First Karate Lessons For Kids. Family Fun with Chase and Cole Adventures

– Yeah! Yeah!
– That’s it, good. – Two, kick,
(punching and kicking) and then do the other side.
(laughter) (cheerful music) (stretching) (boing) (children mumbling) – [Camera Person] Look
at your fighter faces! (upbeat whistling music) – [Blonde Instructor]
Alright, do we see the red circle on the pad? Alright, and punch.
(punching) Good, and punch, nope, only this side. We’re only doing one right now. Punch.
(punching) With the sticker.
(punching) And punch.
(punching) Good, can you give me a la–
(punching) Good, give me five, that was awesome! And, one.
(punching) Good, two,
(punching) and three.
(punching) Give me louder than that. (punching)
Yeah! Awesome, give me five! (high five)
Alright. (background instruction) One, two.
(punching) – Yeah! Yeah!
(punching) – That’s it, good. One!
(punching) Two!
(punching) (child mumbling) Now a loud ki-yah! One!
(punching) Ki-yah!
(punching) Now we’re gonna say a loud ki-yah. – [Brunette Instructor] Are you ready? Go! – One, two, ki-yah! (child mumbling)
– Good job! Alright. – [Blonde Instructor] One.
(shattering) Two.
(shattering) One.
(shattering) Two.
(shattering) (shattering)
Do one more, a loud ki-yah. One, two, ki-yah!
(shattering). – Good job, high five! – [Blonde Instructor] That was awesome! (shattering)
– Oh, fist. One. – [Man Off Camera] This is your spot, sit. (shattering)
– This one, the first one. – [Man Off Camera] Sit, good job. Good, and two.
(shattering) – [Man Off Camera] Give me five. – One.
(shattering) – [Man Off Camera] Good
job, good job, good job. – Two.
(shattering) Now one more time, can
you last hand, that one. One.
(shattering) Two.
(shattering) Ki-yah. Go again. (shattering)
– Ki-yah. – Good job. (laughing off camera) – Two!
(punching) One! Two!
(punching) One more loud ki-yah. One, two. (punching)
Ki-yah! – [Camera Person] Chase,
you gotta say ki-yah. You gotta say ki-yah! – Good.
(punching) Go with this one.
(punching) One, two. Good!
(punching) One, two.
(punching) Nope, this one. Oh!
(laughing off camera) Get back in your spot. (punching)
One, two, ki-yah! (punching)
Awesome job. – One more time, one, two. (background conversation)
(kicking) (upbeat music) – Good. Do one more. – Good job. – [Man Off Camera] Matthew, get over here. – [Camera Person] Good job, Chase. Good job, Cole.
(kicking) – One! Two! Three!
(kicking) One more, four, good job!
(kicking) Come on, two, three! (kicking) Do a loud ki-yah. Ki-yah!
(kicking) Two, three.
(kicking) Give me a good one. Knee in here. (kicking) – [Camera Person] There you go. – Good job, this is the last ki-yah. Ki-yah!
(kicking) – [Camera Person] Say ki-yah! (laughter) – Do you see where your sticker is? Can you raise up the hand
that has the sticker? Raise up your hand that has the sticker. Go be cool sitting strong, right? Remember that from last time? Stand strong at attention,
let me see you all do that. (child mumbling)
I see you doing that. So we’re gonna act like there’s
some monkeys in the trees. We’re gonna do some blocks, okay? – [Camera Person] Ooo.
– Okay, so. Nope, like this. One, and then you’re
gonna block on this side. Switch, up, you’ve gotta block me, I’m gonna boop you if you get it wrong. Go like this.
(child yelling) Okay?
(laughing) Three, do you feel where
I’m hitting on your arm? That’s where you wanna block, okay? Can you do it by yourself? Block, good, that was good, right here. (background conversation) Touch the floor every time. – [Brunette Instructor] Who
knows how to do front jump? Good job.
(boing) And come again, go ahead, jump, jump. – [Blonde Instructor] Keep
going, keep practicing. (boing) – [Brunette Instructor] Turn
around and jump again, high. – [Child] High.
– [Brunette Instructor] Nice. (boing)
(background conversation) (boing) – [Blonde Instructor] Alright,
everybody’s gonna stand up. Stand up! – [Man Off Camera] Everybody stand. – No, that’s all that you want. One.
(punching) Two.
(punching) (kicking) One! Two!
(punching) And then do the other side. – [Brunette Instructor] Ready, stand up, where does your left go?
– Two, three! (kicking) – [Brunette Instructor]
She’s coming for you. – [Man Off Camera] Stand up, she’s coming. – One. Two.
(punching) Two.
(punching) Kick it, good.
(kicking) This side, one, two, knee kick. Who wants to go first? – Me! – [Blonde Instructor] You? Okay, I think you were a little
super strong in class today. Alright, this one. We’re
gonna go through the tunnels. Come on, everybody up.
(background yelling) We’re gonna go through each tunnel, and then you’re gonna go to Miss Jess. Come on.
(background yelling) – Let me see how you jump. – [Blonde Instructor] Good job, Matthew. – Good job, go.
(background talking) – [Blonde Instructor] Uh-oh,
through, this one, fighter. Oh, he’s coming, he’s coming,
he’s coming, and he did it! – Good job. – [Blonde Instructor] Good. – Good job, one more. – [Blonde Instructor] A little bit faster! – [Camera Person] Go faster! On your mark, get set, go!
No! – [Blonde Instructor]
The person behind you is gonna catch you! – [Camera Man] Jackson
Storm, Lighting McQueen! Go! – [Blonde Instructor]
There you are, come on! (background conversation) (upbeat music) – [Camera Man] Cool man, what sticker? Good job.
(children yelling) (upbeat music) (gentle music) – One, two, knee kick. – [Narrator] Click on
one of these fun videos for another adventure. Don’t forget to subscribe so
you can join the adventure. – One, two, three, one. One, two, knee kick, good!
(background conversation)

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