingqing won’t take any advantage Hu Bawan hasn’t arrived yet Tell me how can we win You mean you walk around can make us win? Can you stoparguing with me Why are you so nonsense It’s you nonsense Brother Xiaofei isn’t here
look at you how arrogant Enough There’ll be other way Look at Qingqing and then look at yourself I don’t even want to talk with you I don’t even want to talk with you either But why hasn’t Brother Xiaofei arrived yet Where ahs he gone Right.
Behaving properly in normal times Not even show up when necessary You’re saying you looks more like a human just now I’m not arguing with you Brother Fei were have you gone I have invited Guo Erdong Guo Erdong? Guo Erdong? Yes Guo Erdong? Let me introduce you again
our four participants of the final competition They are
Miss Jiang Qingqing sitting on the east Miss Yinmengjie sitting on the north Mr. Zhouboxue sitting on the west And Mr. Uhr…
Miss Black sitting on the south Stop talking rubbish Let’s begin It’s time to start Mr. Hu has especially required No matter he’re here or not The competition has to go on Ladies and gentlemen I’m announcing: the Mahjong King Competition begins now Final Competition: Round 1 Nine
My own turn Five Bamb Drawing White Board Four Character Chow East Wind Gong Five Character Chow South Wind Gong Seven Character Drawing One Dot There’s no Six Character Why can’t I win by another Tile Let me draw first Zhou Xuebo must want to win by grand four Happiness The Eighteen Arhat I can’t play this Tile to let him win Six Character Win All of one suit You hit the gun at the beginning of first round
You’re slipped back Qingqing Not the final result yet Three Bamboos Pong One Dot Win How about we play a big one Go on Great
Winner or loser call for this round I have been waiting this round for 3 years She wants to win by my left Sequence of Nine
It’s the last round I have caught all her win Tiles Only lack of 2Two Character let’s see how can you win Can you be that much lucky? Seems she’s as tired as me Power out My win Tile Two Character
There is only one Tile left Your last change 2 character is here how can you win Seems the God don’t want me win I have nothing to do with that But I will finish it with you Hope you can deserve the name of Mahjong King 3 Monthes Later First Choose South so you won’t lose
Your turn Hurry Hurry Up
How can you be so slow as a young man Two Bamboos Excuse me Complete sequence of one suit Why
How can he win again Pay me Three Character Hurry
Hurry Slower than the elders One Bamboo East Wind Good cards Five Dots You buster
Playing Mahjong everyday Our rent is due do you know Do you pay for the baby’s milk or not Young man How can you be a man like this Having a wife like this You should take a job and go to work everyday When you at home help her with the housework Right? You bring us here so early at 6am To play Mahjong with you I thought he’s a single man can’t find girlfirend So we come here to make you cheer But finially turns out you’re so unreliable You’re so untrusted Turns out you’re so irresponsible So might be your Tile Character as well Always scraching your head when playing Sisters, we’d rather go to dance
Let’s go Won’t play with you anymore If you keep like this, you will have no friends Wait Wait Complete sequence of one suit Pay me Pay shit Pay me Pay what Pay What are you doing?
Come back Qingqing What a nice playing Come home with me Qingqing Let me explain
Qingqing Qingqing Qingqing Qingqing Let me explain Qingqing Let me explain

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  1. Hello Hello hello!
    The ending kinda suck.
    There are gaps in the movie.
    The ending is not too clear.
    If you win the tournament,will you still cheat?
    The boyfriend in the end was cheating old ladies which means he is like the bad girl in the movie.
    The girl should just be alone if the boyfriend is going to cheat.
    Her first boyfriend cheated, then the second boyfriend cheats in the end.
    If there is a part 2 , it will be about her new boyfriend doing the same thing as her first boyfriend.
    If you have a secret book of how to play Mahjong, just make a photo copy with your cell phone and nobody needs to fight for the book.
    Still a good movie.

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