Fitness Pros Try Boxing

– [Instructor] Breathing. – Oh, gosh. I think it’s terrifying. – I have no experience in boxing. – Alright, five seconds.
Move when I say go. Plant your feet. Hit me one, two – Aw, I gotta do that? – And … Go! – My experience with
boxing is very limited. – C.J.’s gonna make sure that
none of this gets destroyed. – I don’t wanna mess this up. – Plant your feet. Jab, cross, jab, cross. (laughs) – I got my ass kicked in pilates, so this is going to be
challenging as well. – I really hope I don’t pass out. – [Instructor] Time. – God. Whew. Okay. (calming music) – I’ve been boxing since
I was a little kid. A lot of people come into
boxing already in shape. The way you breath and
the way you push yourself is a lot different than
in any other sport. Boxing really does push
you to different levels. We’re going to get into
some technical drills on how to move, where to
punch, what punches what. Then we’ll get into padwork drills, you guys are gonna hit some pads. (alarm sounds) – [Instructor] Let’s go. – Yeah, I wanna be pounding
a piece of meat right now. (laughs) – Grab, like, two
levers, you’re gonna pull those levers right in front of you. Okay. Now I’m gonna take my left foot, slide it right out in front. Now, the first punch is our jab. It’s the most important punch in boxing. The jab’s gonna be our lead hand. It’s gonna come out and rotate over. These two hurt what we’re hitting, these two knuckles hurt us. We’re just gonna bring
it and come right back, keep our legs bent the whole time. Ready? One, two, three, four. All right, so now we’re
gonna go to the cross. The cross is the money punch. It’s gonna come right from this side, you’re gonna push off your back leg. It’s gonna come straight, aligned from your knee to your
foot, and come right back. Instead of crossing this
way, I don’t want you punching somebody’s cousin,
uncle, sister, right? Punch the person right in front of you. – Okay. – Ready? Three, four, much better, five. You see how now it gets that snap? – Yeah. – Okay, so in boxing, there’s numbers associated with punching. A jab is a one, a cross is a two. Two, one. One two. Jab. Ahh, good. (laughs) We’re gonna go non-stop for the next thirty
seconds, this right here. Let’s go. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. There you go. Time. (alarm sounds) All right, so now we’re gonna
work on how to move our feet. – Does anybody else have this puddle? (laughs) – Resetting, resetting, resetting. Good. Continuously let your weight feel in your legs, and go backwards. – I feel like I could sneak up on someone and really
give them the hammer. – I don’t even think
we’re through the warm-up, and I’m like, already tired. – When the bell beeps, it’s gonna give us a 30-second warning. So, you’re gonna to go
non-stop on the bag. It’s not about pushing it, it’s just about non-stop movement. One, two, three, four. – [Girl] Oh!
– [Instructor] Yep. – Okay. One, two, three, four, jab, jab, jab, cross, jab cross, backup, backup. – I feel kinda like a badass. – Non-stop, go! (punching sounds) (alarm sounds) – She had a strong jab and a strong cross, but we’ll see what the guys have. – [Instructor] What knuckles
should you hit with? – Top, so I can snap it off. – [Instructor] There you go. Again, again, again. Jab, jab, cross. Backup. Ten seconds. – I hate you, Dad. I hate you. (alarm sounds) – [Instructor] Time. (punching sounds) – They’re good. They all actually
have a good punch on ’em, but hers actually has more pop than them. (laughs) – Holla! I’m gonna beat their
asses. Just watch out. – My arms are turning into noodles, so it’s challenging. It’s
different than pilates. – It’s okay. Not everybody
can handle it, it’s all right. – [Instructor] Grab your
jump rope. All right, ready? Fast feet, go. Fast feet. Hands up. Fast feet. Speed. Speed. And push ups, go. Push ups. – What? Oh my God. – From the push ups to this,
we’re going mountain climbing. Speed, let’s go. – [Voiceover] Oh, fuck me! – Let’s go. Let’s go. Three, two, one … Time. (claps) – I’m thoroughly beat. My feet hurt, too. There’s not anything
like it, really, though, – [in unison] Mm-mm. – It’s cool, you guys did really
well, for your first class. – Can you say that one more
time, please? Into the camera? – These two did really well. You know, it teaches you how to push through things when you’re tired. It teaches you how to achieve goals that you didn’t know that were possible. Boxing, it’s not good
just for physical fitness, but just understanding how much more about yourself you can learn. (upbeat music)

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