FULL MATCH – Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman – Ambulance Match: Great Balls of Fire 2017

And here we go,
Roman looking to use his quickness. Off the bat,
right hand catches Braun early. And now Braun Strowman just
shoves Reigns across the ring. Remember, no pinfalls,
no submissions, no count outs, no disqualifications,
anything goes here in Dallas.>>[LAUGH] Took the words
right out of my mouth and Roman Reigns put his fist
in Strowman’s but my God.>>Booker, we talked about it earlier. They’ve seen their fights,
their brawls here over the years, but nothing like this.>>Uh-oh, uh-oh.>>And here’s Roman, into the corner, Braun Strowman follows
it up with a splash.>>Look at the speed,
look at the terrifying speed!>>Wow!>>My God.>>I tell you, the thing is,
Braun Strowman wants to go out here and he wants to destroy Roman Reigns. And that right there could
be the opening for Roman. Roman, if he paces himself guys,
if he just paces himself, he could actually pull
this thing off tonight.>>Strowman realizes what a victory
does to him here tonight. It catapults him into the stratosphere.>>[APPLAUSE]>>What a clubbing blow.>>Hammer fist right to
the heart of Reigns.>>Driving the wind out of Roman.>>Braun Strowman right now is handling
Roman Reigns as if Roman were a child.>>And it’s not like we haven’t
seen this man right here, Braun Strowman,
throw everything at Roman Reigns. But the thing is, Roman is the guy
that I actually think can take it.>>Now he better start doing something
fast and that could help him.>>He might be the only one, Booker.>>Shoulder first into the post,
Strowman’s down. Strowman is off his feet.>>Tell you something, this man right
here, Roman Reigns would not be here tonight at Great Balls of Fire if he
didn’t think he could go out here and defeat this man. This is a fight right here, Corey.>>Listen,
I’m not doubting Roman’s mindset. Reigns has to be conifdent
in his own abilities. I’m talking about reality.>>Body first into the post. You saw Roman favoring
the ribs before that move. Now to the lower back. The midsection continues to be
dissected by Braun Strowman.>>Roman Reigns and all of Dallas, Texas-
>>And now into the steps.>>Are experiencing
Strowman untamed right now.>>Don’t think for one minute that
Roman Reigns didn’t think he was gonna go through hell with
this big man right here. But he’s prepared.>>And remember guys, Roman Reigns
has suffered internal injuries at the hands of Braun Strowman
over the past few months. Strowman knows that. He’s targeted the ribs. He’s targeted the lower back.>>There is no count out,
no disqualification. Strowman looks to exploit the situation.>>Steel steps in hand, Braun Strowman
drives them right into Reigns, and Roman flattened. And the Monster Among Men
is destroying Reigns. And he is turning the Big Dog into
a puppy so far in this match.>>Braun Strowman in
a sanguinary state of mind here. Looking to finish things off. Look at the power, Strowman is
dragging those steps with one hand.>>Forced into the steps, it’s a good
thing Rowman ducked out of the way or that may be the end of him.>>That might have decapitated Roman.>>And now Stowman into the post. Roman able to sidestep
the raging Braun Strowman.>>Definitely going to have to keep some
space with a big man like Braun Strowman to deliver big moves like that.>>And Roman’s not gonna give
up as he delivers the kick and now the right hand to Braun. Braun still on his feet, Reigns to
the midsection, kick right to the jaw. Roman Reigns doing everything he
can to knock Strowman off his feet.>>Strowman still stands. The problem is if you knock Strowman down, if you knock him out, then you gotta drag
that 385-pound carcass to the ambulance.>>Look at this, once again,
right out of mid air.>>And just slamming, splat goes Reigns.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Still early in this contest, guys. And right now that’s not gonna
be this big man right here, Braun Strowman’s biggest
advantage is strength.>>Yeah, maybe early in the match,
Booker, but look at what Roman Reigns has gone through
so far at the hands of Braun Strowman. And now looking for
the running power slam. Reigns able to land on his feet. Braun got a little over anxious and
Reigns was able to capitalize.>>[SOUND]
>>[NOISE]>>[LAUGH]>>And a kick right to the face, that’ll stop him. And now Braun Strowman
with the power slam. He went for the cover, but remember,
there is none in this matchup.>>Old habits.>>Braun got caught up in the moment.>>[NOISE]
>>Now he realizes it’s time to destroy.>>It might go to show that
Braun Strowman’s got his brain scrambled a little bit, too,
just going for the cover. He knows the rules, but Roman’s clearly
taking a little bit out of the Monster.>>Hey guys, when you’re in a situation
like this, you just going man, you’re just rolling down hill. And right now Braun Strowman is
rolling in an effective way.>>But guys, look at Roman. Look at the state Roman Reigns is in. Braun Strowman is dragging
Reigns out of the ring. And gonna try to drag
him to the ambulance.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Roman Reigns is an extraordinary athlete, over 265 pounds just being
handled just like an action figure.>>This is just a disgusting
display of power.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It is but that walk right there->>Reigns lands on his feet, back to the ring, and
wise move by Roman Reigns.>>The dead will walk right there,
guys, the dead walk. That was strategy.>>But look at the eyes of Strowman,
it just angered Braun Strowman.>>Roman fell back to his knees, Strowman
back into the ring, once agian, stalking Roman Reigns who slips out of the way-
>>I like it.>>And look at the power-
>>No way, no way!>>Look at the Samoa drop on Strowman. Reigns to his feet. Strowman, Samoan drop!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Roman’s just trying to make this big man-
>>And did you just see Braun Strowman just
kicked Roman Reigns off after the drop.>>He did but Roman is making Braun use
every ounce of energy in this matchup.>>And Braun just ran himself shoulder
first into the steel ring post. How much damage did Roman do to
his own back, lifting the monster?>>Yeah, good point, Corey, but he’s still
going, and he’s still plugging forward.>>As well as he delivered
a big shot in that Samoan Drop.>>Roman Reigns,
Drive By to the bad elbow! Roman Reigns targeted the surgically
repaired elbow of Strowman.>>[NOISE]
>>And now again, targeting the bad arm.>>You’re absolutely right, Cole,
that’s a brilliant strategy. You’ve got one of the world’s strongest
men, you could take away an arm and totally change the game.>>I don’t care who you are, when you have
a surgically repaired elbow, you’re due to be out six months, and you come back-
>>In six weeks, it’s gotta be a target. It can’t be 100%, and
Reigns is focusing now on the injured arm.>>Roman just-
>>Smart strategy, definitely a smart strategy. Target the injury,
pinpoint it and take it out.>>What’s Roman got in mind now? We saw him expose the elbow
of Braun Strowman.>>Anything he wants, all legal.>>No, and you’re right, it’s all legal.>>And look at the elbow!>>And it all hurts, my goodness.>>In the sights of Reigns and the chair. And again crushing
the elbow against the post.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Roman Reigns might have just shattered Braun Strowman’s elbow all over again.>>[NOISE]
>>The exposed surgically repaired elbow of Strowman just felt the wrath of
two steel chair shots from the Big Dog.>>And I don’t think Reigns is done yet.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And again! My Lord. My God.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Strowman took the shot from the chair. He didn’t even flinch. And again!>>Braun Strowman is absorbing steel
chair shots from Roman Reigns.>>And did you saw the look of
disbelief on the face of Roman Reigns.>>[BLEEP]
>>That was shock right there, Cole.>>And again! It is time, Strowman just whips the chair
and then whips Reigns into the barricade. And again! This man is just an incredible,
incredible specimen.>>Let me tell you something,
when you give a guy your best shot and he just looks at you and smiles,
it totally breaks your spirit.>>And Booker not just your best shot, but your best shot with
a steel chair three times.>>Look at this. Strowman throwing Roman up the ramp. Obviously, the ambulance placed
to the right side of the ramp but Strowman just stocking the big dong.>>So we saw what Strowman did last time
just to get Roman a little closer to the ambulance. He tossed him right into it.>>No, look out.>>And now driving Roman Reigns
again off the screens here, on the stage just to our left. The ambulance positioned behind Strowman. Booker watch out. [NOISE]
>>My God.>>That’s,
>>If you’re Roman Reigns what are you doing? You wake up and find yourself in the middle of
a nightmare that you can’t escape.>>Guys, be careful here.>>No no no! Strowman with Reigns hoisted
up over his shoulders. The Big Dog continuing to fight.>>[SOUND]
>>I told you, Roman Reigns is not gonna quit, guys. He’s a fighter.>>It was truly do or die for
Roman there for a minute.>>Here we go! No!>>No! Roman Reigns almost launched through
the side of the ambulance, courtesy of the monster among men, but you could see
Strowman wearing the scars of battle. The surgically repaired
elbow still not 100%. Gord, this could be the beginning
of the end right now.>>Here we go.>>This could be it right here.>>And now Braun Strowman finally
opening the ambulance doors, and it may just be a matter of moments,
just a matter of moments here, before Braun Strowman wins
this ambulance match. Guys, this has been one of the most
incredible things I’ve ever witnessed here at WWE. And now dragging Reigns toward the
ambulance, doors are open, just moments away from winning this ambulance match and
cementing his legacy here in WWE.>>And Roman Reigns still with life.>>Strowman’s forehead bounced right
off the doors of the ambulance.>>Human life all right, just inches away from getting this
big monster inside that ambulance.>>Yeah, but can Roman truly do it? Braun Strowman’s still on his feet!>>I mean, this would be absolutely
incredible, if Roman Reigns could->>[INAUDIBLE] now, Roman Reigns and Strowman’s trying
to shove him into the ambulance! Reigns is hanging on! Reigns is hanging on! Elbow to the back of the neck. And again Reigns hammered
away on Strowman.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And a right hand.>>Superman punch and
Strowman is halfway into the ambulance.>>Talking about will, determination,
and all guts here tonight for this man Roman Reigns here tonight.>>Can the big dog do the impossible? No, not yet.>>Strowman still fighting.>>And a right Superman punch by Reigns.>>Right one right there.>>In the chops of Strowman.>>The second Superman punch and
right there, you look at this man, he’s still on his feet.>>Reigns has to be exhausted, has to now
try to stuff Strowman’s massive frame inside the back of the ambulance and
close both doors.>>[NOISE]
>>Strowman with a backboard, on the spine! Reigns is down and he may be out!>>[NOISE]
>>Braun Strowman reached in with one hand and pulled the backboard out, and
used it as a weapon against Roman. Again crashing down across
the spine of the Big Dog.>>Strowman ripping the stretcher
out of the back of the ambulance. I don’t think Roman Reigns has
any clue where he is right now.>>I think worse news than that is that
Braun Strowman knows exactly where Roman Reigns is. Wow.>>He’s just heaving
Reigns across the stage!>>Like a shotput,
that had to be deva vu for Roman Reigns. And now the monster among men-
>>No no no no!>>My goodness! Strowman about nearly
collapsed our set here.>>If Strowman would’ve landed that guys,
it would’ve been over.>>My God, now it’s over.>>Now with Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns is
driving Strowman right through the screen!>>Strowman threaded through the screen! The monster’s down!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>But here’s the problem for Reigns. Now he’s gotta get Strowman
from there to the ambulance.>>And that’s gonna be a problem, Cole.>>Take another look at this.>>Strowman looking for the power slam. Roman launching the monster
right through the LED wall. Indeed it is as we take another look. Roman Reigns is a survivor.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>There’s absolutely no doubt about that.>>And Strowman hasn’t moved,
which is shocking.>>Are the wheels turning,
he’s moving now, the monster is stirring. Trying to crawl his way out of the rubble.>>[LAUGH] But I think Braun Strowman
thought it was gonna be a little easier than what he is getting right now. This is a fight for the ages, guys.>>This has been an absolutely incredible, incredible match between two
men at the top of their game. Roman Reigns again, he can’t believe, Roman cannot believe that
Braun Strowman is actually stirring, that’s he’s actually pulling his way out
of the mess that he found himself in. The monster is wounded but
he’s not out, and Reigns completely in disbelief,
what do I have to do now?>>Is there anything Roman can do?>>We’ve seen Roman pull off some
unbelievable feats in his young career. This would be the biggest of all,
I believe. If he can somehow just drag this monster
to the ambulance, that’s what he’s trying to do, pull this carcass,
this dead weight, across the stage.>>No.>>My God!>>Reigns nearly caught
the ambulance door. That could have been disastrous.>>Yeah, Reigns is glad,
luckily that he didn’t.>>Talking about inches right there too,
Cory. Either way, it was still effective,
a nasty fall for the big dog. Just raw power, just a defensive maneuver. Strowman launching Reigns a good 10,
12 feet.>>Yeah, but now both men are down,
the ambulance is in view. Strowman crawling.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Reigns trying to make it back to his feet. The monster’s back on his feet again.>>Unreal.>>Yeah but his favorite-
>>Reigns just used the light, that lighting grid there and
bounced it off the face of Strowman.>>Well, Strowman’s favorite [INAUDIBLE]-
>>And Reigns, [CROSSTALK] into the ambulance. My Lord, Strowman wins. [SOUND] Strowman wins.>>Here is your winner, Braun Strowman.>>Roman Reigns went for
broke with the spear and he got caught. [MUSIC] The monster among men
rules the ambulance match.>>The monster among men
rules Roman Reigns and may very well soon own
the entire WWE Universe. [MUSIC].>>Roman’s not done yet-
>>Spinner.>>It’s a spinner by Reigns.>>[SOUND]
>>Reigns was able to recover inside enough to deliver a monstrous
spear to Strowman.>>Roman’s still got a lot
of fight left in him, guys.>>Yeah, I don’t believe this. The match may be over but
I don’t think the fight is.>>No! Remember these ambulance doors are what
injured Strowman to begin with? Reign’s relentless attack.>>[SOUND]
>>Reigns, now frustrated and taking out that frustration on Strowman. Now it’s Strowman in the ambulance.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Reigns’s Samoan blood has gotta be boiling right now,
understandably.>>Reigns is gonna drive the ambulance.>>[SOUND]
>>My God. Where the hell is he going?>>Wow.
>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>Reigns is driving the ambulance out of the American Airline Center.>>My God, what is he doing? What is Roman thinking? What could Reigns be thinking? [SOUND] No, no, no, no, no, my God, no.>>No, he’s not gonna do it.>>No. [SOUND]>>[NOISE]
>>[INAUDIBLE] Is anybody in there? Check. Is anybody in there?>>Check it.>>I’m calling, I’m calling, I’m calling. Making the call, making the call. [SOUND] Come on.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]
>>I’ll make the call, make the call.>>[SOUND]
>>Someone call 911! Braun, Braun! I don’t hear anything!
>>Get back you guys, get back, Braun!
>>Back the trailer.>>Turn your cell phones on! Turn them on! Braun!>>He’s in the back now. We don’t know if he’s okay.>>Braun, you there?
Are you okay? Braun?
>>Watch out, watch out!>>Come on.
>>Get in there! Get in there! Braun, Braun!>>Braun!>>Did you guys call 911, Braun?>>Braun!>>[INAUDIBLE] Try to get him out.>>Braun!
>>[INAUDIBLE] back of the ambulance is>>Braun!>>We gotta get in!>>Help! [SOUND]
>>You gotta feel for our general manager Kurt Angle as well [SOUND].>>Here is your winner, Heath Slater.>>And again you’re seeing
the fire department now. What they’re carrying there is that’s
what’s called the jaws of life there ladies and gentlemen. They’re used to try to open
up this big box of metal.>>It’s a it’s a hydraulic powered tool. [SOUND]
>>At this juncture, all you can do is hope that Strowman is all right inside. [SOUND]
>>Yeah, Braun Strowman is trapped,
>>Braun.>>Inside this ambulance.>>This is truly tragic.>>Seriously.>>Poor Kurt Angle, I’m sure he’s blaming
himself in some sort of way for this. [SOUND]
>>Hang in there Braun.>>Obviously the impact of the collision
jammed the ambulance door. [SOUND]
>>Braun. [SOUND]
>>Guys come on, let’s get it open.>>Come on, guys.>>Hang on, Braun.>>And at this point,
you hate to speculate but it’s gotta be just a matter of the extent
of the injuries Braun Strowman suffered.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>And you saw the back of that ambulance, I mean, it was just crushed-
>>Imploded.>>Folded up like an accordion as
it was driven into the trailer.>>Thank God.>>Let’s move it.
>>Braun.>>[INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] Guys help.>>Come on, get in there!>>I might need some help in here.>>Get him on the gurney.>>[INAUDIBLE] get you out of here. Come on guys.>>Braun.>>Everybody.
>>We’re gonna get you out buddy.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Braun, let them do it, Braun! Braun, get on the gurney.>>Come on.>>Braun, let them help you.>>[SOUND]
>>Braun, Braun, Braun, calm down, calm down Braun.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Get him out here.>>Hey Braun.>>Braun!
>>Let me see.>>Braun, you need help.>>We gotta get you outta here. [SOUND]
>>Help you.>>Listen to him bro.>>Don’t go on the ground.>>My God.
[CROSSTALK]>>Braun, what are you doing?>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Braun, let them help you man.>>Come on.
>>Let him help you.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Help him.>>Come on.
>>Come on man!>>Help him!>>Braun, Braun.>>Let him help you.>>Calm down.>>Stay down.>>Calm down Braun.>>Braun, Braun.>>[SOUND] Get off of me!>>Come on Braun.>>Calm down.>>Braun, let me help you. [SOUND]
>>Help you, come on, [CROSSTALK]
>>Braun,>>Come on Braun.>>[INAUDIBLE] stay down, stay down.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Hey Braun [INAUDIBLE]>>Come on Braun.>>Come on Braun.>>Listen, stay down.>>Braun, let him help you. Braun, get over here.>>Braun.>>Braun.>>Braun.
>>Just listen to.>>[NOISE]
[SOUND] leave me alone.

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