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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop. This is Effective Martial
Arts. In this lesson, the dreaded Full Mount position, 5 ways to escape, and how to hold
the position. Alright, full mount position. First off, from
the top. If you manage to secure this position, you want to stay here, create some damage,
and finish the fight. You can do a couple things, straight punches, either to the plexus,
or to the face, or hook punches to the side, or side of the face, elbows going down, or
straight down like this. Those are your basic strikes from the top.
Alright now from the bottom, what I want to do is survive long enough for me to escape.
So head off the mat, so I’m exposing my forehead more than my chin, hands in turtle block position,
same as we saw in the basic punch blocks video. Protecting straight punches to the face, straight
punches to the body, hooks to the face, and protecting my ribs as well. What I want to
do as well at the same time is keep my elbows on my knees, pushing her down, to maintain
her position on my hips. If I don’t do that, she’s gonna slide up to the high mount position,
which is even worse for me because now face is straight below her, and she can create
a lot of damage. So my elbows are constantly pushing her down, so she stays low on my hips,
and here I have the opportunity to bridge, to take away her stability, so I always want
to be bucking as well, so that she’s unstable, and can’t strike as hard.
Now, 5 ways to escape. Escape #1: the Bridge & Roll escape. So, very
simple, I’m gonna start by locking her ankle with my foot on one side, and then trap the
arm on the same side. Couple ways I can do that. She’s punching, I block, wrap my hand
around, grab her triceps, then put her hand underneath my armpit. Important safety tip
over here, make sure the hands are not flat on the mat, fingers pointing out, because
as I roll, you can break the fingers going backwards, you don’t want that for your partner.
So if you’re gonna put your hand on the mat, make a fist.
So that’s my first way to control the arm. Second way is that I can simply go for wrist
control like this, as I roll to the side. And third way, I can do a bridge, she posts,
I grab her elbow, and bring her against my body like this. Once I have the foot and the
arm on the same side, I will bridge with my hips, push up and go to the side, escape the
position, so I wind up in her guard, and there’s some things I can do from here.
Escape #2 is the Bridge & Shrimp escape. Now the easiest way to do this one, I’m also gonna
bridge for her to post her hands, boom. And then as soon as that happens, I’m gonna put
both hands on one leg, on the same side, extend my leg on that side, then shrimp out, getting
my knee in, to wrap that leg, and then repeat the procedure on the other side, until I recover
guard, and then there’s different things I can do from here, we’re gonna see that in
the guard video. Third escape is the Double Bridge Knee Insert.
So, here’s how we do it. First, I’m gonna bridge to get her to put her hands on the
mat. Now that might not work if she has good stability, so I’m gonna help myself with my
knee. Bridge, knee, she posts. Right when that happens, I put both hands on her hips,
fingers pointing out. I’m gonna lift her up using my hips, not bench pressing, cause if
somebody’s heavier than you, you’ll have a lot of trouble doing so. So, I lift up with
my hips, maintain the position with my hands, bring my hips down, as soon as my hips go
down, I get both knees in, and from here I just sit up, into the butterfly guard position,
and from there there’s different options I can do.
Now interesting variation on the Double Bridge Knee Insert, is to go only for one knee in.
So same beginning: bridge, knee, she posts, hands on hips, create distance, instead of
going for both knees, only one knee in. And there’s an opportunity here to finish the
fight, if you go and knee right in the groin. If you want to be clean though, get the knee
in, then push her to the side, wrap your foot around, squeeze, and then here push with your
foot on her hip to bring her down. From here, you have many opportunities.
Alright, now escape #4 is the Leg Grab escape. This one is gonna be most effective when the
person achieves High Mount. It’s not super high percentage, but I want to give you guys
all the tools to escape. So, High Mount, right here. I’m gonna push her back with my arms,
being careful to protect from the armbar, immediately grab with my legs, push her down,
and I have escaped the position. Alright, now escape #5 is the Escape to Turtle
Position. This one is a last resort, because you’re escaping to a little bit better position,
but not that much better, and you’re still very vulnerable. So only use this one when
all else fails. Here’s how you do it. Bridge up, turn to you side. Over here I’m gonna
flatten out, and immediately get my elbows and my knees in to achieve turtle position.
What you want to be careful for over here is to not let her get her hooks into your
legs, so you want to protect with your elbows, and peel them out if they get there, so you
can effectively escape the turtle position. We’ll see the turtle escapes in a future video.
Alright, now quick recap. I’ll do it alone so you can see a little bit better. So, from
the person’s in my Full Mount position. #1: Bridge & Roll. Lock the foot, lock the
arm, push with the other hand, bridge and escape with a roll.
#2: Bridge & Shrimp. So bridge up, knee if I need to, she posts, both hands on one side,
extend that leg, push the knee, shrimp out and get the knee in, wrap around, do the same
thing on the other side, recover guard. #3: Double Bridge Knee Insert. Bridge, knee,
hands on the hips, bridge her up, maintain the position, lower my hips, get my knees
in, butterfly guard, push forward, sit up. Single Knee Variation: same beginning, bridge,
knee, she posts, hands on the hips, get her up, get one knee in, wrap the other leg around,
foot on the hip, push her to the side, push the foot, get her down.
Escape #4, for the High Mount: Leg Grab escape. So, she’s in the High Mount, push with my
arms so she leans back, grab with my legs, bring her down.
And escape #5, last resort, is the Escape to Turtle. Bridge, turn to my side, flatten
out, get the elbows, knees in, turtle position, protect against the hooks.
Alright and lastly, how to stabilize the mount, and counter those escapes. If you’ve managed
to achieve this position, you want to stay there and finish the fight. So here’s how
you do it, 3 ways, simple. 1: post with the hand.
2: post with the foot. Or… 3: grab with the legs.
So, let’s say I grab, I go for the Bridge & Roll escape, she’ll get her hand free, post,
and then my escape did not work. She can do the same thing with her foot if I have a strong
grip on the hand, bridge, post with the foot, same thing, doesn’t work. And if I want to
create distance with the hips, bridge, here, when I push, she can grab with her legs, and
then I can’t get that distance to get my knees in. From there, it’s gonna be a contest on
who has the best escapes, or the best stabilized position.
And that is the basics of the Full Mount position. 5 ways to escape from the bottom, and what
to do when you’re on top. Now keep in mind, all of those escapes are not 100%, that’s
why you need a combination of those escapes to be able to get out of the position. Same
as with strikes, not all your strikes will land, that’s why you have combos to create
openings. Same thing on the ground. You’re gonna try one escape, try it on one side,
try it on the other side, chain those escapes together, so you can eventually get out of
the position. And from the top, you have to be ready for those escapes so you can stabilize
your position, and win the fight. And that’s the essentials of the Full Mount
position. Leave us a comment if you have any questions, or anything to say about this video,
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up for you. Till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is
Effective Martial Arts, remember, practice well, safety first, and use these techniques
only for self-defense.

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  1. Just wanted to offer a quick "well done!" on an excellent series of videos. I've been practicing muay thai and bjj for a decade now, and have managed to glean one or two useful new tips from this series. Also, I'm recommending that all beginners I teach reference your videos at home to internalize techniques I teach in class.

    Furthermore, I feel like I have to comment on the numerous other comments regarding your training partner. I've noticed on several of your videos that multiple youtubers have seen fit to call her attractive, hot, etc. In contrast to this reductive, objectifying misogyny, I wanted to thank you (and her, more importantly) for demonstrating that women can be skilled and effective combatants, not simply eye-candy for basement-dwelling internet trolls.


  2. The directly downwards (12 to 6) elbow is banned in competition, all of your body mass directed to that bony point, makes ot great for self defense >:)

  3. Showing some high percentage moves in a situation that is often neglected or misenterpreted by other martial artists. Excellent! Using "bridge&shrimp" (no. 2) escape when opponent is trying to better her position and leaving out "bridge&roll" (no. 1) will add even extra reality note to your training. Well done!

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