Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Dragon Techniques in Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi my name is Adam Bowling, I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. This is an example of the Dragon’s Technique.
Begin. Remember the dragon moves in angles, turning, trapping, striking, twisting the
stance. The opponent did not expect a strike after a step out. But the step is followed
with a dragon palm and then an elbow. Still keeping hold of the first initial trap with
the arm, I can lock this arm out with my shoulder here. From here, I can use my knee taking
him down here and then he’s lock down here, turn, striking a pressure point, one of the
vital points here. This is an example of a dragon.

26 thoughts on “Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Dragon Techniques in Shaolin Martial Arts

  1. Kung Fu isn't about groundwork. It is all about striking, blocking, and keeping constant motions. You will never see a Kung Fu master who has any respect for the art at all on the ground. I feel sorry you have to go off the bauched versions of martial arts on UFC.

  2. Please dont group the rest of us in with this guy he makes me cringe his dragon is insulting and his tiger is worse and yes his moves are taught to 1st years 2nd at best

  3. Ok man you obviously have nothing better to do than copy and paste this message on all of his videos. It is tru his kung fu is not traditional, the only thing he said religious related was his title, which was the name of the group which expert villiage hired to make these videos. and honestly, he has the right idea of his techniques, there are a little different than the traditional style, but martial arts are for the students to make their own.

  4. @pigsrockmyak47 Actually, and this is gonna make you feel really stupid, the five animals are Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Snake, and Dragon. Those five animal were sacred, and they originate from the Henan Shaolin Temple.

  5. BASS is right, the original "five animal fist" was the aforementioned animals, but all the ones mentioned by 'pigsrockmya' are decent fine upstanding styles. We have to remember that over a 3000 year unrecorded history, some things are just going to not add up. I have an authentic manual of the style of The Bear and The Cock. Bizarre.

  6. Hello, I agree with your point very much so. In fact id take it one stage further and say that there is no such thing as a kung fu fighting style. The phrase and use has been contaminated since it was introduced to westerners 70 years ago or whenever it was. (MORE CONTINUED…)

  7. @IuseAudi wow much bigotry in your comment? look if they want to have a christian martial arts then fine let them. there are a lot of buddhist kung fu schools out there do you rip them a new one? oh no but because these guys happen to have a association of fellow like minded Christians they must be trying to exclude someone… kkk is evil because they say they are the greatest. these guys are not saying muslims or buddhist are evil or worse at kung fu. Dont be a moron and go off half cocked.

  8. this is not sholin or hung gar kuen this is hung style dragon nor any other of these video are sholin or hung gar animals….i know i take hung gar tiger and crane gung fu.

  9. I love watching these videos, they show how much attention to detail you need while doing martial arts. Really interesting.

  10. Adam: thanks for this video. As a stickfighter, I see simply striking a target is not enough. The first palm strike disrupts the attacker's actions, and each defense then breaks down the attacker's structure. This reminds me to consider the attacker as a whole, and to disrupt their movements and disable their structure, preventing the attacker from countering.

  11. Only in your small closed mind. The Christian Martial Arts Association has been around for a long while now, and is probably older than you are. So the only thing to laugh at is your own ignorance.

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