Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Dragon Fighting Style in Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi my name is Adam Bowling. I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. Okay, we’re going to talk now about aspects
of the dragon style. Dragon Stylist would have been probably the biggest person in a
group to do this style. The style is characterized by lots of traps, trapping the arm. Your modern
day grappler would probably be considered more of a Dragon Stylist. Dragon Stylists
were not very fast so they have to be elusive. A dragon would never come at you in a direct
line. Most of the time the dragon would always move in angles. If you look at a lizard’s
footprints in the sand, they’re all diagonal. But they would be going in a straight direction
so that the image for whatever that lizard’s prey is, is that he’s going to the right,
and then he’s going to the left and not straight. But before the prey figures that out is too
late. A lot of times a Dragon Stylist would move blocking, trapping the arm, striking,
moving, turning the knee, striking, inverting the fist, blocking, turning, stepping, stepping,
stepping, moving so that I’m not coming at you with a straight line. I’m moving at you
in angles, and all is wanting to strike on the outside or the inside of the centerline.
Sometimes striking center, most of the time striking angles, the cause of the low speed.
This is what typified a Dragon Style.

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  1. @bowser8375 For the record I am a Instructor but not a Sifu. I am only a 1st degree BB. Not a even close to a master but I have been training long enough to recognize authentic vs made up crap. I would be all up for a friendly match by the way. I am just not a big fan of senseless violence.

  2. @shifudominguez Nope, I am not one of those persons. I do run into that alot and even have had to school some TKD blackbelts on how to kick and punch properly. THey come in thinking they know it all and then have to be retrained. It is a long process.

  3. Kung Fu lives in everything we do, how we treat people and 'fight', when you fight with Kung Fu it is to bring peace by ending the conflict with skill and end it fast before the enemy gets out of hand and destroys happyness,and you can be a crhistian and learn Kung Fu… i am Christian with Buddhist aspects of the belief in Chi and Discipline

  4. @thiefguy852 Tiger and Dragon are similar in many ways, but also completely different once you get more into it. For example, Dragon has an internal bias and Tiger has an external bias. Snake and Crane are similar too, but again are completely different when you get into

  5. Seeing as the stances are non flowing and completely not correct at all… Sorry but jesus can keep his black belt, because Shaolin is a devote form of Buddhism…

    Regardless this guy is a crock of shite…

  6. Not a Chinese Martial Art. Did you see all of the Okinawan weapons on the wall. His stances are not Gung Fu and are probably based on Karate and he is trying to fool those who don't know better into believing he actually has studied Gung Fu. Try learning Hung Gar where the stances are low and practiced for years to strengthen you and perfect them of Northern Shaolin where the stances are fast and flowing neither of which you display. If you teach Karate then call it Karate.

  7. err poojammyjam, I believe you are incorrect.

    What is wrong with doing certain activities within your own community? Afterall diversity in itself demands that cohesion be a factor in keeping a community together. If you feel comfortable within a certain group, it is totally a right to stay within that group.

  8. @RemBot2000
    Thing is Christian martial arts seems like a try at teaching young men philosophy of christianity, a lot of interest is generated there.
    Incidentally I swear I'm not biased, as a matter of fact I'm a Hebrew

  9. This is not what it claims to be. It's fundamentally dishonest and insulting. This in not Shaolin kungfu. People this unethical should not be setting themselves up as representatives of Christian organization. Christians who believe honesty and integrity are important should avoid this group entirely.

  10. @RemBot2000 I study Shaolin, and was DENIED access into studying with the Monks at Shaolinsi temple, because I was not Buddhist. i am Christian. Now how can you justify your comment, when I was told "NO Christians." I appreciate that you haven't said anything about Christianity as being bad, I do hope that you'll understand that I am not defending exclusiveness to associations, based on characteristics of oneself; I actually think it was set up like a YMCA, but i don't actually know?
    Thank you.

  11. @1115WOLF maybe becuase they discoverd the martial movements and want to perfect them before they hand out their secrets?

    same as why people dont hand out nuclear secrets
    own safety and want to get the upper hand first

  12. From what I see here is not dragon. But Tiger movements from the Tiger/Crane Form. This guy does look like he has just copied these movements either out of a book or a video and is now teaching them. Five animal sytems are both Northern and Southern. They do not where Black Belts it is not Japanese. It is Chinese and you should be wearing a sash. Shame on you for pretending to know something that takes years of training just to start to understand.

  13. Oh and i am practising for so many years.. and i consider my self a student.. ill always be one.. Cause great masters and masters will always be CHINESE people.. Even if u get to see americans or english that go by the name master.. "Master" my balls !

  14. @RemBot2000 Reminds me of the days prior to the 1960's when it was taboo, more or less, to teach KungFu to a non-Chinese. The only "Christian" martial arts club might be, for example, a karate club held at a local church for its congregation or parishioners who want to practice, etc. or perhaps as an outreach program for a particular community. Most Christian-based or Church-based activities are meant to attract new church members, etc.

  15. Were this guy anything other than a Christian, he wouldn't be getting so many bad comments. And the guy who says you have to be Chinese to be a Master … sheeyit

  16. Why is it a Christian martial arts club? What does being Christian have to do with martial arts?! An overwhelming number of martial arts (esp. one in this vid) have no christian influence at all, so…

  17. @RemBot2000 I don't think it is so. I've been in a Christian camp once without attending the church. It is all about behaviour there: you don't curse and drink, or bully. And they hope something in your life will change for the better. It is nice, safe and peaceful. And christians make all relate to Jesus, even martial arts. as I see. Just, if you have the chance, go and know them.

  18. Nothing wrong with the idea of a christian martial arts group. However he might be a christian, but he is NO martial artist.

  19. You guys read too deeply into things. It's not really a matter of "omg gtfo if u r not a Christian!"; lots of summer camps and other organizations are centered around religion and things like that. It's just a group of like-minded people that wish to relate, and in this case, they wish to relate with martial arts and their preferred religion. I don't think it was created in order to offend and/or shun anyone.

  20. Expertvillage videos are like a plague on youtube. It's never helpful.. it always looks like the person talking is a bit retarded or very slow at best.. it's just all completely horrible.

  21. @RemBot2000

    I come from a Christian Martial Art school. But I'm not Christian at all. It depends what you think.
    I doubt any of the foreigners that goes to the Shaolin temple in China are Buddhist. They are just there to learn Kung fu. It will only be wrong if this Instructor only accepts Christians which we don't know. But my main point is you need open-minded when it comes to learning things and respect other people's belief.

  22. was interested but lost interest once the word christian came up. anything christian even when I associated with my church spelled trouble. plus I just wanted to see what this was. I fight in a retarded(so for a lack of better word) looking on all fours way. well actually I start on all fours to move faster.

    @VITOLAURO1969 it totally should be. I would laugh so hard.

  23. Please "Expertvillage" be mindful of the videos you take unto your channel…this itself was one of the worst definitions of Dragon style I've seen. When did Damo go up to the monks with a measuring tape and be like "You are good for dragon because you're stocky and you are good for crane because you're lanky"….with the weapons in the background I would say he concentrated on TKD and amatuer at best in shaolin kung fu……check out EnterTaiChi page and watch the five animals demonstration

  24. Question: I thought Dragon style was up and down movements, while grapling was for Mantis style, which was made to counter other styles? I don't know, maybe the teaching varies.

  25. SINCE cain killed abel :). he used martial arts because martial arts means "art of war or art of foghting"

  26. this guy dosent know what he's talkin bout.look at the legendary bruce lee,his style before jeet kune do was dragon style wing chun. he attacked in a strait line almost half of the time

  27. Not bad. The styles of dragon wushu or any wushu can vary from master to master from region to region, from family style to family style. Principles are what make styles and principles are what separate styles. Principles are purest form of everything.

  28. What does he mean with that "Dragon stylest were not very fast, so they hado to be elusive". Is he saying that you had to had a specific type of body to practise these style? Also, if he is from a Christian martial arts assosiaciont, does that mean they don`t accept muslim/jewish/buddhist students?

  29. Ok if choy lee fut own muay thai there were to be videos about it. but there is none. The info came from choy lee fut instructor saying that Bruce lee stated say that it could beat Muay thai therefore its myth. not even wing chun it living by fighting muilti attacker…

  30. Ok This would be on news, but it's all myth. otherwise show me fact stating that? And i would highly doubt Bruce would get beaten by CLF when Bruce started MA started to evolved in to jkd. I'm trying to be the most biases of arts and real about this cause i studied kung fu arts and i feel traditionalist art are old and some what fantasy fighting it's still some what useful. i'vs studied ethic the book of five rings as a kyokshin practitioner also jkd books because i'm all about real selfdefance.

  31. Yes is the individual have to do its part in learning and train, cause it's a tool only .l but hardly see CLF in MMA or K1 why , maybe its fantasy and it wasted energy fighting against other arts. if you knew that in books in five rings you would know that.

    Ok i divide the art in two section a fighter and real self defense practitioner and considering myself a modern musashi but with Martial arts i study all strategist style like Bruce did not be the best but to understand real MA.

  32. Why can't you tell me tho, in where i can find the info and details? lately i haven't seen CLF beating a Muay thai person vids. i mostly see CLF throw there techniques out the window and use kickboxing to a Muay thai person. cause the movement are waste of time. it's just basic stuff

  33. I study various of styles like Musashi did to understand the basic stragy of fighting. I did TKD, boxing.kickboxing, snake and tiger kung gu. 8 step mantis. muay thai. yaw yan.judo,MMA. i could go on because i tried to understand every style strategy and conditioning.

  34. What a chi blast ? or kamehameha ? technique is technique i don't know what's so difference with or without gloves. it's all coming down to basic. i saw you light spar like i said it all come down to kickboxing with wasted movements, I've fight without glove and i touch people with my conditioning.

  35. Well i can't wait to find a CLF student or teacher to light/hard spar with them either way. because i'm about the truth in the kyoksuhin way/the book of five rings, including what Bruce teaching as well(CFL got no grappling but i will manage to use striking). you know he mix in a whole alot style together to be the best martial artist.

    I have even my own book of MA done and put down the basic drawn ans wrten, i even went to Vietnam to study and manage to find way to beat Muay thai strategist.

  36. I doubt that because ive heard a lot styles and have encyclopedia of books in my house that could prove you wrong and i show arts older then CLF that knew MMA.

    You sound like dude that told me wing chun has secret grappling movements. then i saw what he talking about it was just trapping and throwing people on the ground.

  37. Alright before i use to think Bruce was just an actor with some what MA knowledge. i done full on the research and stuff about Bruce lee. i think the modern Bruce would beat CLF so fast. but again you telling me the great Bruce got his ass hand by CLF, there something wrong about that.

  38. But then again you talk shit Muay thai being a inferoir art without facts, How's that make me stupid? I don't know whether to call you Christopher Columbus or Einstein gees

  39. Don't you know once you make assumption, you make an ASS of yourself. Well this baby got fact and would Beat your ass if it had the chance i have no time typing like a bitch in the internet when we just can do this. keep up and good luck with that jedi fantasy martial art you do. like let fight you ::does the snake fighting pose::

  40. People will see this comment and laugh at you. hahah your a Sifu ninja please. You praise criminal in your channel good luck on that Martial arts aren't about that.

  41. Mio…your weakness lies within yourself, you clutter information and try to master every technique but the true martial artist knows that just ONE perfect technique can beat several imperfect ones. Confucius once said…He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know. Do not fear the all knowing for they do not know every perfection instead they rely on perfecting only knowing.

  42. Lol, I chuckeled when I heard Bob. Christian and Kung Fu in one sentence. Here come the crusades! RUN! Run for Bob and is Wrath of God style Kung Fu!

  43. "The Christian Martial Arts Association". Holy shit that was funny. I was crying I laughed so hard. Isn't that an 'bad' thing to do according to New Age Christians?

  44. he lost when you said christian. whenever i hear a guy say he's a christian and studies kund fu especially shaolin i pretty much look at it like the person isnt really training with the true spirit of the art since shaolin kung fu is a buddhist practice. so that person will never understand the true purpose of the art

  45. tbh most of these comments are stupid. muy thai would never beat dragon style. they are to fast and illusive. dragon style is great for countering. not to mention it is aggressive and meant for crippling or maybe even killing if needed. there for muy thai would never win this fight.

  46. why are people making fun? is it because of his looks. But believe me passing comments from there sitting in front of your PC and eating potato chips won't turn him into a weakling. this Guy's definitely got some real skills

  47. This is not southern Shaolin but useless nothern. It takes a lifetime to learn each one of southern Shaolin animal style unless taught black dragon. And they never use belts in dhso
    In as in karate so this is a fake martial artist

  48. Even in slow motion demo his form is very poetic and disciplined. I dont even practice martial arts. But I did grow up on kung fu movies. Very nice.

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