the chance to be something… really good. (BELL DINGS) -ROY JONES: Oh!
-JIM LAMPLEY: Hard right hand by Vargas.
Miura’s in big trouble. Looked for a moment as though
his knee went down. Tony Weeks was watching and
it was not ruled a knockdown. Almost the first round KO
for Vargas. COACH: You caught him there,
but don’t stay away. All right, son?
Don’t let him beat you. -JONES: Oh!
-LAMPLEY: And down goes Vargas, on a perfect straight left hand set up by the body shots.
And the blood is flowing freely now
from under Vargas’s right eye. What a comeback in the fight
by Miura. Miura, staggering him again
with a big left hand, knocking him back
into the ropes, gets him in the corner. Riding the line
above the left. Punishing him! -(SPEAKING IN SPANISH)
-(WHISTLE BLOWS) (BELL DINGS) JONES: Oh! There he is. LAMPLEY: Down goes Miura. Now, Miura’s struggling
for his own balance. He’s up. KELLERMAN:
And what a moment for Vargas to turn this fight
around like that. LAMPLEY: Possible round
of the year brewing here. And Tony Weeks is gonna stop it,
and Vargas has an upset win. KELLERMAN: That is as dramatic
a fight as you can see. (AUDIENCE CHEERS) LAMPLEY: Mexico against Mexico.
This could have fireworks. If there’s going to be
a boxing skill advantage here, it should belong
to the better jabber, Francisco Vargas. -(AUDIENCE CHEERS)
-(BELL DINGS) Right hand by Vargas.
And Salido comes back with a left and a right. The fight has begun,
as round one comes to a close. (BELL DINGS) KELLERMAN: Salido threw
that right hand to the body like he means it. Excellent left hook
to the body there. Good one-two by Vargas. LAMPLEY: Now Salido lands
the hard right hand in reverse. -And Vargas fires back.
-KELLERMAN: Both guys believe they have the power
to hurt the other. JONES: I think they have hurt
the other already. (BELL DINGS) LAMPLEY: And now Salido
taking over with a ten-punch combination. Bang! Bang! Bang! This is a phenomenal comeback. Vargas’s face is beginning
to show some damage. Oh, hard right hand by Vargas!
Momentarily wobbled Salido. -JONES: Yeah, hurt him.
-LAMPLEY: Backs him into the corner,
looking for the combination that might put Salido down. KELLERMAN:
Oh! Big right hand from Salido. LAMPLEY: And Salido survives. (BELL DINGS) LAMPLEY: Amazing round. Vargas very accurate
at the phone booth now. Backs Salido up
with hard shots. KELLERMAN: Oh, right hand right
up the middle for Salido. It’s unbelievable
what they’re doing right now. -JONES: What a fight.
-LAMPLEY: Forty seconds of mayhem to go. KELLERMAN: They’re both trying
to knock each other out with each shot. LAMPLEY:
Hard right hand by Vargas! And Salido took the shot,
and keeps on going. JONES: They deserve
a standing ovation twice. (BELL DINGS) And they’ll get it.
An incredible fight! JUDGE:
1-14, 1-14. This fight is… a draw. LAMPLEY: And why not? KELLERMAN:
Fight of the year so far. JONES: Yes, sir. (AUDIENCE CHEERS)

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