Frogfest in delhi 2018

Finally iam here now people who come from
metro the nearest metro station is khan market Then take auto rikshaa then they will drop you at wwf india Now i”ll show you the outlook of wwf of india Here this is the outlook of wwf of india. and yes the best thing is there is no entry fees ! Here you see artifical frogs are hanging on the tree The background is stunning here is 2nd tree the frogs hanging on tree this event is beautiful basically this festival is celebrated on usa but now a days they are celebrated in usa here also frogs hanging on the tree look awesome! and here also different types
of flowers are here & diff diif colurs flowers now i”ll show you the little frog’s army frogs are sitting in the front gate of entry lol Here is different kinds of flowers looks amazing, different types of colurs flowers . They are made frogs very beautifully ! all are artificial but still they are look good. here is the line of frogs army here these are very tiny frogs and so lovely hey cutie hows you ? lol His frog aim to clear the gov jobs hahah I was wondering that these are but its not still the look g8 Science student prepartion umm they look lovely and they are so little here is 2nd justin drumming Here is the frogs army and some frogs are sitting there beside the pond There is no real frogs inside the pond Now lets come forward in the second floor Here is the painting of tigers and other animals There are 2 rooms of frog fest. they are made a brilliant exibition . I inside frogfest paintings show about types of frogs benefiits of frogs and all thatsit !

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