Hi my name is Adam Bowling, I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. We’re going to be showing you a Tiger
Technique now. One of the techniques that Tamo would have taught one of the students.
Okay. What I’m doing here is the akuro. The akuro is designed to be a block and a strike
at the same time moving the arm. Once I set my foot down, this is what you called a Cat
Stance. My foot is strategically placed so, so that if there is a movement forward, here’s
a easy strike to the groin. This hand is going to come back down now because there is no
wasted movement, opening up into the tiger claw. The tiger claw opens hits with a palm
into the jaw, moving the jaw, raking the ear, sliding back, chambering up for a block, hiding
behind the knee in case there is a further attack, then I’m bringing my moment, I’m down
and then up into him, hands face center so that I’ll be able to push, not only striking
his body, but striking more directly his lungs. If I still choose I can grab him. Keeping
him from falling very far. If I hit him and he goes to slide back, I can have him here.
He can’t go very far with the tiger claw. Thank you sir.

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