Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Crane Fighting Style in Shaolin Martial Arts

Hi my name is Adam Bowling, I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to you
talk about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. Crane Style was a style that was develop,
keeping in my mind different body type that was long, lanky, skinny person who was very
tall would be more apt to be a crane stylist. The Crane Style is typified by a long movements,
circular moves, not coming in straight, and if come in straight with long strikes, so
thus to be able to move in and out very quickly. The Crane Style was often done in one leg.
The one leg was often a block. The crane block is also what people in Moi Tai would block
with. This is the same purpose. The Crane Style was the Moi Tai Block. Crane Style’s
would extend oftentimes striking long distances, moving their opponent back. Once their opponent
was back they would sweep circling out the way, striking. Strikes of this nature will
come in and that, they were narrow, and when strikes sensitive points of the body that
would call hit points. The Crane Technique mimic crane movements and that crane’s were
hunters, striking for fish, they had wings that they would use and they would move in
The Crane Style.

100 thoughts on “Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Crane Fighting Style in Shaolin Martial Arts

  1. Is there any video of you doing the actual "Shaolin Five Animal" Forms? If you teach this art, let's see the forms. After all, a Shaolin Five Animal practitioner had to have learned the forms because – they are the art! I'll look around for this.

  2. hahahahahaha "teaching christ centred martial arts" hahaha yeah well his technical skill is pretty much the equivalant of "turning the other cheek" hahaha, good on him though keeping the useless martial arts alive and honestly people being abviously very christian he wont have to use it, it's more like keeping a dying language alive. i say well done Adam but please dont try and be a hero.

  3. For a martial arts practionaire he is rather of balanced and in Muay thai the knee doesnt go up that high for blocks

  4. What is this? This is not "Hok Kune"! no of the principlals are present. No FaJing, no intercepts into strikes. Please people; do not be fooled: Do a search on here for "Hung Gar Tiger Crane" set. Nothing here resembles Crane from Hung Gar or 5 Ansestors, or even Fukien Whike crane or Tibetian Crane.
    Also his nonsense about it being fit for tall thin people is so wrong. Hung Gar is a Southern Chinses style chacterized by stockier shorter people using very low stances. Lam Sai wing was 240lb

  5. @SintaxMMA

    Dude, please, not here.

    You only have two cheeks and even then, all Martial Arts aren't geared towards actually hurting someone, but to evade or subdue.

  6. This guy probably learned recently the forms that communists created after the change in regiment. They don't teach real kung fu in china anymore, not even in Shaolin, you have to go to other areas like maybe Hong Kong but even they are now under Communist China control.

  7. uhhh Sanda is real kung fu… its pretty god damn effective. Sanda is more effective than Wing Chun. I think the problem lies with the fact that most TMAs are outdated and useless. Be it Five Style Animal kung fu to Aikido. If you don't hard spar, you'll never know how effective a style is. Sanda hard spars, Muay Thai hard spars, BJJ hard spars.

  8. do you guys think that you can see if someone is good by looking at the eyes and face? Btw i think this guy is lame:P

  9. Christian martial arts lol. Makes sense look at Jesus the instructor. Watch out for Jesus 's Crane style :p

  10. @DreDre2411 I agree with your intentions but you can't tell someone to "mature" and then follow that with "shut the fuck up".

    No use getting angry about things you can't affect. Let the children play. The men and women can handle themselves.

  11. certain videos like these in this series of video invoke strong emotions from traditional styles as well as mma because these guys clearly should not be teaching. there understanding of the techniques. the application, as well as executions of the technique is at its very best complete novice to no experience what so ever and they are making it up. That is hard for a lot of traditional people who put hundreds of hours in to learn, and this guys make a mockery of in a few mins.

  12. You are a fraud. Giving Christianity a bad rep. Making up things is not very "Christian".

    By the way – I am a Crane Fist Practitioner.

  13. OK, has any one noticed the Joke? They are supposedly teaching a CHINESE Martial Art and yet they only have JAPANESE Weapons on the wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT FUNNY OR WHAT???? What a JOKE.

  14. Crane Style doesn't have "long movements" and "lots of circles" (this sounds very similar to the Snake video, which is a HUGE warning sign)–it's close-range and VERY direct. And that "good for tall, lanky people" shit? The Crane style is popular for WOMEN because it focuses on PRECISION and EVASION, instead of physical strength.

    Plus, he has the balance of a newborn calf–it looks like a good poke could knock him over. Dead ringer that he's not good at the Crane Style.

  15. @swichboy47 I am a German-Native-American who apreciates Asian culture and have spent time trying to find "authentic" training in martial arts and have found it exsists only in the little shacks that few people know about that have the smell of sweat permanently stained into the carpet and on a cold night all windows are compleatly fogged over due to the intense training, this will not be found in any Kovars or "Christian martial arts accademy" or whatever the hell it is thats my opinion anyway

  16. I wonder what Mike Zambidis or a Pankration fighter would do if they saw this person in front of them using his Crane wings, beak and legs trying to intimidate them ?

  17. By the tone and attitude of these posts, Id have to say that most posters here could not be above the age of… hmmm maybe sixteen? Get a life guys. He is alright. definitely no master, but he does have some knowledge.

    I know some Buddhist Catholics, actually. I also have read about Confucian Christians. Its a big world, with lots of different ways of looking at it.

    Stop putting martial arts into a box. It is itself a microcosm of life, with many different perspectives.

  18. What is wrong with this? I have been studying Northern Styles of Shaolin for about 5 years now, such as Ba Gua, and it seems to me that he is very accurate in what he is teaching. Can anyone please let me know why you are so aggressive against this video? Is it his Religion? Or his accent? Does anybody know better than him? I hope not to insult anyone by this comment, but I disagree with those who say he is a fool.
    Thank you.

  19. @Sh00t1ngSt4r If you limit your mind to the ways in which you think, you go against what you've said. The term "Gong Fu" refers to the idea of doing anything with an artful poise/with intent of purpose in action. Drawing a picture could be considered "Gong Fu."Limiting your ideas of how Theology works, is in no way unlocking your mind. Secondly, I have been studying Northern ways of Shaolin for about 5 years. His Gong Fu doesn't suck. Do you know more than him? Why insult him for helping others?

  20. @1115WOLF You sound genuinely concerned for this gentleman. Firstly If you upload any video your material needs to be correct and artful. Considering you do not practice Hung Kuen you may not see what is so wrong about his instruction. To put it plainly he looks like (bad) karate imitating Kung fu. Secondly He has no understand of the forms he is explaining. He doesn't even demonstrate the proper direction of power with his stances " this TYPIFIES bad Kung Fu"!!!

  21. There are probibly SEVERAL different crane kungfu styles and he's doing one of them.
    and he isin't the worst I'v ever seen.

  22. @yulaw3 Awesome my friend. Keep the family alive. And Pedro Yee is my Sifu I appreciate the honor and respect you've shown him. Train hard and show yourself approved. Good systems need greater practitioners.

  23. @Makserium
    look more closely and u will notice the spider-poop on the wall. this means the room is dirty. thats rediculous. if he said "his balance is alittle off." or something i could understand it but honestly that guy keeps his balance pretty decently. nothing amazing. nothing superhuman but pretty ok. yes even considering the fact that he is an "expert". even if u consider that bad balance it shouldnt be distracting u. u can easily see how to do it.

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jESUS! The Crane block! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jESUS! The Crane block! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  26. @yeeshunggapa – calm down now! Don't taint the image of Karate by associating it with this moron LOL! I happen to be a Karateka AND a practitioner of Chinese Boxing. I currently study Fujian White Crane Fist! And besides, It's not fair to us practitioners of TRUE Karate! The Crane techniques in Hung Ga is from Tibetan White Crane, which is based on the Tibetan White Ape Boxing. Fujian White Crane is totally different.

  27. Well, apart from his accent, he did pretty good. His balance could use some improving but he has strong flexibility and that just means that he has training in something. Not Crane Style Kung Fu but maybe Karate.

  28. ….this is borderline offensive. expertvillage is becoming something of a mediocre failblog…. and judgin how failblog is doing these days…. its ok if u like Chinese martial arts… but please don't act like you know it if you don't. Stuff like that gets u hurt….

  29. i think that his crane style is more effective for catching a fish not for SELF DEFENSE!!!

  30. What an embarrassemt to martial arts as a whole…sorry but when the first thing out of your mouth is your religous allegiance is just friggen sad. No one care what the F you belive in! Just show us some good martial arts! Yet you failed at that too! Such weak application! Take your "c"hristian "martial" bullshit and go play with a 5 year old boy you waste of sperm!

  31. Guy attempting to explain kung fu whilst wearing a karate black belt w/ karate weapons on the wall? Your exposed, nuff said….

  32. Firstly, belt thing is a bad sign. The weapon though; just about all of them are used in kung fu as well. I say this next to my own sais. Think it's funny in his demonstration he went into snake.

  33. why are yall so hateful man? im sure in the 5 years since this video was posted this dude has gotten quite good and could show you something

  34. to all of you people that are hating on this guy I bet he would beat you in a fight, you really shouldn't judge someone based on their appearance

  35. Nice kicks, I'd like to find out who their teacher is and what lineage of hung fist this comes from if that is the case…

  36. Im sorry but your stance looks very insecure. I am not in the position to judge, but you know, looks like copied from some tutorial without practicing hard enuff.

  37. better to be a wanabe kungfuman than an outlaw. but do not overestimate your capacities if aggressed. better run.

  38. This is GOOD, thank you for sharing. People are confusing in this video, crane from fuzhou and crane from five animals. Dont confuse them, this is actually correct in information, the teacher have good leg extension, but needs to work on balance, that doesnt mean information given is not correct, information is correct.

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