Fluffy Visits Saudi Arabia – Gabriel Iglesias (from Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias Live from Hawaii)

Hey what’s up you guys this is Gabriel
Iglesias Oh my God it’s Fluffy Hell yeah it is And I’m here hanging out
in San Diego California getting ready for my Big show tonight. As you can see it’s
really big Uh, it’s not really big… You know
what I mean So anyways you guys This weekend is the encore presentation
of my special Aloha Fluffy On Comedy Central Now… Comedy Central is only available in the
US So for the rest of you worldwide I want to give you guys a nice big sneak
peek Of the… Of the special that is gonna be eventually available on DVD Or if you hack it or however you get it But I like to know that I’m… I’m giving this one to you guys to enjoy So check this out This is my story about
me going to Saudi Arabia And you’ll see, there’s a surprise at the end Cause I wasn’t expecting this either So enjoy and please share it Have fun! It’s 23 minutes long so get ready My agent calls me up And he’s says Gabe check it out You’re getting your request to perform
in the Middle East I go really? Ok cool Army? Navy? Marines? Air Force? Who? Actually, the request is coming from a prince Run that by me again A prince I said… Purple Rain? Not Prince A prince I said how do they know me? I don’t know but they say that they know you and they want to hire you I go it sounds like a joke Matt Trust me, it sounds legit All right… If it’s legit, I’ll tell you what Give whoever a ridiculous figure And let them know that they have to wire
the money today Otherwise forget it Four hours later… Gabe! What? Ridiculous just called… Are you serious? I’m looking at the screen bro They wired all of it Next thing I know Welcome aboard Saudi Arabian Airlines 17-hour flight you guys From Detroit Michigan to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia And just so you guys know, I didn’t go by
myself, ok? I took some friends with me Nobody from this show For obvious reasons Yeah man, the crew that I travel with Everybody’s hairy, big nose Goatee, beard, crazy eyes This… Are you kidding me? With all of us were like Osama bin Lopez, you know what I’m sayin? You don’t know what the hell we are So I took two other friends I took one friend, his name is Edwin San Juan Who’s Filipino Works clean Hell yeah… And another buddy of mine named
Larry Omaha Who’s Native American, who also works clean and… Alright Hell yeah, sure Hold on I want to look at the camera Hey Larry Omaha, Edwin San Juan, you guys have fans and they’re here in Hawaii Get your asses over here Anyway, umm… So we head to Riyadh 17-hour flight from Detroit As soon as we get there… They flew us there first class by the
way, it was really nice And the plane is pulling up to the gate and, you know… It’s doing the whole you know… And the tube is coming out to meet the
plane As soon as the tube touches the plane All of a sudden… The door… On the
opposite side of the plane Pops open And a man in a suit gets on And he walks over to the three of us And he does this… And I’m sitting there freaking out like Oh my god, this is like the movies! And they pulled us off the plane And they escorted us to this area called VIP baggage claim And it sounds kind of
cra… VIP? And I get there I realize oh They’re serving cookies and candy and
coffee And there’s leather sofas And it’s really nice And there’s nothing but
Middle Eastern businessmen there okay? And they’re all talking about me I don’t understand Arabic But everyone in this room understands when someone’s talking about you The guy’s looking at me and he’s like… I’m sorry but this… Is universal And apparently this is Arabic for Damn! So then this other guy walks over to me And he’s holding a sign And the sign has my name on it And he’s really excited He’s like, it is you! Come come. Come! It is you, come come, come, we go And I went oh, ok cool. So we grab
our luggage And we followed him outside to the curb They have three Lincoln Navigator SUVs
waiting for us There’s three comedians, and there’s
three cars We’re so paranoid that we’re in the Middle East We all get in one car We’re sitting in there And we take off We’re heading towards downtown Riyadh ok? Now all I know… Up to this point about my experience is that I’ve already been paid My flight’s been taken care of And I have a point person Who I’m supposed to meet at the airport Who’s not there So I’m talking to the drivers Excuse me sir, where’s this guy? It is ok, I take you to him… Is ok… Is ok is ok Uh… ok… And for me it’s not okay, because I researched Saudi Arabia And you know… You think the rules in Singapore are strict The rules of Saudi Arabia are very, very different, ok? And I don’t want to offend anyone And I want to make sure that I don’t say the wrong thing So I need to know, you know? Some… Some… I need some info! So I keep talking to the drivers Um sir, would you mind helping
me with some questions? Whatever you need, you ask. I tell you.
It’s okay… It’s okay, it’s okay Um… I apologize in advance If i come across rude, or disrespectful Or ignorant but um… How do you guys know about me here, in the middle east? What do you mean how do we know? Yeah, how do you know that I’m a comedian? You have comedy central, or HBO… or Showtime? What is that? That’s a no, that’s what
that is… That’s a no How do you know that I’m an entertainer? Oh! Your videos! YouTube! My friend, Youtube You’re huge You’re the number two most famous
comedian in all of the Middle East Number two You’re kidding… I am NOT comedian, I don’t
kid… No… I’m the number two most famous comedian in all of the Middle East? Yes! Who’s number one? Jeff Dunham Jeff Dunham is the number one comedian
in the Middle East? You guys don’t find him at all offensive? Oh No… I kill you! When I heard that you guys I was like you know what? They get it… They get it So I’m like we’re cool We’re sitting, we’re driving We’re heading towards downtown All of a sudden the driver… Cuts the wheel really hard And we get off the freeway And now we’re taking a side road,
going away from the city And I’m like, ahem… Excuse me? Where are we going? We are going to the show I go um… It says here that we’re staying in the city Yes you’re staying in the city But the show is somewhere else That doesn’t make sense… Why would you have the show somewhere else? How come you don’t have it
in the city? And then he broke it down… My friend… Here in Riyadh, it is very different ok? Your type of entertainment is forbidden… In the city There are people called
religious police that… Hold up the traditions They keep it so that it is very
traditional It is not allowed, the social gathering
is a no no We must go somewhere secret… In the desert Alright um… So how many people are you guys
expecting at the show? It’s a little between seven to eight hundred people That many? I told you… Number 2! And sure enough you guys, we pull up to this racetrack In the middle of the desert And there’s a… There’s a giant tent set up next to it And there’s… There’s 800
people, roughly There for a comedy show And as soon as we pull up… As soon as we pull up Radio’s start popping out And I keep hearing on all the radios Fluffy… Fluffy… Fluffy… All of a sudden, some guy runs up on the stage And they
hand him a microphone And he starts yelling to the crowd I don’t know what
he’s saying But I’ve seen enough hip hop to recognize a hype man Oh yeah, he’s out there… And then I get the biggest introduction of my life And nowwwww! Direct from the United States of America! Here he is! Gabriel Iglesias! And the crowd starts going Fluffy… Fluffy… Fluffy And when I heard that… I freaked out I was like, oh my God, this is gonna be an amazing show So I ran to the stage as fast as I could… I’m not a runner… But I booked it to the stage
you guys Because I was so excited And when I got to the front It clicked… That in Saudi Arabia… They still have segregation And I didn’t find out till the last second… Because I saw a
line going down the middle And on one side Men… Other side Women And all the women in the front row Were covered, from head to toe All I saw… Was this Oh yeah I had no idea
I was performing for Assassin’s Creed I didn’t know that… I didn’t know… It threw me off so bad Gabriel Iglesias! Fluffy… Hey what’s going on everybody, how you… I froze! I’ve been doing this for 15
years I don’t freeze, but that threw me off so bad I didn’t know what to say… All of a sudden, men start yelling my
jokes at me My friend, do the donkey Do the donkey! Hey chocolate cake! Chocolate cake! A guy in
the front… Make fun of me! Hell no… And the people started laughing The women were laughing just as hard as
the men, you know? Granted, some of them I couldn’t see But for the most part it’s like… And I’m not trying to be disrespectful, you know? They’re laughing…
Moving and laughing I even had fun with one of the girls I said Oh, I saw your neck She said, you’re going to get me in trouble The Saudis had such an amazing sense of
humor… They were laughing and carrying on And I had no idea that they were going to be like that And then after the show I got a chance to meet some of the
locals And one guy was almost in tears He was so emotional… He walks up to me And he’s just like I cannot believe… That I am standing here in front of you Mister Fluffy Thank you Please… Please, when you return to
United States Or whatever you travel Let the people know what you saw, ok? Let them know that we’re not all bad That we are not all those bad people from Fox News, ok? You let them know because we see Fox
News And Fox News believe that everybody in Middle East is bad Everybody’s terrorists Everybody has a
bomb He has a bomb, he has a bomb, he has a bomb Oprah is here giving away bombs to everybody Everybody… Please… You let them know We’re not all
bad people, ok? We are not all terrorists My cousin… Maybe WHAT?! I kidding! I kidding! I kidding! Look at your face! Look at your face! Oh, I’m going to die Look at you… A plane! What plane? I got you again! Two for two, I got you! And he is raising my blood pressure every seven seconds And then he starts breaking it down for me How stand-up
comedy… Is starting to bring people together… In the Middle East And how he’s
starting to, you know… He’s doing comedy It was crazy, the conversation, you know? Here in a… In Saudi Arabia Um… People they… They like watching the stand up comedy Because… We love to laugh, ok? We love to laugh It’s great to laugh And people don’t think that people in Middle East have sense of humor They see videos, They see TV They think we are the
same They say, oh Middle Eastern people are all angry Look at that their face, their angry Everybody angry Everybody mad Everybody angry My friend, we’re not angry It’s hot… Ok? It’s a hundred and seventeen degrees… Everybody’s not mad, their hot! Look it Everybody has a hot face Hot face Everybody hot face I promise, you give me air
conditioning I am so happy We are ok We love to laugh I’ve been doing the
stand-up comedy for about six months now And um… I have jokes Good for you May I try? Ohhh great… Alright man, go ahead… Ok, very nervous,
very nervous Ok, here I go Ok, here I go… Two Jews… Walk into a bar… Not in my country! Man, you’re gonna get my ass arrested bro We wound up doing shows all over the
Middle East We were in Riyadh, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, Doha… And each show, you guys,
was more amazing than the last show Not because there were so many people But because the people were friendly They were fun They got all the
references I couldn’t get over that I honestly thought that they were gonna
be like the people from Fox News And I felt terrible I felt terrible because I was judging
them I was prejudging them And I thought they were going to be a certain way And I felt bad because all those years People were doing that to me Not really giving me a chance And I was
over there doing the same thing… I felt so bad And then when I met the prince… I was still judging 19 years old And he’s a prince I thought he was gonna be a brat He walks up to me And I was already like,
what’s up?! I failed to realize… That he’s a prince And he was brought up to be a
prince The way he carried himself… He intimidated me in about 18 seconds Ok, I’m 36 And I meet em, Wassup?! And he’s like… Jibril Scuse me? Jibril Jibril? Gabriel I understand that your name is Gabriel But in the arabic language, your name is
Jibril I was welcoming you, in our language Oooohhhhhh….. I’m a dick And I started already imagining what was
gonna happen I am so sorry I’m so sorry And he was so nice
you guys He was like, I want to thank you For coming here to Riyadh And doing all of
these shows It was so beautiful to see everyone
having such an amazing time From the little children in attendance All the way to the elderly people with
a cane Everyone had an amazing time… Everyone It was beautiful, ok? Beautiful Religious
people… Laughing Religious police… Laughing They don’t laugh at shit I want you to understand how big this is There was an American here Entertaining people from Middle East There was no violence, no bloodshed No problems Everybody was smiling Everybody was getting along It is possible An American was here… An American was here He kept saying American… American,
American Freakin’ ten years being called a Latino comic I had to go all the way around the
world to finally get called American I was excited! I was like, say it again American! And then I had the most surreal conversation I have ever had with a person… He looks at me and he says I want to thank you for everything… I want to invite you and your friends to come to my palace So that I may entertain you I’m like, Are you
freaking kidding me…? I am not getting invited to a palace by a prince Oh my god Up until this point, my only
experience with royalty Was a Burger King drive thru All of a sudden, one of those SUVs pulls up And a guy jumps out in a suit And I guess his favorite
word was please Cause that’s all he said… Please… Please… Please… Please… Please… Please… Please… I’m like, are you kidding me? There’s a man in a suit trying to get me in the back of a Lincoln Navigator And there’s a prince
inviting me to his palace I’m not gonna lie… I felt like a hot chick I was like, oh my God, let’s go Hurry up bitch, let’s go! We get to the front of his palace, you
guys I’m not gonna lie It didn’t look… like a palace The walls are really high… There’s barbed
wire around the entire property… And there’s two guys in the front with
machine guns I’m looking at this and I’m like This doesn’t look like a palace And I started thinking… What if I’m on some messed up episode of Middle Eastern Punk’d You know what I mean? You thought you go to palace, you to go prison, you’re Punk’d! Fortunately, the doors opened up And we drive in And then they closed And when we got outside, you guys What we saw was amazing Outside… Desert Inside… Palm trees, bushes, shrubs, a pond And he had exotic pets I know exotic pets Because I know what I have Over there… He’s got a tiger! Freakin zebra… Monkeys And he had a freakin boa constrictor I’m like, are you kidding me? Snakes, monkeys, a zebra and a tiger… Oh my god, that makes me Kung Fu Panda And I started thinking What if he
decides to keep me? It sounds messed up But let me explain As an American, you cannot just purchase an airline ticket To go to Saudi Arabia You have to be invited by a person of
power, you know? When I left Detroit to go over there I had to fill out a form that says I understand that i’m going to Saudi Arabia And should something happen to me… One of those things on the list being Kidnapping Conveniently right above Death America is not responsible The Prince could have actually… “You’re mine” Two weeks later… Now he’s showing someone else
around, right? That is my snake, that is my zebra That is my Mexican… That is my tiger… Keep me inside of some little box that says Jibril But it never happened… And we’re walking around And I actually pulled him aside for a second I said listen uh… I gotta tell
you something Well you tell me I… I need to apologize What did you do? I didn’t do anything… I just want to apologize… For coming here With the wrong mentality I says unfortunately I thought that uh… You know, because it is the Middle East I thought you guys were going to be
rude And everybody’s been nothing but nice Ahhh? I know I didn’t think you guys
were going to speak English so well and And understand, you know, so many references
and you guys get everything Ahhh? I know! I thought you guys were going to throw
rocks… But you were funny… What? Never mind… 2 out of 3 So we’re walking And he’s showing me this and that And I’m just kind of like looking around, I
thought it was great And then I saw something that freaked me out We’re walking in the direction Of a giant cage And when I saw the cage, I stopped I was like uh… Uh… What’s with the cage? Take a look Great… So I walk over towards
the cage And I look inside And I notice that there’s birds in there And I was like ah, ok,
cool. It’s a birdcage He got all offended That’s not regular birds… Those are falcons I go ok, you have a lot of falcons We use the falcons for hunting You hunt falcons? No no no no no… Each falcon is
very expensive 100,000 US dollars They are trained We go out and we shoot a
little animal And we send a falcon to retrieve Would you like to see? No no no no no no… I got little dogs, I don’t wanna… Bye Bruno Before I know it, here comes the other
guy Please… Please… Please… And he goes inside the cage And he puts on this leather
glove that comes up to his elbow And he starts getting one of the Falcons I’m watching him do this and I noticed All the Falcons are on these purches about this high And there’s about 15 in a row And they all have hoods… Covering their
eyes And I asked him Why do they have hoods on their eyes, man? They look like little hostages Shit! I’m sorry bro I’m sorry I meant no disrespect by
that man… Seriously No disrespect… It was a slip And he was
cool I understand Middle East… Hostage… So the other guy comes out And he’s got
a falcon with him And he’s got a glove And he hands me the glove And I put it on… And he transfers his Falcon to my arm And uh… All of a sudden, he starts doing
snapping things And he’s basically showing me that the Falcon’s trained And I
thought that was great I thought we we’re going to kill something I’m like nooo, but we were just playing with the falcon And I started getting excited, you know? And the more excited I got, the
more the Prince started showing his age Cause then he got excited I’m like, this is great It is great Yeah this is so cool So cool I’m like God, you’re so lucky to have so many falcons I am so lucky Would you like a falcon? So matter-of-fact, like… Would you like a cookie? Would you like a falcon? Same way! I’m like, are you kidding me? Don”t give me a
falcon that can retrieve things Shoot, you think I’m lazy now… Hell no Don’t give me, oh no uh uh I wouldn’t even leave the house I’d be at the front door… Donuts And who the hell is gonna watch my
Falcon when I’m up here performing? I I can’t leave it with my buddy Martín in
the back You know he would abuse it Take it to
some nightclub Try to hook up with it… The red head

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