Forester 2020 e-BOXER: The first drive

Hello! Welcome to see my new test drive video of the e-BOXER Forester Here you can see me mergin to highway Speed limit is 100km/h (60mph) I was reaching top speed It was quite easy task for this car that was little bit surprising me quite many has said that this new hybrid Forester is little bit underpowered So at least in this test it was quite easy task. Although there was a slight downhill when I was accelerating Then other expectations of the new car was this famous visibility of Forester And I can agree with everybody else it is so exceptional how well you can see from this car It is like a moving greenhouse It has so big windows It is actually funny how good that is Then the other thing I was interested new Subaru Global Platform many others has said that this is very quiet comfortable drive and so on, I can agree on that also. How quiet car is, is actually very important aspect Specially with this tarmac we have here No car is quiet here You can bring super expensive car from some luxury brand that might be quiet usually in this price bracket cars are ot that quiet Forester actually does very well It is not that noisy inside the cabin Alright! I think that wa all for now Enjoy the rest of the show There is some driving scenes with this excellent e-BOXER Forester please remember visit my blog site there is some more details of this test drive Thank You!

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