100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show – No Disqualification Match: WrestleMania XXIV

  1. Big show vs mayweather lol I like that part where a judge comments "big shows look of satisfaction" hahaha pure jokes

  2. Hey everbody. At the very beginning of this video, look at the background. You will see a big light green sign in the audience that says "Im gay" lol its the funniest thing. Look over mayweathers head at the beginning.

  3. Okay but why did the camera all of a sudden stops when mayweather hits bigshow with a chair? Is it because they need to hide the scene because it’s too fake😂

  4. Yo 🖕🏻the WWE!! Can’t show chair shots??? Gtfoh this is exactly Y this the 1st wrestling I’ve watched since 05’ lmAo.. And in a NO DQ match a dude gets counted out?!?!? Lmao 🤣😂🤣😂GARBAGE!!!

  5. No way in hell that midget could beat the Big Show. This is one glaring example on how WWE wrestling is so fake.

  6. 🕋(There are two soft words on your tongue, and they lay heavily on the scales, dear Rahman/Hallelujah and praise Hallelujah.)

  7. So how is it that this is reuploaded 5 days ago from over 5 years ago and no1 talks about it let along has more views in that time span than what it had in the past 5 years when it was 1st uploaded

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