From Beijing Capital Airport To Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School

Today I’m going to share how I make
my way to the school giving some tips and advices so all the
new students can check how easy it is First option you
can take a taxi the taxi normal is very expensive and in
Beijing there is a lot of traffic jam so you can spend a lot of hours just going
to there, because the distance is not very close Option two, take the bus the bus is a good option, because is
cheap is around 30 Kuai, that means like is around 5 dollars, you can
take it from the airport, but the swell can take a few hours because of the
traffic jam so i recommend you to check the traffic
with the ladies of the information desk so they will help you to decide if it’s
a good option to take the bus at the time that you arrived to the airport and the third option, is the option that i always use and the options i recommend
is taking the train, taking the Airport Express and after taking the subway is a
good price around 30 Kuai means five dollars and the time is around one hour and
10 minutes, 1 hour and 20 minutes so is quite fast because sometimes when you
take the bus to take the taxi you get the stuck in the traffic jam for three or
four hours so please check the traffic before
taking these two otherwise just take the Airport Express that is a good option so we are going to choose
this option and I gonna explain how to take the Airport Express
and the subway to finally arrive to Beijing South Railway Station almost all the international flights
arrive in this area B of the airport so just in front of this area there is a sign for the Airport Express
so you arrive from this area here you just go out and in front of that you
have the Airport Express and information desk where you can ask any question that
you have, also if you have a connection flight because you are going to the
airport close to the school either Jining or Jinan Airport there is free
buses that take you to the terminal 1 or terminal 2 – don’t take taxi there
is free buses that take you to these terminals so you can manage your
connection flight so just after you go out in front of the area “B” there is the
Airport Express sign we just need to follow these
signs simple like that So we just walk through this path around 10 minutes and we will finish in
the Airport Express area so now we are here in the airport
express here you need to buy your ticket the ticket cost 25 Yuan that is less
than 4 dollars and here we have our friend Yago from Mexico buying his
ticket keep your ticket because you needed it to
go out of the Airport Express Area and here you just need to wait the train and
normally comes like every 15-20 minutes every train so just wait there this is the subway map including the
airport express line that is here with the letter A here in the top so we are
here in the terminal 3 and we need to go to Beijing South Railway Station
for that we have two options so from the terminal 3 we go down to
Sanyuanqiao that means that we need to change to the
line number 10 and we go down to Shilihe and we
change to line number 14 and finally rich Beijing South
Railway Station and the second option is from the terminal 3 we go down to Dongzhimen, we change to
the line number 2 and we go to Xuanwumen and we change to the line number
4 and we go down to finally reach Beijing South Railway Station I preferred to go down here in Sanyuanqiao
because the line number two going down in Dongzhimen is really crowded and
when you are traveling with all your suitcase can be a bit annoying and
traveling and moving around with that so I really recommend it to go here in
Sanyuanqiao and that is the way that I gonna take so this is the airport express train
we’re going to take it and even inside of the train there is a map so you can check
that we are here in the terminal 3 going to pass the terminal 1 and 2 and
after that we just going down in Sanyuanqiao to transfer to the line number
10 the right way to say the name of the station that we are going is
Sanyuanqiao again Sanyuanqiao so now we are here in the
station Sanyuanqiao and now we need to go out of the airport
express area to go to the a subway to take the line number 10 after five minutes walking we reach the
line number 10 of the subway so first we need to buy some subway
tickets you can a buy it in the ticket office or you can use the machines you need to buy the ticket to the last
stop so you buy it to the Beijing South Railway Station the price around 7 Kuai we are here in Sanyuanqiao
line number 10 and now we need to go down to Shilihe to change
to the line number 14 so we take the subway that is going to
Liangmaqiao that is in the right side of the station just when you go down of the
stairs now we arrived here to Shilihe and from
here we just follow the signs to find the line number 14 and when we reach the line number 14 we
just take the subway that is going to Begin South Railway Station that is just
on the right side of the station after you go down of the stairs so we are here in Shilihe and we need to
go all the way here to the end of the line number 14 to Beijing South
Railway station that in chinese mandarin sounds like this:
“Běijīng nán zhàn” again “Běijīng nán zhàn” After one hour and 10 minutes we finally arrives to Beijing South
Railway Station so we need to go up and go out of the subway station and enter
to the railway station everything is connected, is in the same
place so you just go out of the subway station and after that you just need to
go up to the top floor so you take the electric stairs and
start going up and you will finally get to the Railway Station so when you reach the top floor you will
find this area that have all the gates of the trains so you need to go to the middle you will
find like information decks and behind of this there is the big ticket office you need to go to this office to get
your tickets don’t go to the machines because the machines only works when you
have your Chinese ID so you can not buy your ticket with your passport choose
any of those lines and get ready with your passport and 250 Kuai and in a piece
of paper I recommend you to write the name of the city, write QUFU and you just
give this paper and the money and the passport to the girl that is selling the tickets and is much
easier in that way so like this is the ticket that you’re
gonna get in the left corner you gonna find the Departure City that in this case
BeijingNan that means Beijing South after that we have the train number after we
have the arrival of city in this case is QufuDong that means Qufu East
and that is the train station that you need to arrive after that we have the date
and the time of the ticket please check carefully before leaving the window check the time and the date that is correct
also the boarding time is 30 minutes before the time that appears on the
ticket here we have the price that appears in
chinese currency and 244 yuan is almost 40 US dollars here we have the carriage
of the car and the seat number and here we have the seat class normally we have first class, or second
class. Second class is the cheap one over here we have the passport number and finally
here appears your name so after you get your train ticket you
need to check the train number so you can see what is the number of the gate
you can check in all these big screams that are in different places of the
train station so you just check what is the number of
the gate that you need to go and the time, so you have to be like there like
at least 30 minutes before. if you want that the school pick you up
from the train station when you arrive to Qufu city you need to find a way to send the
information of the train that you have for that you can send a text message to
the school phone or you can find internet in a starbucks on other
restaurant so you can contact the school on WhatApp and send your train
information or you can ask any random Chinese to use his phone, or her phone and
call the school and give the information of the train that you are taking. But if you don’t want to contact the school there is not a problem, when you arrive
to Qufu city just after you go out of the train station you pick up a taxi you show him the
address of the school and he will take you there, if the taxi driver don’t know
where is the place you give him the phone number of the school so he can contact
the school and the school will explain also if you’re a new student the
school will pay the fee of the taxi otherwise if you are returning student
this taxi will cost around 80 to 100 kuai so just be careful with that because
sometimes they charge like 200 or something like that, but you just say from the beginning
that you only pay from 80 to 100 kuai after one hour and 20 minutes
waiting we are ready to take our train so we
just come here to the gate we show our passport and our ticket and that’s it… we enter and we find our
carriage or car and after we just find our seat
number and we just enjoy the ride is around 2 hours a little less and we need to be patient
listening the names of the cities that the train
is going to stop and finally you’re gonna hear the name of Qufu City or
Qufu East Railway Station and that is the stop where you need to go
out of the train. Use your ticket to go out of the train station and if you
finally managed to arrange the pickup service with the school will be somebody
waiting for you with a school sign otherwise you just take one of the Taxis
that are in front of the train station and after 30 or 40 minutes you will be arriving to
the school I hope that you find this video of helpful
and that you realize how easy it is all this journey normally from the airport
to the school takes around 4 hours if you make it like quite fast that
but sometimes when you need to wait a long time for the train can takes around 6
to 7 hours also you decide to buy you train ticket
online i recommend you to buy a train ticket 3 hours after you arrive
in time to Beijing so you have enough time to manage
everything to arrive there without any rush to the train station I hope that this video help a lot of
new students and if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

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  1. Really liked everything about this school but with some research online, you will find some weird stuff about a headmaster being put into a car or something..

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