Flow State For Fighters: Boxing Drill (4 of 5) – Setting Intention

(“Before You Burn” by Keymonkey) – I’m Wilson Meloncelli,
this is Alex Snow, we’re in BOX 1 GYM, Rak City UAE. We have, if you’ve already
watched the previous videos, we have a drill to get
fighters into the flow state. It’s a basic boxing drill,
and what we’ve done is, is we’ve layered it. Previous videos talked about
the Rated Perceived Exertion we spoke about nasal breathing and forcing Alex to
breath through his nose by keeping his mouth up. We used an EEG device called a Muse to again, allow him to develop this inner awareness of his self to keep his self calm under pressure, which I was inflicting with this drill. Now what we’re gonna do, is I’m gonna briefly touch on setting your intention for when
you’re gonna train, setting an intention
whether you’re gonna get into anything for flow, okay? And this will reflect onto previous videos that I’ve done on the meditation of flow. Now if you’re a fighter don’t think shit, I’m no listening to
this, I don’t want to meditate, if you’re a fighter of any level you are already meditating,
whether you know it or not. And I’m gonna explain it pretty easily, and this will lead us into how
you’re gonna use intention. You’re gonna sit and relax, okay? And you’re gonna focus on your breathing. Step one, when you’re breathing, clams yourself down, in your mind you’re gonna, close your eyes obviously, and think of a time when you were fighting in the zone, or in flow. You’ve gotta picture yourself
doing that in your mind, okay? And then what you’ll
notice is, is that you feel a certain way, you
actually feel yourself being in flow at that time. Your body’s releasing those same neurotransmitters and hormones as if it’s actually happening. You’re working with your subconscious mind to get you into that
state, pretty cool right? So that’s the three steps, and then the meditation part comes into you’ve just done that visualization, you’ve felt that feeling in your body and you just sort of, soak up the glory of being in flow at that time, okay? Now with that intention, this is how we go into the training. So before starting the drill, or before coming into the dojo or the gym, you’ve already thought of your best times of being in the flow state, you’ve set that intention
for being in flow. So as I’m speaking, Alex
has probably thought of some times where he was maybe doing it for boxing, or maybe in football. So he’s thought of a time
here he was in the flow, or in the zone playing
football, or boxing. And even just by thinking
about that, his body’s reacting as if it’s actually happening. That’s the intention set. Pretty straightforward, you do it anyway, people daydreaming this is daydreaming with intention, this is
daydreaming for fighters. Okay so now that he has summoned that up inside his system, we go
and do the same drill. (boxing gloves slapping) Perfect. So that’s setting the
intention for fighters, setting the intention
for going into the ring, setting the intention
for going into the gym, it’s the same. I hope you enjoyed that video, and I’ll see you in
one more in this series coming up soon. (“Before You Burn” by Keymonkey)

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