Flow State For Fighters: Boxing Drill (2 of 5) – TAPE THE MOUTH

(keymonkey) – How ya doing, this is video
two of the boxing combination to get fighters into the flow state. Again, I’m with my friend
Alex Snow in RAK City. This is Box 1 Gym, the best gym in RAK. So we’re gonna layer the
drill that we just did. Just to recap what we did, we did this. We did slip, cross, hook,
cross, slip, hook, cross, hook. And then we repeated
that and kept layering it and layering it and layering it and building, building, building, okay? So what we did explain in a previous video is something called the
rate of perceived exertion, one being easy, 10 being difficult. To get yourself into flow
on a consistent basis, think of yourself tuning into a seven, not only Alex but also me. Now you may be thinking, what’s got up with Alex’s mouth there? He’s got some tape on his mouth. Well, you’d be correct in observing that. Why I’ve got Alex’s mouth
taped up is I want to force him to breathe in and out
through his nose, okay? Nasal breathing is known to help with releasing more nitric
oxide into your system. When you release more nitric
oxide into your system, it’s a vasodilator, opens
up the blood vessels, helps the flow of blood,
increases the oxygen, and well, you can imagine
in a fighting situation, it’s quite handy to have. Another thing to think about as a fighter, a lot of people that are training probably train with their mouth open, breathing in and out through your mouth. And if you’re in a boxing
ring or an MMA fight and you get your mouth open,
say goodbye to your jaw and think about what I’m gonna eat, what kind of soup I’m gonna eat for the next couple of months, okay? So keeping your mouth closed is important, so think of it in two levels like that, and then actually add
another level onto it. When you breathe, especially
through your nose, you’re working your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. In the flow state, there’s a coherence between the sympathetic
and the parasympathetic. When you breathe in, sympathetic. When you breathe out, parasympathetic. This is a powerful tool to allow Alex to maintain being in a flow
state during this activity. So the drill’s triggering him into flow. The rate of perceived exertion
is triggering him into flow, and also now, as a friend
does, I tape his mouth up, so now his breathing keeps
him in the flow state. So we’re just gonna go through the drill with nasal breathing. Okay, same thing. (gloves slapping) Time, perfect, okay, so that’s the boxing drill
with nasal breathing. Stay tuned for the next video. (keymonkey)

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