Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Snake Techniques in Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi my name is Adam Bowling. I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. This would be an example of a technique
would use be used by a Snake Stylist. Snake would be at to circle out, striking the top
of the foot to create a pressure point, then a circle to block the punch. The punch would
be preceded by a strike, a inverted palm low and then a kick and then a circle out. The
snake would never attack directly and would always be apt to move in circular movements
around the opponent or away from the opponent, what calls of a Snake Stylist styles. Thank

33 thoughts on “Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Snake Techniques in Shaolin Martial Arts

  1. many of the martial arts experts on Expert Village, I dont like, the techniques always seem un practiacal or just plain dumb. This guy is keeping his guard down way too much, and is moving his arms in wide circles, exposing pressure points. I love watchin traditional Kung Fu forms, but this is 2009 we have to bring some practicality to the techniques.

  2. i suppose, this is a demo and how to, i guess when u actually perform the moves, it'll get better for yourself, idk

  3. Ummm yeah. There is more than one 'Snake Fist (She Quan)' style, but to the extent of my knowledge, the efficiency of all the Snake Style techniques comes from precision and speed. So he uses his palm and finger tips to strike vulnerable areas such as nerves, blood vessels and tendons.

  4. i wonder….if he puts his fingers lined out into his enemys throuth arn't he then most likely gonna break them?
    sorry for nub english:D

  5. why are expert village videos made by the most obvious hacks in every discipline? i mean, even besides martial arts.

  6. @alion06 yeah, but this is a style of kung fu called the five families, which is dragon, snake, crane, tiger, and leopard

  7. all of you are so ignorant there is nothing wrong with what this young teacher is trying to do and so what if he does it for his lord at leat not out of rage and anger all of you really do not know the true meaning of respect

  8. Sure people are rude in their comments. But can you really blame them for thinking this guy is horrible with self defense? I feel sorry for his students. He's going to get them injured if they ever have to fight. I'm not saying this to be funny. But this is really not any good at all…

  9. Allan, thank you for your informative videos on the basic principles of each style. As a stick-fighter it's always a pleasure to round out my understanding and application of basic martial movements while using the baton. Here with Snake style I can see the use of circular avoidance, left hand to mask my attacks, and and varying the levels of attack. Re: your critics; they have huge blindspots in understanding the principles of martial arts, turning themselves into losers. Keep going!

  10. Shaolin started with 5 animals and more were aded later has different styles diverged from the original. You are right though that he describes all the animals very similarly, note that none of them attack directly – they all attack circularly. I enjoyed the one on leopard though.

  11. What's wrong here is that he is teaching snake style improperly. To begin with, snake style has plenty of direct strikes. For another, he uses a crane technique, his beloved "occaroo," in a snake demonstration, which is more than a little weird. Besides that, his form is pitiful. The snake fist requires a straight wrist, so that the elbow to the fingertips form a straight line. But barring all that, you assume that traditional kung fu is born from rage. For that, I loathe you.

  12. i love all of the expert village martial arts tutorials but this guys. he always looks sloppy, never shows the same move on the video, and seems to be very forced rather than the easy flow of the other experts.

  13. can this be any more ridiculous? hes teaching kung fu while wearing a gi and a black belt, along with all the okinawan kobudo weapons on the wall..

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