Flow State For Fighters: Boxing Drill (5 of 5) – Number Sequence

(keymonkey) – Okay, so this is the last video. Oh no! For flow state for fighters. We’ve just learned a boxing drill and we’ve built it with using your awareness of the rate
of perceived exertion, both the person that’s doing the punching and the person that’s
doing the pad holding. We also did nasal breathing. We taped up Alex’s mouth to
make sure he was forced into putting himself into the flow
state through the breath. Then we did the Muse with the EEG device, so we had Alex put on the EEG device here and we forced him to be internally aware, to keep himself calm under the pressure that I was putting him under. The manageable pressure,
as in that number seven for the rate of perceived exertion. I was pushing him at the seven. He was keeping himself at the seven. Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add in a number sequence. So this number sequence, we all know when you’re
in the flow state that you have a transient hypofrontality, okay, so that’s parts of the
brain lessened in activity. But because of this
sport you’re undertaking, you still have activation
of the frontal lobe to some extent. So what we’re gonna do
is I’m gonna make sure that Alex is fully engaged,
he’s present in this drill. ‘Cause he’s done it now, he knows how to do this boxing drill. So what I’m gonna do is be a true friend, some people may call me
an asshole because of it, and I’m gonna push him a little bit harder by asking him to do a number sequence. We’ve done it before. Number sequence is 10, one,
nine, two, eight, three, all the way down and back up. Alex will demonstrate. Okay, here we go. So same boxing drill. Off you go. – 10, one, nine, two, eight, three, seven, four, six, five, five, six, four, seven, three, eight, two, nine, one, 10. Two, nine, three, eight, four, seven, five, six, six, five, seven, four, eight, three, nine, two, 10, one. – Perfect, okay, so, that there is another way of learning that boxing combination,
that fighting combination, to get you into the flow state. Remember, when you are training, you want to think of training
as a meditation if you like, a fighter’s meditation. What happens is you’re present. With boxing, with most martial arts, if you’re not present
you’re gonna get hit. If you’re thinking about
what your girlfriend’s doing, what your wife’s doing, what you’re having for dinner later on, you’re not present, you’re gonna get hurt. Boxing is a good way of
forcing you to be present. So when you’re training,
even holding the pads, you want to set yourself
up with that intention. So this drill is designed, like the other levels of this drill, to force you into a meditative state, to force you into flow. And when you’re in flow,
everything is just awesome. I hope you liked this video series. If you didn’t, why did you watch this far? Okay, so thanks again and we’ll
see you in some more videos. Ciao. (keymonkey)

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