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Kendrick Lamar brought his alter ego Kung Fu Kenny to life on ” DAMN”. Even opening his Coachella set with a 3 part short film titled “The Damn Legend of Kung Fu Kenny” The film features Kendrick as Kung Fu Kenny a.k.a Black Turtle on a mission to “find the Glow” Is this an ode to Wu Tang’s martial arts inspired nicknames? We don’t know for sure, but it definitely
isn’t the only moniker Kendrick has used throughout his career” According to Kendrick, the first rap names he had were actually trash K Montana??? Look, I’m not mad at Volcano, like Schoolboy Q
tweeted, the name would fit Kendrick well “cuHz been knew He waz gon erupt” He took on the more familiar moniker K. Dot around the time he recorded his 2003 mixtape “Hub City Threat, Minor of The Year” at the age of 16 6 years later he had a change of heart and
was done using K. Dot On his self-titled track off the 2009 Kendrick Lamar EP, he raps He further explained on the hook: On the same EP Kendrick also mentioned the nickname that would become one of his more important aliases In 2012, Kendrick’s album “Good Kid M.A.A.D City would make him a household name Kendrick referred to himself as “King Kendrick” on the track “Compton” featuring Dr. Dre In 2015 fans were introduced to King Kunta on “To Pimp a Butterfly”. The name is a reference to the main character in Alex Haley’s 1976 novel Roots and the epic 1977 miniseries. Kendrick wasn’t quite using Kunta as a nickname for himself, but he clearly identified with the character and later had a concert called the Kunta Groove Sessions. In 2016’s “Untitled Unmastered”, Kendrick
not only came with a new name, but a new look to match it And recently, there’s Kendrick’s self
proclaimed title Mr. 1 – 5, that he’s both tweeted and rapped on the DAMN song “ELEMENT.” So there you have it, the many rap aliases
of Kendrick Lamar up to today’s Kung Fu Kenny But we can’t leave out the childhood nickname given to K Dot by his parents for being so mature as a young child, Man Man I’m Letty for Genius News, bringing you
the meaning and breaking knowledge behind the music. I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “From K. Dot to Kung Fu Kenny: A Lyrical History of Kendrick Lamar’s Nicknames | Genius News

  1. u forgot about gemini, if u dont know what im talking about listen to the song wats wrong by isaiah rashad featuring kendrick he talks about it on there

  2. Kendrick: Yeah
    RapGenius: Here Kendrick is showing his anger at the systemic racism that has plagued black Americans for years on end

  3. Kendrick Lamar is hopefully going to use his aliases like Eminem's aliases

    Marshall Mathers- emotional
    Slim Shady- Funny, goofy
    Eminem- serious

    Kendrick Lamar- serious
    K.Dot- the start, emotional-ish
    Kung Fu Kenny- light hearted, funny

  4. Kendrick Lamar is a pretty unique and solid name, if you're given a name like that you should go with it, I'm glad he ultimately did.

  5. I love all of the referneces Kendrick is doing. The Day the Earth Stood Still, Rush Hour, The Last Dragon! Woah boy

  6. That Lass-
    "He later explained on the hook"
    "Nigga, I am Kendrick Lamar
    Nigga, my name is Kendrick Lamar "
    Wow thanks 😂😂😂

  7. Lmao I actually been calling my godson man man since he was born that is crazy to known the nickname man man is so wide spread

  8. Kung fu Kenny is from azzerz making the video Kendrick Lamar I’m gta online and azzerz made a name called Kung fu Kenny so it’s from azzerz.

  9. Top 10 Greatest Rappers:

    1. Kendrick Lamar
    2. K DOT
    3. Cornrow Kenny
    4. Kung Fu Kenny
    5. King Kunta
    6. Mr 1 through 5
    7. Jimmy Kendricks
    8. Pullitzer Kenny
    9. The Hip Hop Rhyme Saivior
    10. Makavelli's Offspring

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