Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Tiger Fighting Style in Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi my name is Adam Bowling, I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. I’m here to talk to you about the aspects
of the Tigery Style. Tamo develop the five animals in mind that everyone is not the same
styles. Keeping this in mind, he knows that the tiger was also a larger animal than most
of the other animals and the tiger’s techniques would not be something that a smaller person
would be able to use. The tiger was use as a more of a bone-crushing, breaking, pinning
to the ground type of technique. The tiger’s techniques were head on, they were for someone
who is stronger, and fast and the techniques often show that, for example we do a technique
called tiger on guard, tiger crouches, tiger strikes to the throat. Tiger strikes to the
throat is a straight on attack. That aspect, this aspect of tiger shows that the person
that I’m going to be coming against is either smaller than me or close to my size. This
is not a technique you would do to someone who is much bigger than you. This would be
a risky technique for someone who’s small on a bigger person.

75 thoughts on “Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Tiger Fighting Style in Shaolin Martial Arts

  1. did he just did a karate kid crane pose then bust out tiger at the end?;p lol this dude make me laugh ain't tiger suppose to aggrevise and taking people ears off and ripping at the end of the mouth

  2. actually, traditional kung fu has no ranking system like that, sashes and belts have been adapted for Americans mostly

  3. Christian martial arts are real. There are actually quite a few Christian martial arts schools around, mine is one of them!

  4. I see what you mean. I suppose I was merely pointing to the traditional shaolin method of rank; novice, advanced, disciple, master, grand master. I know what you are talking about now. As for Christian martial arts: This does not imply a different fighting art. It is the philosophical and moral system that is different. Some also replace strict meditation with prayer and Bible study. It is a way to connect the spiritual part of the art to those who are Christian and not Buddhist or Taoists etc.

  5. Actually traditional martial arts are taught with a great deal of moral obligations, all Christian martial artists do is use the Christian moral system and beliefs instead of converting to Taoism, Buddhism, or any other eastern religion. The techniques are not changed but rather explored for their effectiveness and taught as realistic techniques. At least this is true in my school.

  6. I see your point. However in my particular style we still teach deadly techniques. In fact Buddhist beliefs are very similar to Christian in this aspect. The idea is to only use such techniques in absolute necessity. We have a multitude of strikes and techniques that could kill, self control and knowing the situation is key. This is also not unlike traditional arts. I can only speak for my style however. Thanks for the input! God bless…Peace

  7. Religion has nothing to do with technique or the purpose of the teaching. He is a Christian yes but he is not preaching the word of god, he is just showing a form of selfdefense, exercise, or anyway you want to use it. Nothing to do with religion.

  8. martial arts were used for war in ancient trivial times by asians who had the necessity of defending themselves. now a days they are not necessarily used for this purpose. I bet missionaries are teaching martial arts to save their people from becoming defenseless fatties. I believe the bible sends the head of the house (the man) to guard it with his life. I dont suppose him to do that by preying to cast the enemy away. fighting is necessary in some cases.

  9. So let me get this stright, a christian martial artist is teaching a martial art that came from buhhadism. The world makes sence now!

  10. *sense.
    He is a christian learning kung fu that doesn't necessarily mean he is practising buddhism, not worshiping another god therefore he is not going against the christian religion.
    Need to know your stuff.

  11. This guy is selling some faked Karate and TKD with weird looking stances and movements from some kung Fu movie as "5 Animal Shaolin Kung Fu"…

  12. A very well done explanation on the various animal styles, Thank you. A true fighter of any art know to study the style of other fighters and to implement their techniques into their own style. One who is a black belt is one who has finally realized how much he has to learn. One who is a master is one who has come come to understand he learns more by loosing then by winning and with great understanding comes great power. If one wishes to be a great martial artist first one must learn to learn.

  13. @welcome2my2ndlife I have been doing Martial arts Seh style, for the past 10 years, since I was 8. Martial arts, is not just self defence. It is a method of life which is why the shaolin Monks where the creators of Kung Fu. Who are also known as Buddhist Monks. One of the Buddhist a Dama, created Tai Chi which is a branch of Kung Fu, which is a way of Buddist belief a Religion. So before you insult someone based off his or her knowledge or in your terms lack of. Look it up. Have a nice day.

  14. @GypsyDemon77 Agreed, I attend a Kung Fu school here in TN, the school has been here for about 39+ years. We have 8 animal styles, And I am a practitioner of Tiger, and I use alot of knee strikes as well as the tiger claw and other weapons.

  15. …tiger equals a style for big people? dude try atleast thinking before you speak. it was developed in China. are the people in china very big? not exactly 🙂
    the tiger style rely on strenght and simply attacks to inflict as much pain as possible to the enemy. the part of the body they aim for is usually the throath.
    fanatic christians… they always mess up.

  16. @xansheng
    we dont even know if he reallys know kungfu…
    anyone can do some crappy moves like him.

  17. WTF, so they have a mosh of styles and systems – I guess so, because he is wearing a Karate black belt. He also has full range of Japanese weapons on the wall.

  18. the first image when i have see him is WOW!! JESUS CHRIST!
    Expert village are veritable bull shite! all of the video are shite!

  19. @joelakastud123 I can name many martial arts techniques that don't work in a real fight such as crane kicks and the dim mak.

  20. @Crystil17
    Buddhism** and Catholicism have nothing to argue about, one is a religious dogma and the other is a philosophical perspective on life.

  21. @XxWolfDeathGodxX lol I'm sorry what were you referring, which comment ? ,sorry cuz i can't help it to laugh when i see this..

  22. @XxWolfDeathGodxX Oh i see every time i see this it reminds to get drunk idk about you. as for me fighting is fighting i seen midget take on big people before so , idk what the deal with super sizing in fight's crap he trying to say.

  23. hey folk,just because your from a different family does mean you can say thats not a tiger tech,in fact it is a tiger tech tiger catchs the lamb is what it is called.the only thing i dis agree with is that you can use it against larger opps.because you would direct your strike to vital areas and the claw also rips, so size is irrelevent.

  24. martial arts doesn't belong to any religion any race or any gender, but to anybody who wants to learn. justtt saying

  25. he's making an eagle claw, as opposed to a tiger claw when doing the throat attack…smart man still.

  26. A lot of techniques look the same. I have seen Sifu's explanation of a snake block and a crane block look the same… just saying…

  27. He says that you cant be small to use tiger, I would have to disagree, depending on how you use the techniques, it doesnt really matter what size you are, I have several students who are small and use tiger very well.

  28. Jesus and religion do not belong in Shao Lin practice. Nor do they belong in the martial arts. They're not going to turn you in to some 'protector from heaven'. There wasn't a need to mention the christian martial art group or whatever he's from. That's completely irrelevant.

    I also strongly feel that this guy isn't an expert. He may know basics, but Shao Lin takes many, many, many, years to master. It's a lifelong practice, and a daily routine. Not just some movement.

  29. what is everybody's freaking problem!? the guy was just introducing himself and saying the name of the martial arts school that he comes from. do you prefer him saying, "hi, im a random guy, and i represent some school." ? do you prefer him acting like a rude douchebag? and that this video was only dealing with martials arts. if someone has some issue with religion, then they can go and take thier biased hate somewhere else. 

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