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  1. The whole reason I got into boxing I remember getting a book from the school library I was 11 years old. He was on the front cover I couldn't understand how he was so muscler. At that point I loved boxing the school never got that book back I'm now 38 my son now has it

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  3. What a lovely man, I work with Kids and a firm believer in discipline, standards and respecting those around you. Frank really sums this up beautifully. Lovely interview Brian

  4. A system where Your Highness (majesty) is the supposed goal, and violent competition to gain, and that being the law! Frank is intelligent.

  5. Talk about morgan Freemans voice. Franks is booming..i love him hes a legend. Such a gentleman and tender guy. Keep punching champ

  6. All we should be judged for is doing the best with out talent and that's exactly what frank did, he's a gentleman too and a British institution.

  7. Not great….was domestic British level..When he faced Tyson and Lewis he had no chance…He was lucky to survive against Mccall and win the title so fair play but let's face it Mccall was a mess and not a great champion…got a lucky punch on Lewis.

  8. Do love Bruno is a national hero no doubt about it full respect to him for everything he's acheived and gone through, But to say he wasn't scared of Tyson is a lie if you see his walk on to the ring in I believe the first fight he must of crossed himself a million times

  9. I pressed "like" after two sentences.
    I love Frank Bruno.

    He got royally shit on by the public, but that's what they do.

    Frank has one of the highest knock out ratios in UK history, and believe me you wouldn't want a clout off him.

    Always been a sound guy, and I've always liked him a great deal.

  10. Its a shame ppl forget about frank bruno these days we loved him more than lewis back in the day . he was britains top man but it all evaporated so quick

  11. This London real guy is really good why doesn't he conduct boxing interviews instead of the other guys who ask dumb questions. HBo Should hire him!

  12. Frank was one of my favourite boxers, he was a thinker, and could act, like a gent. a really decent man. Tyson's a mob guy ahaha. Good boxer to.

  13. Awesome bloke, know what i mean harry!. with all the talk of "on the level" i assumed he was a Freemason and it turns out, he is. lol.

  14. Always liked him….he stood tall against some of history's best and was the world champ……he SHOULD be proud, it was a successful ride

  15. Was more a fan of my local boy Nigel Benn, but Frank was a good one. Should be Sir Frank Bruno, but PC would never allow that. What I realised was that it's so so rare nowaday's to hear a Cockney accent nowadays especially in London!

  16. “Bonkers Bruno” yo them newspapers was some fked up individuals fuking with Frank like that, gave zero fukz about his family, barstards

  17. Frank Bruno is a salt of the earth man. Great interview. Very interested in Frank’s views on mental health, and his foundation, but will watch Part 2 for that. (Just a side note, those in hospital with Frank would be called patients as opposed to ‘inmates’) 😊

  18. Frank You were the most loved fighter in my life time, from the feeble and aged yo the special forces and street geysers, evrybody. and you won the the title from a man who was extremely tough and feared. Oliver mcall .

  19. Best break up analogy ever 'you and the wife not listening to the same radio station'…frank we love you and how you bought the whole country together so many times and when you won the big prize..just wow..still get goosebumps watching that. Legend status..sir frank bruno.

  20. “What’s life like after fighting?”
    You have to be ready to stop. If you aren’t it will kill you with boredom and a crisis of identity. Your discipline gives you the confidence to be yourself so you have to be ready to shift that focus to keep moving forward

  21. Always been a favorite of mine in life.. we share a name.. but I'm a 60 year old Italian/american guy from NYC, now Colorado.. thanks for all you've done Frankie!
    Very best, Frank W. Bruno

  22. Frank Bruno, sir my Grandad was a bare knuckle boxer and at the nottingham goose fair in the 60,s/70,s they would not entertain him in the 1 min round as the gypsies knew him as a fighter lol
    But he always said to me in the 90`s that BRUNO was MUSCLE BOUND was my grandad right?
    PS my Grandad love FRANK as he felt he was a person who could wreak your DAY LOL:)

  23. I would like to say I watched Frank VS Tyson and really felt he JARRED Tyson and if he had continued his punching in that round he would have floored Tyson:)
    God bless FRANK and his family:)
    I truly hope Frank is well as I personally think he is a TRUE gentleman and a gentle GIANT:) LOVE YOU FRANK
    My grandad was praying you would win son!

  24. Frank is loved by millions. Such humility from a tough boxer is a sign of true inner strength. I believe he gave Tyson his hardest fight – since Holyfield. I saw all Franks fights live at ringside until the Sky TV deal – pay for view – Frank is a credit to British and world sport.

  25. Such integrity is very rare. It is a scandal that Frank has not been Knighted. I have never heard a more truly honest person but then we always knew Frank is a great guy.

  26. Thank you 'London Real' great to see and hear Mr. Bruno. He was always a 'Class Act' Nuff Respect Mr. Bruno…✨✨✨✨✨

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