100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker: SummerSlam 2015

  1. 문죄인 국민지지도가 40-45프로카는데
    누구한태 물어보았는지
    수년간 사라왔는데
    한번도 물어본적없드라?

  2. Undertaker debio utilizar una lanza de big golberg y así le hubiera ganado en wrestlemania esa hubiera sido la gran sorpresa

  3. En las peleas q e visto undertaker estaba bajo de peso y eso era bueno para tener más velocidad y potencia en sus golpes

  4. At 26: brock had the nerve to jump on taker like he losted his then at 41: through 54: Taker puts brock back in check and reminds him of who the big dog really is.

  5. Its just an entertainment but it require a lot of athletics ability to perform without practice and rehearsal their move will not be perfect.

  6. 😂is it just me, or can anyone else clearly see how scripted this is. Yea, some of the slams and punches are real, but this shot fake as hell

  7. I like the show to see power of players, both are Superman like machine and they just play in the show like actors and otherwise they are friends and they eventually earn hard cash by putting audiences in confusion, Right !!

  8. Technically Lesnar won this match. Undertaker hit em with a low blow which the ref didn’t see. If so he would of got disqualified & Lesnar would of won. Great match, but Lesnar is really the winner.

  9. Wrong call.

    It wasn’t a win by submission.
    This should have been the same call when lesnar beat benoit due to LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS via “Brock Lock” .

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