[SOUND] You know the great to this game Corey, you’re always measured by
longevity by championships. I add in the United States Championship
to his resume. Roman Reigns will be on the road perhaps
to greatness one day as he’s backed into the corner by Rusev. And Rusev now,
the Bulgarian Brute counters.>>To that same exact point, Rusev could
be the United States Champion forever. He could go down in history as
the greatest United States Champion there’s ever been. It’s gonna take some time to get there,
but you know that’s Rusev’s goal.>>Some of the all time greats
have been United States Champion, including the Hall of Famer Harley Race,
the very first. And Roman Reigns now looking for a Samoan
Drop early, Rusev runs into a right hand. And the United States Champion
is in retreat mode early on. Reigns has been like a laser
focused assassin the last few weeks we’ve seen him.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Roman Reigns is locked inside a steel cage Monday night on Raw. [NOISE] And Kevin Owens, the WWE Universal Champion will
be in action later on tonight. [NOISE]
>>Don’t forget Rusev was in the ring with Seth Rollins Monday night, and Rollins
jumped off our announce desk on him.>>Corey, this is a match up of
two very powerful individuals. What does Rusev need to
do to retain his title?>>There I say Rusev has
a slight quickness advantage? It might be deceptive, but I think when it comes down to it
that’s what he’s gonna have to use.>>What about Roman? How does he win the championship tonight?>>Roman needs to stay focused. Byron mentioned it,
he’s been like a laser focused assassin. If Roman can stay focused.>>There’s the spin kick from Rusev. And there’s the quickness
you talked about, Corey.>>One, two.>>Cover, kick out by Reigns. Deceptively quick in the champion.>>One, two.>>Cover again and another kick out. [SOUND]
>>Watch this again, this crazy agility for
a man the size of Rusev, 300 pounds worth. [NOISE]
>>Rusev was on his heels and backing up off the punches by Reigns, and he was able to quickly turn it into
that spin kick and take over this match. [NOISE]
>>Rusev just stomping repeatedly on the chest. Remember in many ways, guys, Rusev believes that he is
the true representative of Monday Night Raw’s United States
Champion when he was drafted to Raw. He was the WWE world championship
with a draft from SmackDown LIVE. Now, here is a cover by Rusev again,
and a kick out. Rusev has himself a very
valid argument there.>>Rusev likes to refer to
himself as a natural born winner. Certainly proved in the last few months, to be one of the most dominant
superstars here in WWE.>>And this has been a rivalry
that has gone on for some time between these two men,
as Rusev continues the assault. You guys remember back to
the 2015 Royal Rumble match? These are the last two men in the ring. Reigns eliminating Rusev
to win the Rumble. [NOISE] A lot of history
between these two.>>[FOREIGN]
>>We talked about that vow that The Shield made, Roman
Reigns included, to make it to the top. Well, Rusev has always talked about
wanting his name to be remembered for hundreds of years,
to have monuments built in his honor.>>Let’s go, Roman.>>Roman sucks.>>Let’s go, Roman.>>Roman sucks.>>Let’s go Roman.>>Roman sucks.>>WWE fans split down the middle. Where the Roman Reigns here
tonight Rusev fired up.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You mentioned these two have a long history. But up to this point it’s been mostly
a professional rivalry since that little incident with the wedding cake. Now, it’s personal,
now Rusev feels insulted and betrayed, and he wants to do everything he
can to destroy Roman Reigns.>>And it wasn’t just about
the wedding cake, it was->>That’s where it kind of kicked off, yeah,-
>>His wife was embarrassed, and now it’s become about
the United States Championship. As Lana looks on,
aforementioned wife of Rusev. They had two weddings,
one Malibu, and one in Bulgaria. They were beautiful encounters,
I watched them both via the Internet.>>Whoa, yeah, let’s go. [NOISE]
>>This should show you how dedicated Rusev is, at the morning
of those weddings he was still in the gym, still training,
still preparing for a comeback.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Knee to the ribs of Reigns. And again,
every breath painful now from Roman Reigns now with a clothesline,
down goes to champ.>>The explosive style.>>Yeah, but look at Roman Reigns, still feeling the effects of all
those attacks to the abdomen. [NOISE] The knee strikes. [NOISE]
>>Yeah, but Roman Reigns has faced
adversity his entire career. He’s not gonna let that
stop him here tonight.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I’ve seen it time and time again Roman has that fifth gear, the ability to tap
into his explosive offense at any moment.>>Midsection first into the turn buckle
and now shoulder first into the post.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I mean we talk so much without the Rusev-Reigns rivalry and
not to mention with Roman’s gone through over the WWE Universal Championship having
it ripped away from him a couple of times, that is earlier on.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Moments ago you see Reigns sent shoulder first
into the steel ring post. Rusev again dominating. [NOISE]
>>Rusev has said he doesn’t feel Roman deserves
a shot at the United States Championship.>>Disqualifications,
count outs don’t favor the challenger. Reigns must pin or
submit Rusev to win the championship. Champions advantage here.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now, these two men, shot after shot,
blow after blow.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rusev sent back into the ring. Roman Reigns, and now Rusev the champion
wisely rolls out the other side.>>But Reigns is right there on his tail.>>Now, Rusev trying to
control the pace of the match. Driven into the barricades, spine first. Roman Reigns, it almost looks like
Rusev is starting to beg off.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And now Reigns, right into the steps.>>Get him, Rusev.>>Get him, Rusev.>>Get him Rusev.>>And now the other side,
as Rusev is so dangerous.>>You might have thought
Rusev was starting to beg of, maybe Rusev was trying to lure
Roman Reigns into his trap.>>If that’s the case,
mission accomplished. Rusev quickly into the cover,
looks to put Roman Reigns away. And Reigns at two.>>One, two.>>And again cover by Rusev and
a kick out. [NOISE]
>>You say Reigns. [NOISE]>>And now the 304 pounder.>>It’s a great maneuver for Rusev. It allows Rusev to recover while keeping
all of his weight on Roman Reigns.>>And Corey, let’s not forget the rib
injuries from early on in the match up, obviously making it harder for
Roman to breathe and now he’s got a 300 pound man on him,
300 pound man on him.>>Absolutely right, the thought that
Reigns to spear it out of Roman Reigns.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Roman try to make back to his feet, create separation. Can he do it here? Reigns has back up. [NOISE] Powering out and
again back to the ribs. Hip toss. [NOISE] Headbutt. You can see the smile on the face of Lana
in the background as she watches her husband destroy Reigns.>>Watches her husband defend her honor.>>What did I tell you about the hair? Keep it off the gear. One, two.>>Reigns is hurt.>>Three, four. Yeah, you break it down.>>He’s been punished. A very dangerous man in Rusev.>>Reigns able to get the boot up.>>There’s no quick Roman Reigns,
that’s for sure.>>My.>>Drop kick, right on the button.>>My goodness.>>And again, the quickness.>>Rusev calls himself a super athlete,
and it’s maneuvers like that,
that have earned him the title.>>Yeah, but Roman Reigns rolls out of the
way of that attempted flying headbutt by Rusev and now Roman may have
found himself an opening.>>Roman needs to find himself
some fresh oxygen right now.>>Samoan Drop, buys himself some time. Cover of the champion and a kick out.>>That desperation cover not nearly
enough to keep the 300 pounder down.>>Incredible strength
displayed by Roman though. Does he have enough left to lift
Rusev into that Samoan Drop.>>You can see the resolve in the eyes of
Roman Reigns who is now on the attack. [NOISE]
>>Yeah, Roman has tremendous resilience.>>Seven, eight, nine.>>He never lets anything get him down. He stays positive at all times. Rusev sent over the top rope and hit hard.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Reigns has a Rocky Balboa mentality. It’s about how hard you can get hit and
keep on moving forward. Reigns is moving forward right now.>>And Rusev driven into the barricade. But again, Roman’s gotta get
Rusev back into the ring. And the punishment
continues into the steps.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And as much punishment as
Roman Reigns is dishing out, you know in the back of Rusev’s mind,
he knows, I can’t lose the title out here.>>But he can lose it in there.>>Nice move by Reigns,
getting Rusev back in the ring.>>[APPLAUSE]>>And now he’ll lock and load.>>Roman Reigns just winked at Lana for
good measure.>>And Rusev right to the ribs as
Roman went for the Superman Punch. And Rusev now with the right hands. Started unloading on Reigns.>>How much luster is behind those shots,
you see Rusev is in wobbly legs.>>Both these superstars starting
to feel the effects of exhaustion.>>It’s been a punishing
match between both men. Roman Reigns raining down right hands.>>And Rusev tying up on the top rope. Roman Reigns, shoulders down.>>Almost had him in.>>Uh-oh.>>Again the kick.>>Lights out.>>Rusev falls into the cover, hooks the
legs on Reigns to retain, no, near fall. [NOISE]
>>Almost incredulous look on the face of Rusev.>>An exhausted Rusev, exhausted Reigns.>>Take another look at this.>>Man.>>Kick to the side of the head. Roman Reigns able to kick out but
that had to be pure instinct.>>Yeah, but Rusev still has not
been able to put Roman Reigns away, and Rusev realizing that. Now, maybe he’s going
close down the Accolade. The submission maneuver that’s taken
out so many superstars here at WWE. [NOISE]
>>Reigns got him. Here’s the cover, to win the United States
title, Rusev stays in it.>>Man.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rusev thought he was moments away from
cinching in the Accolade. Roman Reigns changed the plan. [NOISE]
>>Rusev is looking for one of those brutal kicks he uses so well. Reigns somehow mustering up enough
power to land a Superman Punch. [NOISE]
>>Roman Reigns seemed like he was talking to
himself there for a second. [NOISE]
>>Roman Reigns needs to needs to convince himself that he can win finish the job
because the Bulgarian Brute just keeps on coming.>>Yeah, but
this could be Roman Reigns moment. He’s feeling it now,
moment shifted Indianapolis. [NOISE]
>>Watch, watch, Lana.>>And that distraction caused Roman,
cover.>>One, two.>>Roman is still alive.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rusev throwing a tantrum.>>Now’s not the time for
a temper tantrum there, Rusev.>>He can’t believe he wasn’t
able to put Roman Reigns away.>>Come back to reality, quick.>>Roman Reigns is in perfect position for
an Accolade. If Rusev can get his act together
Reigns is ripe for the taking.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rusev may just have realized that Corey.>>Rusev, Crash.>>This will be the second attempt for
now he’s looking to punish Roman Reigns. Kicks to the spine, three now.>>Arm hooks, go for the second.>>Roman Reigns doesn’t
allow it to happen.>>Spear, for the United States title. What the hell.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Great call by the official.
>>Yes, yes.>>He’s kicking Lana out,
Lana is calling for disqualification, she’s got sent out and
allowing this match to continue. Great call by the official.>>[FOREIGN]
>>Lana begone.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Again, Lana, and look at Roman Reigns rolling up
Rusev here, shoulders down in a kick out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Went for the Superman Punch.>>Counter by Reigns.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Again, you saw Lana trying to force the disqualification, but the official was
not gonna allow the match to end that way, he kicked out Lana instead and
we continue for the United States title.>>Which should be one on
one with the best man win.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Drive By.>>I wonder what’s going through the mind
of the Bulgarian Brute right now, his beautiful bride, his support
system was just sent to the back.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What a Drive By.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now, Roman Reigns has gotta get the champion
back in the ring and he does. And now Roman Reigns stalking
the United States Champion. He’s feeling it,
almost a smile crossing his face. Is this his moment? He ran right into a kick.>>No sir. Rusev cover.>>One, two.>>To retain, near fall.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Roman->>Rusev wasting no time.>>Uh-oh, uh-oh-
>>It’s locked in.>>Now, he’s got it in the Accolade,
Rusev has got the Accolade in now.>>Rusev is surging back
with everything he’s got.>>Reigns is gonna have to tap out. Remember the damage to the ribs and
the back, earlier in this match up?>>The torque on the spine of
Roman Reigns, Rusev clutching back.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Is Reigns gonna tap, or is he gonna pass out? We’ve seen many superstars pass
out from this move as well. Reigns is stirring, Reigns is moving.>>How? How on earth?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Roman Reigns is powering out of the Accolade.>>Reigns is standing.>>And he did it.>>Rusev went to the eyes.>>But how the hell Roman Reigns
power out of the Accolade? That was absolutely incredible.>>[FOREIGN]
>>Cover.>>One, two, three.>>Roman Reigns [SOUND] is
the United States Champion.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Here is your winner and the new United States Champion,
Roman Reigns.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The resume continues to grow.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It took everything Roman Reigns had in sum.>>What a battle,
both of these superstars vying for that right to call themselves
United States States Champion.>>See the big smile
on Roman Reigns’ face. That’s what he came for,
that’s what he wanted, one of the most prestigious titles in our
industry, the United States Championship. [MUSIC]

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