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*music plays* (Game) All right, that’s good! It’s heating up now! Hey, guys! Welcome back to my channel! I’ve actually been meaning to do this video for a while now Ever since I read that FITNESS BOXING that game on the (Nintendo) Switch Has been selling out in Japan Like, you can’t find a physical copy (anywhere) And that’s because apparently it went viral that people had been losing 3-5Kg just by playing it for a month And then, I was like… Hey! Maybe I could challenge myself! I’ve been meaning to get back into exercising anyways and since I can’t afford a gym membership… *cricket sounds* I mean, I know that there are OTHER ways for me to keep fit for free Like using the Nike Training App which I have used before (!) but that’s not the point of the video, guys! This video is about using video games to stay fit! So, I don’t really have a weight goal but I *do* want to be able to fit into THESE again I’ve not been able to fit into them for some time now (because sushi is delicious) So I bought the Fitness Boxing on the AUSTRALIAN (Nintendo) eShop *whispers* because it’s cheaper! And I decided to challenge myself to a 30-day regimen I’ll only be using their Daily Workouts and nothing else So without further ado Here’s my video diary of… GOT IT 😀 I haven’t worn exercise clothes in a while… HMMM Lezzzzdodis *Timber plays from Fitness Boxing* I think I’m sick… (from Fitness Boxing) “One, two, one, two Front, back, front, back We’ll move at this rhythm” “Alright, right hooks – go!” “Ready and… RIGHT HOOK!” “Not bad!” Don’t know if you can see but I’m proper sweating It’s only day TWO! and they’ve added two more punches Compared to day one Now THAT’S a proper workout! Hooooooh I’m doing alright though! Oh, my hands are shaking I can’t even keep the phone up *laughs in pain* (Fitness Boxing) “Now, one-twos!” “Ready and… One, Two!” “Ready and…” “Throw your straight while your jab is coming back!” Ready and… One, Two! “Ready and… *hup, huh!* I wanted to start Boxing before I studied but… Today, my knee decided to act up So.. I’ll just do it later… (Fitness Boxing) “Time to pick it up” “Ready and… Jab! Twist! Hook! Twist! Left uppercut! Straight! Hook! Twist! Left uppercut” “Ready and… Triple left!” *me panting* “Straight, double left” “Ready and… Jab! Twist! Hook! Twist! Uppercut! Straight! Hook! Twist! Uppercut!” “Last one! Drive each one home!” “All right, that’s good!” “It’s heating up now!” *me panting* I actually woke up feeling a bit demotivated today Having a routine seems to help Starting off with Fitness Boxing and then having a cup of coffee and then going onto the rest of my day with studying…yada yada yada That seems to help I’m not getting as much (many?) body aches anymore It’s day…fourteen now I think that’s thanks to “active recovery” since I’m not doing heavy lifting and stuff with the Fitness Boxing But I’m still working out some muscles I can sort of still feel stuff working So… Yeah… I started “Intermediate Combos” today and the more complicated the combos are the wonkier the Joy-Cons get… So today my “fitness age” is 25 because I kept missing punches Annnnndddd that’s because the Joy-Cons kept being weird I think that is a problem that people know (about) Still doesn’t make me feel very good though *frustrated sigh* WOOH, god *angry sigh* DAMNIT! Apparently adding a pinch of this (Himalayan salt) to… your water after a workout helps replenish electrolytes …or something MINERALS! That’s it… My KNEES were bad AGAIN They’ve been bad the whole weekend They’re even bad now but I’m just gonna push through it *Fitness Boxing music in the background* (Fitness Boxing) “Ready and… One, Two!” “Go back!” “Ready and…keep your center of balance!” “Four more! One, two!” “Step back!” “Ready and… Left, right!” “To the back!” “Ready and… One, two!” “Go back!” “All right, that’s good!” *calming Fitness Boxing music plays in background* (Fitness Boxing) “Okay, switch to Steps!” “Quickly now!” “Okay, step back!” “Forward step!” “Okay! To the back!” “Back!” “Okay! Step back! “Step in!” *painful sigh* Yeah, that’s not happening today (Fitness Boxing) “Two more!” “One! Two!” “Left hook!” “One! Two!” “Left uppercut! “One!” “Two!” “One!” “Two!” “Last one! Drive each one home!” “All right, that’s good!” “It’s heating up now!” “Just a little bit more!” “Try to stay focused during combos” “Stay focused until the end!” POW! *children cheering* *laughs* That’s my last one! Finally! Good morning! Time to see if… …this actually works *humming baseball batter-up sound* Oh floor is wet Really? I guess kilos aren’t everything so… (actual) …moment of truth? *music plays in background* YATTA! (I did it!) A bit of a tight fit actually buuuuut… Better than nothing! Now I have TWO pairs of jeans to wear YAAAAY Need to do another month before this becomes comfortable, I guess? HMM? I wonder how many people realised that I’ve lost weight in #Ketchup I know, I know I didn’t really lose much in terms of kilos but hey, I managed to fit into those jeans again! Sort of… Anyway, I hope you liked this video! Tell me what you thought in the comments down below If you have any suggestions for a future video, let me know! I’d really love to make more video game related videos like this Oh by the way! If you’d like to read my full-blown 30-day diary… There’s a link to my Plug/Play post, in the description! This video wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my first-ever Patron, Dylan Do consider supporting me on Patreon if you’d like to see more fun videos like this one! But with added perks like… Behind the scenes videos (ooh) and sneak peeks! (aah!) Link is down in the description below! Anyway, thanks again for watching this video Don’t forget to give that like button a big CLICKEDY-CLICK Hit subscribe if you haven’t already And share this video with anyone who thinks video games are only for couch potatoes Bye!

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