FULL MATCH: Bobby Lashley vs. Roman Reigns: Extreme Rules 2018

[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Bobby Lashley is a high-level athlete. He wanted to test himself somewhere else. Now he’s back, better than before, and
determined to take Roman Reigns’ spot.>>But, Cory, there is leaving
to go try other things and there’s being the top guy. Not everybody is made to be the top guy, it’s a unique make-up inside
of you as an elite athlete.>>And Lashley the powerhouse backing
Reigns toward the corner, Reigns looks for a reversal. Lashley goes 6’3″ 260 as he looks to
overpower Roman Reigns here tonight. Roman Reigns, a three time WWE World
Champion, he’s held the United States title, the Intercontinental title,
the Tag Team title. He’s won a Royal Rumble. Bobby Lashley, two time ECW Champion,
one time United States Champion. [SOUND]
>>And again, tie up center of the ring. Cory, what do you look at the strategy for
Reigns being here tonight?>>I think you’re gonna see some
standard Roman Reigns fare.>>Gonna keep the pace slow, somewhat
methodical until it’s time to kick in.>>And look at Lashley. You’re not gonna out-wrestle Lashley. Roman’s gotta look for his go-tos,
the superman punch, or the spear.>>Indeed great point, Bobby Lashley a tremendous
amateur wrestler back in college. Missouri Valley College, he was three straight years an NAIA
national wrestling champion.>>And that’s exactly what
Bobby Lashley is gonna need to do. On the flip side he has used that power,
used the quickness, and I think he needs to push the pace
which would serve him well.>>Bobby Lashley has served
in the United States Army, would continue wrestling there. He was part of
the World Class Athlete Program. An Armed Forces gold medal. Look at this, a great suplex by Lashley who is putting
on a clinic here in the early going.>>You know, when we use the term
dog when we talk about Roman Reigns. I think that if Bobby Lashley Lashley
would be served well to find his inner dog here tonight. And be kinda a little nastier than what
we’re normally used to seeing from him.>>I agree with you to a point, Coach, but you don’t wanna get caught
in a firefight with the big dog. When it comes to throwing
hands Case in point, Roman Reigns is one of the most
dangerous in the game.>>Yeah and Roman Reigns saying, get that out of here as he takes
out Lashley with a right hand. Again who is the man
here in Monday Night Raw? Whose yard is it? These two men battling for
that distinction.>>I don’t even think it’s
a disputable fact at the moment. It is absolutely Roman Reigns’s yard. But if Bobby Lashley wants
to make claim to that, what better way than knocking off the guy?>>There’s no question Bobby needs to
start stacking up not just wins, guys, but big time wins. As he moves forward in kinda
the second chapter of his WWE career.>>Bounce off the top turnbuckle again
by Roman Reigns Reigns who looks to set another example here of Lashley. There’s been a lot of people over
the last few years that have challenged Roman Reigns and
his spot at the top of the food chain. Lashley ripped across the ring,
elbow, catches lastly, down, cover, and
a kick Just a one count, Lashley.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Roman Reigns now discussing
something with the official. Looked like that elbow stunned Bobby,
guys. And now a very aggressive Roman Reigns. [INAUDIBLE] Roman, break!>>Roman better get himself,
he’s gonna get himself disqualified.>>Yeah, very close.>>This isn’t an extreme rules match.>>Yeah, the official that
time giving him some leeway. Bobby Lashley’s out of it, guys,
ever since the elbow by Roman. And there’s a drive-by. And Roman Reigns now,
the cover on Lashley, hooks the leg, and a kick out by Bobby at two.>>Yeah, Bobby needs some time here. He needs to figure out a way without the
match ending, to catch his wits about him, clear his head and get back in there.>>I think you’re right, Bobby Lashley
might be out on his feet right now.>>Yeah, Cory, he’s been all out of sorts
since the by Roman just a little bit ago.>>That’s all it takes sometimes. And now Roman with the chin lock has
Lashley back down to one knee as Roman Reigns looks to
continue to dominate. You see a smile now crossing
the face of the big dog. Has Lashley right where he wants him.>>This is the pace we expected to see
from Roman Reigns, slow, methodical. Just grinding, wearing down Bobby Lashley.>>Yeah, using that entire body. They’re both really, really strong, but it’s a different kind of strength
between Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley.>>You’re right, I think Bobby Lashley’s
more of an explosive, quick, one at a time, boom.>>What a right by Roman.>>Roman’s proven he’s
got that sustained drive.>>He just dumps Lashley Actually
outside the ring. This is the pace right now that
I believe Roman Reigns want.>>And you know what? I think we might be watching
this match back tomorrow. We can pinpoint to that very moment
the elbow that Roman Reigns delivered to Bobby Lashley that was
the true turning point. Lashley has not been the same.>>Now, he hasn’t recovered,
he’s wipes are all out of sword here. Slowly trying to make it to his feet as
Roman Reigns continues the assault outside the ring.>>And you hate to go back six days but
I will cuz we openly wondered last Monday night what the role of these two got
into it for a sustained period of time.>>Look out.>>Driven into the barricade again and Roman Reigns now looks like he’s just
trying to make a point, make a statement.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well, we wondered how would that affect them here tonight, and I think the pace
set by Roman Reigns is showing that.>>And Roman breaking the count back
outside to continue the attack on Bobby Lashley.>>Roman Reigns in absolutely
no hurry right now.>>Yeah slowly,
methodically picking apart Lashley. Showing some life now is Bobby. A kick to the midsection now,
reversal Lashley.>>Wow.>>Great agility as he lands on the steps, but Reigns from behind
blasting Lashley to the floor.>>A great reaction from Roman Reigns. A little one-upmanship from both of these
super stars which has really been the name of the game. Roman once again breaking
the referee’s count, continuing to do work on the outside.>>I think Roman Reigns’ athleticism
is sometimes underrated.>>Now Bobby Lashley driven into the step. And Roman Reigns has been dominating.>>This is a lot more of a one-sided
fight than I had expected to see. I thought we’d see two pit bulls going
at it, a little dog fight in the ring. It has been all Roman.>>Yeah but again to what we’ve been
talking about Corey since the get go, that elbow got caught by Lashley.>>I think you see it right here.>>Lashley can’t even get his
feet under anything right now.>>And now Roman Riegns with
the steel steps in hand, Lashley somehow trying to defend
himself and they’re able to block.>>And there’s the power game
we were talking about earlier.>>And
now looking to outpower Roman Reigns. And he does so, and
now Bobby Lashley with the clothesline.>>Maybe Bobby got his wits about him just
enough definitely to defend himself to just flatten the big dog
with a massive clothesline.>>Yeah, trying to fight back
into this is Bobby Lashley.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lashley now picking up the pace. [APPLAUSE]
>>Uh-oh.>>A belly-to-belly throw by Lashley,
and that is in Lashley’s wheelhouse.>>Yeah, that quick power. Doesn’t matter how big the other guy is.>>He can toss them with the best of them.>>Lashley, another head of steam. Reigns gets a boot up
just in the nick of time. [APPLAUSE]
>>And Roman Reigns with a clothesline
as Lashley is knocked down.>>But every time that Roman impacts
Bobby Lashley he hits the right side, the ribs
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Something seriously wrong with the right side of Roman Reigns.>>Roman Reigns has been fighting rib
issues throughout the entire spring and summer here in WWE. Perhaps it’s flaring up on him here
tonight as he continues the attack on Bobby Lahsley.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Come on!>>Roman now. Steps on the gas.>>A last minute power slam. Cover, is it enough to put Roman away? And forces him to kick out at two and
a half. That won’t help the rips.>>Just when Roman looked to push
the pace a little bit, step things up, step up the speed. Lashley reminded the big
dog I got you on this one.>>One, two.>>Big time power slam by Lashley but
not enough to keep Roman down.>>And catching 260 midair is amazing and
then getting him all the way back around.>>Roman Reigns with a forearm to
the jaw and caught him a second time. A third time to Lashley and a fourth and
Roman Reigns teeing off on Lashley.>>Lashley’s rocked once again.>>Bobby, with a cross body! What a collision, and
I think it hurt Bobby just as much.>>Where’s he going?>>I can’t believe we’re about
to see this, but Bobby Lashley.>>Lashley’s gonna head
up to the top rope.>>This is nuts. I don’t know.>>Bobby Lashley from the top rope,
waiting for Reigns to make it back to his feet.>>Lashley down on top of Reigns.>>Double axe handle flattens the big dog. Bobby Lashley is starting to feel it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I think whatever was affecting him before, I think it’s gone now.>>He could be closing in on
putting Roman Reigns away. What a victory this would be for
Bobby Lashley tonight.>>Big time. Uh-oh, Reigns fighting out. Lashley’s thinking about maybe a Suplex,
could we see a Samoan Drop?>>Roman Reigns with power of his own, but
Bobby Lashley making it to the top rope, hanging on. Reigns trying to create separation, and now he just-
>>Dropped him over!>>He’s over, and Bobby hit hard. And I’m not sure if the back of his
neck caught the apron on the way down. With our angle I could not see that, but Lashley hit hard as he
went over the top rope. And the official now begins the count. Let’s watch this again,
and watch Bobby Lashley.>>Three.>>Dumped over the top rope by Roman, and
just misses the apron, but hits hard.>>I mean all 280 of him.>>The entire left side of Bobby Lashley
just colliding on the outside. I can’t believe Bobby’s moving guys.>>Yeah.
>>Officials at A, the officials at A. Lashley back up to the apron and
slowly makes his way into, a big leg drop by Reigns. Cover by Roman.>>This has gotta be it.>>Hooks the leg on Lashley. And Lashley powers it, too.>>I know he kicked-out there, but
he could have a separated shoulder, ribs, elbow, you name it.>>[CROSSTALK] I agree with you. That was one of the roughest landings
I have seen in a long, long time.>>Lashley hit the, watch this again. He hit the floor like a ton
of bricks here, watch this.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How tough is he?>>And then as he tried to make it back
to the ring Roman Reigns hit him with a vicious leg-drop.>>The look on Roman’s
face is almost like, what do I have to do
to make you stay down?>>Yeah, Bobby Lashley still
in this as he kicked out.>>Let’s go Roman. Let’s go Roman. Let’s go Roman [SOUND].>>It’s almost like the reaction.>>For this crowd fires him up.>>Roman locked and loaded. He got Bobby Lashley in his sights.>>Caught.>>Pow.>>Lashley the spinebuster.>>This is amazing that the Bobby Lashley
at least for right now is in one piece.>>Well I think Bobby at least
temporarily averted disaster.>>Look at this,
a vertical supplex by Bobby Lashley. Look at the power of Lashley. Vertical supplex to Reigns. Cover by Lashley, he hooks the leg.>>One, two.
>>And he got him, he kicked at two and a half.>>Wow it does not get any closer
than that without the bell ringing.>>If I’m Bobby, I’m upset.>>You saw that smile, a smile of almost
disbelief break out on the face of Lashley when Reigns kicked at two and a half.>>Yeah he’s thinking
give me a quicker three.>>That’s a textbook, picture perfect
vertical supplex delivered by Lashley. You can see Reigns’ body
rock as it made impact. But now Bobby Lashley in position,
maybe to seal the deal.>>It’s only gonna take one more
thing One more for the win.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Could Lashley be sizing up Roman Reigns for a spear?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lashley in position with that wide stance now. Lashley, superman punch,
right on the button. Cover by Reigns, hook of the leg,
Lashley kicks out again. [APPLAUSE]
>>And now Roman can’t believe it.>>And notice how Lashley rolled out
of the ring after the near fall. Look at this, boom!>>This was a clean connection
from Roman right on Lashley’s jaw.>>If nothing else,
These two men are gonna walk out of here tonight with each other’s respect.>>Bobby Lashley crawling
around outside of the ring. Reigns inside of the ring, he can’t believe that he didn’t put
Lashley away after the Superman punch. The official now.>>Lashley now staggering,
trying to get his>>Wits about him once again, Roman Reigns ont he other side of
the ring, trying to formulate a plan.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What the hell has Roman Reigns got planned here? My God, look out. Roman Reigns full ahead speed.>>Bobby caught him. What a suplex! Threw him over the German announce table!>>The back of Roman’s neck just bounced
across the German announce table.>>Bobby Lashley just sent Roman Reigns
flying with a massive suplex! Off the table, down to the floor!>>Roman had a full head of steam,
two sides of the ring worth.>>And lastly dead stopped it. And now Bobby Lashley gets
Reigns back into the ring. And what does Bobby Lashley do now? Roman Reigns in trouble,
does Lashley go to the top rope again? Bobby looking for the home run. Something that keeps the big dog down. [APPLAUSE]
>>Superman punch, top rope.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Down goes Lashley, Roman Reigns could be closing in on a win.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My yard.>>He just said my yard.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Here comes Reigns, no!>>Lashley with the spear! Lashley with a spear!>>He did it!>>Intercepted Reigns! Lashley wins!>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
>>Here is your winner, Bobby Lashley!>>I thought that was gonna be
a mistake that would come back to haunt Bobby Lashley. Instead he played a little opossum and
it paid off in the end. What a win for Bobby Lashley.>>There’s no doubt that this
victory here tonight is one of the>>Biggest of Bobby Lashley’s career.>>His entire career, absolutely. You’ve learned through history,
it’s hard to bet against Roman Reigns. Even when you’ve got an elite talent
like Bobby Lashley in the ring. But Lashley just defied a lot of the odds,
silenced a lot of the doubters. And just but his stake right in
the middle of the big dog’s yard.>>And I think whatever self-doubt
he may have had in himself, even though we talk about the ego. I think he’s gotta be not only proud, but
respect what he put himself through and survived.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Case in point, Lashley walked to the outside. Here comes Roman, but
Lashley stops him and sends him for a vacation through
the German side of things.>>And
that turned things completely around. And then Roman Reigns, however, with a massive Superman Punch that
drops Lashley off the top of the rope. And right here we all
believed it was over. But somehow Lashley would intercept Roman
Reigns with a massive spear of his own.>>I think Roman Reigns got
a little too confident, taking that extra moment to
declare my yard to Bobby Lashley. He gave Bobby just the time
he needed to recover, and deliver a spear to put down the big dog.>>And Cory sometimes all
it takes Is a moment and that’s a moment in time for Bobby Lashley.>>Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley with a
hell of a battle tonight at Extreme Rules. But Lashley with a monumental victory. [MUSIC]

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