[FLCL] Haruko’s boxing glove

Oh, Takkun! No! The horn! It’s the horn! No… Takkun keeps kissing me over and over. That’s not true. It’s because of the horn. Muku-muku, pyon-pyon, muku-muku,
pyon! I can’t forgive you, Naota. You were hiding from your father… muku-mukuing and pyon-pyon! But that’s not the point. I get it, Naota. We must duel for Haruko’s affections! I’m all for it! Haruko, I’ve got your weapon right here!

13 thoughts on “[FLCL] Haruko’s boxing glove

  1. I just realized what a great job the English dub did imitating these voices. I really thought for a moment it was the English voice actors!

  2. Okay I know this is a reference to Lupin III but for the life of me I cannot find the bleeding clip!

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