100 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Talks Potential MMA Fight | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

  1. Real boxing times died long time ago.. Nowadays this dwarfs fight just for money and with that been said which is btw a fact, the real boxing feeling and everything about it is lost and gone long time ago, and we people who watch them we are actually their money and what they are giving to us for return – NOTHING ! – … Its crazy and this is all about enterpenuering whole humanity .. i mean … two dwarfs fighting for big money from the crowd ( us, all people) … Back in the good days this kind of fights wouldn't even get half of the arena filled with crowd … And If u want to watch epic boxing thesedays that is AJ and Wilder, two big men Clashing … these dwarfs like Floyd made a lot of money just for himself and didnt do anything humanitarian … And he want's even more .. I mean 1B $ is a small check for me too … 😀

  2. dont underestemate mr floyd here he is like 10 times the cardio beast nate diaz is. as far as i know khabib and conner have this empty fual gab in there fights. floyd ofc will make a chance against them if he plays smart wich he always does. now as for the red hat and the stuff that comes out of his face i dont like it very much but i think the guy is a great fighter

  3. Floyd has better hand game than anyone in the ufc they would just try to bull rush Floyd over and over trying to go to the ground and get punished most of these ufc fighters are bar room brawlers who don’t mind getting fucked up they aren’t smart fighters they’re just out there

  4. Floyd is very entertaining/charismatic and with his legendary boxing career he will certainly put asses in seats. Hope Dana, Showtime, HBO, and everyone else gets on board and gets him in that cage

  5. Floyds a fucking pussy his team wants modified rules! No shoes No kicks no elbows no take downs, only clinching! He needs to stay where he is, RETIRED!! He know’s Conor McGregor will fuck his little ass up in the octagon! It’s fucked up it’s basically just another boxing match in the octagon!

  6. Floyd finna get kill🤣it’s not worth it. Konor already wants revenge lmaoooo GET THE STRAP

  7. Floyd Mayweather can make it to the octagon, he just has to strictly practice his grappling and ground game.

  8. Floyd is not! Nor even close to the best boxer of all time. His fights were all fixed in his favour. He never ever fought a fight that he had an equal. Now he talks shit on MMA get in the octagon with someone at his weight,with UFC rules . No stipulation to favour him in the fight. Just man to man with an equal. Out come he gets knocked the fuck out first round

  9. May weather is a smart businessman. Even if he loses, he wins (money up the wazoo). He has nothing to lose, it's not like he's going start a new career in MMA. Win or lose he benefits from the fight.

  10. Please please PLEASE NEVER Return to fight again floyd mayweather jr, you had a chance to make a great future for boxing and all ive seen is unfair , no integrity morals or principles. Dont mess up mma now with ur BS. Drama bro you truly truly suck stay away

  11. He'll get his head cracked in half like a coconut. A boxer doesn't really bear the possibility of dying in the ring, an MMA fighter does.

  12. What the hell did I just listen too? Floyd Money Mayweather is Stepping into the octagon with no martial art background and expects an easy fight with killers? Floyd says (it could be against Conor we don't know) what do you know Money? You want an easy mma FIGHT well sorry to say it you aint getting it. Get ready for KICKS, ELBOWS, KNEES, CLINCHING, THROWS, TAKEDOWNS, SUBMISSIONS, AND GROUND AND POUND 👊👊😵😰

  13. You Mayweather fans are about to see this man bleed. McGregor is a true fighter. Mayweather is just a boxer. Once McGregor knocks Floyd unconscious, the sport of boxing will be dead. UFC is the future. Boxing is the past

  14. I respect him so much. He's trying to crossover to the octagon. That's awesome! Congrats and much luck Mayweather. But why no more boxing? That's like the only sport I like and watch. lol

  15. Floyd Mayweather is business man. he knows he can make lots of money by fighting in mma.
    if he fights conor mcgregor in mma. conor mcgregor fans,mma fans,Floyd Mayweather haters will there to watch Floyd Mayweather get beaten up by conor mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather fans will be there to watch him win.
    win or lose Floyd Mayweather will make lots of money for his match in mma.

  16. Floyd Mayweather is the 🐐 their is no1 on his level in the past,present or future. No more talk…….

  17. I wish bruce lee was alive he would've killed Mayweather in that ring at 77 and make it look easy

  18. Personally If I were Floyd, I would stick to Boxing especially at the age he is now, you're trying to step into unknown territory. This is when pride goes before destruction and a "haughty spirit" before a fall (Proverbs 16:18), I'd quit while I'm ahead, but then again, I'm not Floyd lol. I wish him the best in his quest to the UFC

  19. All mayweather has to do to beat Connor is not get kicked 😂 dude couldn’t be touched by the fastest hands on the planet, what makes you think connors gonna be able to hit him?😂, and everyone keeps talking about wrestling and shit, Connor CANT wrestle, when he tried to wrestle he got submitted 😂, and he also can’t grapple 😂, it’s literally just the same fight with smaller gloves and with kicks 😂….and if y’all want some logic Holly Holm beat Ronda Rousey and Rounda was on of the best grapplers and wrestles we’ve seen, and Holly could box. Y’all saw what happened. And Connor can’t even grapple😂😂 what makes you think he gonna do anything to Mayweather?

  20. He would get rocked in Ufc but if there is a fight between him and conor it will be his biggest payout ever even if he loses so why not?

  21. There's only one fight Floyd Money Mayweather should have and that's Tripple G.Outside of that match the fans that love him and boxing would only be getting robbed.Floyd Mayweather vs Tripple G.Yes Yes and Yes.The fans and the sport itself deserve it

  22. And… it has been pretty quiet. Because any UFC fighter on the roster, would destroy Floyd. He is a boxer, and needs to stick to what he is great in. An MMA fighter boxing, is not the same as a boxer fighting MMA. There is no one to break the clinch, when they grab you… they got you.

  23. Please go to the UFC so I can watch your ego get beaten into the fucking floor mats. Floyd will literally get mauled like khabib did to McGregor pleasseeee floyd go to mma so i can pay to watch you get fucked up

  24. If he ever fights in UFC. There will be stipulations. Like no take downs.elbows.or kicks.etc. that's the only way he'll fight

  25. Can't wait to see mayweather step into a new world and get his shit ROCKED. He would be demolished by the worse of the ufc


  27. I like to see this legend fight in the boxing ring again! Why not really! didn't like when he said I wont box again!!👎👎👎

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