FULL MATCH – The Undertaker vs. Triple H – Hell in a Cell Match: WrestleMania XXVIII

>>The Game has won more Hell in a Cell matches than any man in history.>>Yeah,
he’s won six [SOUND] in his career, Undertaker’s been involved in 11,
and here we go, end of an era. Triple H and The Undertaker.>>How will we start this match up? We’re seeing it.>>Yeah.>>Physically, intimidatingly. This match can end at any moment
with these heavy strikes by the most feared striker in WWE. Up and down, hard body shots. The carcinogenic right hand of
the Undertaker, so debilitating.>>And certainly a different look
from the Undertaker here tonight but if you ask me more diabolical than ever.>>The question now guys, coming into this match-up is
the Undertaker’s physical well being. Remember, we’ve not seen him in a match in
a year since the battle with Triple H last WrestleMania.>>I had just heard that
the Undertaker started and continued cutting his hair off on a daily
basis until Triple H accepted this match.>>Look at the Undertaker fight back
Triple H with a flurry has got to fight his way back into it does The Game. Though Undertaker has
a amazing threshold of pain. And on the outside, legal,
all the actions on the outside, remember, no disqualifications, no count outs.>>You gotta be careful what you wish for. Triple H was absolutely obsesses to
have this match with the Undertaker. [NOISE]
>>You mean that the Undertaker was obsessed to have this
matchup with Triple H. That’s one of the reasons that he
cut his hair each and every day.>>That’s what I said, Cole.>>He could not get out of his mind
the fact that he did not leave this arena under his own power at last
year’s WrestleMania, for the first time in his career.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I am of the belief that The Undertaker truly believes that figuratively he lost
at WrestleMania last year after having to been carried out. Even though The Undertaker beat The Game.>>Look at this.>>Wait a second, look at this.>>My God, man.>>It’s wicked, it’s physical.>>You could feel that over here. The body of The Game hitting
the floor with with a thud.>>The 19 and 0 streak started for
The Undertaker all the way back in 1991 in Los Angeles when he
beat Jimmy Superfly Snuka. And you guys have gotta remember the types
of matches that Undertaker has been through during this streak, JR. I mean, Casket matches,
Hell in a Cell matches, handicap matches, no disqualification.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Undertaker imposing his will early,
physically dominating The Game in the early going of this one fall to
a finish Hell in a Cell encounter.>>And again the only way you win this
Hell in a Cell match up is via pin fall or submission, inside the ring here,
inside Hell in a Cell.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well, JR when you said to have finished you
meant that this is an end of an era,>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wow.>>And an era, ladies and
gentlemen that we will never return to. Again, hard strikes by the near
seven foot, 300 pound Undertaker. Shawn Michaels the special
official in this match up. A man whose career was ended by the
Undertaker at WrestleMania two years ago.>>And remember,
I mean for Shawn Michaels, he really does indeed have the power
to end an era here tonight. You mentioned-
>>Man.>>Uh-oh.>>I don’t know how smart that was
on the part of The Undertaker.>>Shawn Michaels must remain
unemotional in an emotional situation, that is the rite of
passage of officiating.>>And there’s one unique note we
haven’t brought up tonight JR. And this is a fact whether
it’s coincidence or not, but Triple H has never lost a match up in
which Shawn Michaels has been the special guest referee his entire career.>>That’s a great point. And if that happens tonight,
history again will be made two fold. Undertaker dictating this pace. [NOISE] Bad ride, worse landing, unwanted destination for The Game.>>Undertaker.>>We’ve seen over the years,
it’s so well documented now, Undertaker is able to use this
structure as a very definite weapon.>>And Undertaker absolutely dominate
this first part of this match. [NOISE]
>>Undertaker fully remembering how much pain and
suffering he endured last year.>>I don’t know if I’ve ever
seen a more physical match then these two had last year at WrestleMania,
but somehow I got a feeling, inside that Hell
in the Cell this one may be more physical.>>And look at The Game fight back. Face Buster by The Game,
it seemingly didn’t affect The Undertaker.>>Not at all.>>But
that clothesline did affect Triple H.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>WWE Universe here tonight at Sunlight Stadium. There’s a buzz,
you can hear it throughout the arena, through every step of this match up. WWE fans on the edge of their seats. [NOISE]
>>The Game has beaten them all in every generation. He could gain more immortality
here tonight without question by beating The Undertaker and
ending the streak.>>This is the 16th WrestleMania for
Triple H.>>And the 20th for The Undertaker, more than anyone in WWE
history as we go old school.>>[LAUGH] What a sight.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No spring break for The Undertaker as he stays in class using
that 300 plus off the top. Great agility.>>Man, man. [NOISE]
>>He did that very early, and the Undertaker has really
dictating the pace of this match up since the opening bell.>>Man, you guys, let me say
something about the officiating. If you notice, we’ve hardly
even mentioned Shawn Michaels.>>And that’s a good thing,
when it comes to officiating.>>True that, well, this is a-
>>Boy.>>No, no. [SOUND] Man.>>[NOISE]
>>And now one has to wonder if The Game
is simply on borrowed time. [NOISE]
>>I don’t know. Watch this, listen, listen. And it looks as if
The Undertaker’s not done. He’s grabbing that bigger and
heavier half of the steps. [NOISE]
>>The base of the ring steps being placed in the ring, and certainly not for
decorative purposes quite obviously.>>You saw Shawn Michaels step away as
the Undertaker approached Triple H. Let’s not forget about the warning
The Undertaker told Shawn Michaels->>A couple of weeks ago. He warned HBK,
this match has to remain pure. Do it right or I end you. Hey, Cole, here comes vintage Undertaker.>>Indeed it is.>>Perfectly placed, perfectly placed.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That loathsome leg drop, right on the apron across
the throat of Triple H. Just imagine the impact.>>Imagine that coming down on your neck.>>And The Game was looking right up at
the devastation making it even worse. Right there, DDT by Triple H and right back in it is The Game
from out of nowhere.>>He locked a quick shot
in the low abdomen and then followed it seamlessly with
a DDT was the Cerebral Assassin. Always thinking, but now he’s gotta figure
a way, does Triple H, to get offensive.>>Use the weapons that
Undertaker brought into the ring.>>Well, yeah,
Undertaker may be sorry about right now that he brought those
steel steps into the ring.>>A treacherous thud of the Undertaker’s
skull bouncing off the steps.>>Uh-oh.>>Wait a minute.>>Triple H maybe perhaps
setting the Undertaker up for the pedigree, on those steel steps!>>Undertaker felt it, cinched it.>>Wow!>>And elevated his way into a counter
that will obviously prolong this match another moment or two, it would seem.>>Did you see the look in
Undertaker’s eyes, though, after that big back body-drop? It was almost a look of relief.>>[NOISE]
>>Undertaker knew just how close he was to the 19 and
1 at WrestleMania!>>There is no coincidence that the
Undertaker goes back to the strikes when he needs to widen the advantage,
the strikes come into play.>>If you’re The Undertaker, you got to love the way the pace
this match has gone so far.>>Yeah, he’s in no hurry. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He is dismantling The Game. He is decimating Triple H.>>Don’t think he doesn’t
want to punish Triple H for the punishment that The Game
put him through last year.>>I certainly wouldn’t be the last man
in this arena to count out Triple H. No!
>>No! My God.>>The AA version of a spine buster. The splat of the spine of
The Undertaker on the steps. Steel steps meeting a human spine!>>Wow.>>Look at this! Look at this, Hell’s Gate! Hell’s Gate!>>This beat Triple H last year,
the Hell’s Gate, Undertaker’s got it. He’s got the submission
locked does the Dead Man. Shawn Michael’s asking his best
friend if he wants to give it up. And then my God.>>Look at this Triple H! [CROSSTALK]
>>That strength! Sinful strength by Triple H, the cover! The cover!>>Well the one thing that saved Triple H
there I believe is the fact that Undertaker’s back was on the steps.>>Watch this again.>>And right here the spine!>>The spine! The lower back, and then the strength,
the raw, animalistic strength of The Game!>>That is survival mode.>>I have never seen anyone ever,
ever, wait a minute.>>The Game, obviously-
>>He’s already pulled out one steel chair.>>All legal.>>Here’s another.>>Steel steps and
now two chairs in the ring. Hard shot downstairs and a crack-
>>Good grief.>>Again on the spine. The Cerebral Assassin
going back to the spine. No wasted motion by this man.>>Wounds beginning to show already
on the face of Triple H as this matchup continues. Super human results are achieved
by perseverance and heart and we’re seeing that
from The Game here and now.>>Watch out!
Head first.>>Again all of this is legal.>>Yeah, as if that demonic
structure weren’t enough.>>Don’t need those.>>You got steel steps, metal chairs.>>Hell in a Cell is a lawless entity,
ladies and gentlemen, with no rules.>>No, look out-
>>The spine again! It’s as if there’s a large bull’s-eye that has been figuratively drawn on
the spine of The Undertaker.>>Man.
>>[NOISE]>>Triple H has taken over after that Spine Buster on the steps.>>Look at that chair, again!>>Again on the spine. Not the legs, not the head,
not the shoulders, but the spine!>>Wait a minute, that’s too much.>>[NOISE]
>>A vile, vicious, malicious attack!>>[NOISE]
>>Even Shawn Michaels says that’s too much!>>How can it be too much
when there are no rules?>>Exactly.
>>[NOISE]>>And now the edge of the chair.>>You wanna win but
you don’t wanna destroy this man!>>He has to do this.>>I think Triple H made it clear.>>You want it done? Then you end it!>>Just cover him,
it doesn’t have to be like this. You know he’s not gonna quit, cover him!>>Come on hold!>>Triple H is refusing
to cover The Undertaker.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Taker, it’s one match, come on!>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Lord!>>My god!>>The Game getting physical with
Shawn Michaels the official and continuing his onslaught
with a steel chair.>>You want it done? Then you end it! End it! Or I will!>>Please, come on.>>Don’t stop it.
Don’t stop it. Do not stop it.>>Stay down! Stay down!>>This is uncomfortable,
to say the least.>>The Undertaker fighting up,
he’s got his soul, his heart on display!>>[NOISE]
>>The Dead Man riseth.>>No.>>And the Dead Man goes down again.>>And Triple H is gonna end it.>>Finally the cover, finally the cover.>>One, two,
>>Will it be? The streak will end. No, it will not end.>>[NOISE]
>>At least it will not end now.>>[NOISE]>>Come on.
>>[NOISE]>>Now, what else can Triple H do that he hasn’t done?>>Don’t stop it Shawn.>>End it Shawn or I will! End it or I will!>>[NOISE]
>>For the love of god, not the sledgehammer.>>My God.>>And it’s legal, folks, it is legal.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>[INAUDIBLE] Shawn, I’m ending this. I’m ending this, one way or another.>>End it or I will!>>Triple H obviously out
to prove that he can do->>Let me ring the bell. Please, please let me ring.>>No.>>What Shawn Michaels could not do. But The Undertaker adamant
that he will not quit.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God!>>And
that might have answered all questions.>>That was a dog.>>Emphatically, the knockout shot. [NOISE] My God, my God how close was that?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>A sledgehammer shock, scintillating, to the face
of The Undertaker. And the nearest near fall we can remember. Watch.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No, no, no! My Lord, no no no. Shawn Michaels retrieving
that sledge hammer.>>[INAUDIBLE]
[SOUND] [INAUDIBLE] Hey Ring the bell, end it!>>[INAUDIBLE]>>End it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[NOISE]>>Undertaker, Undertaker, Undertaker!>>[NOISE]>>Do it!>>[NOISE]>>What is this?>>The Hell in a Cell referee!>>My god!
>>Undertaker’s got the Hell Shawn Michaels. It looks like Michaels is thinking
about stopping the match. That’s what it seemed.>>Look at look at Triple H.>>My God the sledge hammer.>>With Michaels and Hell’s gate. The sledgehammer, violent,
vicious, was that shot.>>To protect his friend.>>And now our only official has
been obviously incapacitated. No, that may have been a little
cruel there, but it’s legal.>>Not again, look at this,
hell’s gate, hell’s gate. This is the move from last year. Undertaker with the submission, walked in. Come on, Shawn! Shawn’s gotta get up here,
the official’s down!>>[SOUND]
>>Come on, Shawn!>>Yeah, The Game is not tapping,
he’s grabbed that sledgehammer!>>A weapon in hand-
>>And no, he’s lost it!>>The Game might be gaining.>>[SOUND]
>>Remember, you escaped it earlier in The Game
by lifting The Undertaker!>>He does not have the strength now!>>And he doesn’t have the leverage now,
either!>>The game is finished!>>I think he’s got it again! The Undertaker is torturing Triple H. Triple H is down
>>That’s it.>>The malignancy of a Hell’s Gate, and
the face of the Demon of Death Valley.>>Triple H is faded,
completely faded but the referee’s down. Triple H is defenseless, he is out.>>He is out.>>The Undertaker has
utilized Hell’s Gate.>>Look at this carnage.>>The vanquish is all but-
>>Look at this, another official Charles Robinson
coming down to the ring, but he’s gotta get inside the cell here. And the cell’s been locked shut. [NOISE]
>>The referee is unlocking the cage, obviously.
>>We need an official in the ring. [CROSSTALK] Continue. Undertaker Chokeslam.>>No.
>>[INAUDIBLE] chokeslam, cover, [INAUDIBLE].>>Yes.
>>The Game kicked out.>>The Game, what?>>The Undertaker with
a look of astonishment, a miraculous look on his face. Thought he had The Game after
hells gate in a chokeslam.>>How did Triple H survived there?>>Toughness, that is toughness,
the will and the passion to win. And [INAUDIBLE], no, no.>>What?>>My God,
the little referee was maybe broken in half by The Undertaker’s chokeslam.>>Frustration, desperation.>>And looks like we’ve driven
the scene of a car accident. There’s bodies everywhere.>>This is absolutely amazing here.>>20 feet of carnage
The Game had just laid up.>>No, sweet chin music, sweet chin music. Pedigree.>>A pedigree. Streak’s over! Streak’s over! [NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] It’s not over! It’s not over! The streak lives! And Michaels.>>Shawn Michaels been calling
this matchup down the middle. He was going to ring the bell
to take Taker out of it and then he was put into Hell’s Gate.>>[INAUDIBLE] very tough position for Mr.
WrestleMania to be in.>>Is it Ocean Underminig him. Bam, downtime, slam him, the sweet chin music and
then the pedigree. And somehow amazingly,
The Undertaker still lives. The Undertaker will not die. On April 1st, 2012, he will not die. And now sledgehammer in hand once again. The demolition continues. The carnage ensues.>>The referee, Shawn, back on his feet. Triple H on his feet. Will he?>>[NOISE]
>>My God.>>The emotion overcoming The Game,
with his obsessive!>>No!>>My God. [NOISE]
>>Look at the look.>>[NOISE]
>>A kick from Shawn [INAUDIBLE] And now The Undertaker is
in full assault mode. [INAUDIBLE] Right hands
finding their mark. He is truly superhuman. How’s he doing this?>>My God [INAUDIBLE]. And a boot to the skull. A hard shot, The Undertaker has assaulted [INAUDIBLE] The Game
here in this exchange. [NOISE] No. Look out, look out, look out!>>No, no.>>[INAUDIBLE] The Undertaker
with a Tombstone. Can it be? Can it be? [NOISE]! My God!. [NOISE] My God! I can’t believe what I’m seeing.>>Neither can The Undertaker.>>What in the world?>>[NOISE]
>>Neither can the 78,000 plus in attendance. Neither can Shawn Michaels. The perseverance and the heart on display. Are these men, and
Shawn Michaels is an emotional wreck.>>Can you blame the man,
Triple H is his best friend. He has tremendous respect for
The Undertaker. The man who retired him. He’s caught in the middle of this. He’s torn.>>Shawn Michaels may be an emotional
wreck about The Undertaker. And Triple H are physical wrecks.>>Hell in a Cell changes careers. Tonight, it is changing lives. It may be destroying friendships,
but it is, ladies and gentlemen. [APPLAUSE]
>>The end of an era.>>A head butt retaliated by The Game.>>How on Earth,
how much more can these two men have?>>The human anatomy
cannot take much more, but who’s will is greater,
who’s heart is beating stronger?>>I mean,
how are these men even back on their feet?>>Unbelievable, I don’t know.>>It is absolute unadulterated passion.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Every person in this stadium, I’ve never seen a display of courage.>>Don’t hit, ducks!>>Like we’re seeing here tonight!>>And this is exactly the way it should
be between these two, who can survive? Over hand, right! And another one from a tight fist,
and again, finding his mark,
The Undertaker staggering!>>[SOUND]
>>No, Undertaker trying to counter.>>Look at this, look at this.>>Pedigree.>>Yes.>>Another pedigree. Michaels [INAUDIBLE] the count. The cover.>>But he kicked out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How close was that? How close could you get
without getting a three? And Michaels still is so perplexed.>>Conflicted, I think.>>Conflicted is what I was trying to say,
but now I’m just as excited as the fans. This is unbelievable.>>This sold out crowd is
witnessing history tonight, witnessing the end of an era.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Listen to this place.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And I’ll tell you [INAUDIBLE] that someplace, somewhere, this match will end. I don’t know when, I don’t know how. You can check out-
>>No!>>You can check out of Hell in a Cell,
but after tonight, can you truly ever leave? The Undertaker stirring, look at his back.>>My God.
>>Look at The Undertaker’s back>>He was hammered.>>So that steel chair attack from Triple
H who’s now reaching desperately, trying, clawing.>>He’s got it. He’s got it.>>The sledgehammer could now,
without question, be the difference. With the streak of 19 and
on the line in jeopardy.>>Yeah, but
Undertaker with a weapon as well.>>Boy, which one of these men is going
to have the strength to brandish those weapons, that’s the question? Undertaker’s to his feet.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And The Undertaker’s got a weapon.>>Look at that, look at that.>>Look at the foot. The Undertaker stepping
on the sledge hammer. [SOUND] [SOUND]
>>[INAUDIBLE] Crispy.>>The edge of the chair maybe
more deadly than those shots.>>And you can hear those shots. Mm!
[SOUND]>>Now The Game’s spine has been assaulted and attacked. [SOUND]
>>Aah!>>Look at Shawn Michaels. [SOUND]
>>Every one of these blows.>>Now Michaels may have to consider
stopping this match to save his friend.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The ebb and the flow. An amazing, an amazing ride.>>Said these two men must be superhuman,
but there’s got to be a limit to
what the human body can stand. [SOUND]
>>God.>>Listen, listen. Moore knocks him. Hazardous tear shots from
the ruthless Undertaker. Hell bent on retaining.>>Look at the chair.>>It’s enough. It’s enough.>>No rhyme or reason.>>Undertaker covers [INAUDIBLE] No. Triple H again, refusing to [INAUDIBLE]
>>Both of you, come on.>>Stop.
[INAUDIBLE] look at the damage. [CROSSTALK]
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>This may never end.>>[INAUDIBLE] the same.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[CROSSTALK]>>Does one really win inside Hell in the Cell or does one merely survive?>>Watch out here.>>Triple H is fully aware of the danger,
he’s in, he is trying to give
you that sledgehammer.>>Triple H doesn’t even have
the strength to lift the hammer now.>>[INAUDIBLE] writhing in pain.>>No human being could have
to suffer in this manner. The Game lunging, but
there’s not enough gas left in the tank. Undertaker is shaking his head. And the Game, defiant, courageous. Still his mind says, I will fight you. I will fight you.>>Yeah, but
his body is saying something else.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The last act of defiance.>>And the shot heard around
the world with a sledgehammer. Undertaker disposes of that. And is,
The Game next on the disposal list. The way this one has gone who knows. A battered, a courageous Triple H
trying to use the Undertaker’s arms and legs, to pull the Game up, to get,
regain his vertical balance.>>Yeah, he’s pulling himself right
into a more precarious position. Look at this.>>God, we know what that means.>>Yes, we do.>>The signified.>>The sign.>>Disaster.>>And that poor. Johns going to count. The tombstone.
And the three.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE]>>And the winner of this match, The Undertaker. Undertaker! [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>I’ll tell you in four
decades of sitting at ringside. I honestly say I have never, ever witnessed anything like
what we have just seen. [MUSIC] The Undertaker is 20 and
0 at WrestleMania. [MUSIC]>>The Undertaker’s back.
He’s just not even getting back up. [MUSIC] The era has ended. We will never see it again and
what a way to go. [MUSIC] We will never see Shawn Michaels
compete in the ring again thanks for The Undertaker. But the question remains, will we ever
see The Undertaker compete against? Will we ever see Triple H compete again? But one thing you can answer convincingly-
>>Look at this, look at this.>>This is the end of an era.>>Look a this. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Extraordinary respect
by Shawn Michaels.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And by almost 78,000 here
tonight at Wrestlemania [MUSIC] As if these three men they
will never be at the same place at the same time,
in this exact environment. History was made here tonight
at WrestleMania XXVIII. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE] Just completely spent.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
[MUSIC]>>That ladies and gentlemen, is respect. [MUSIC]>>[INAUDIBLE] Respect. [MUSIC]

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