Someone once told me… Life is just a journey
towards death. The world changes… …but not you. The timeless never change with time. You’ve been searching a
prey 20 long years… …and still haven’t found him. State your business A Rohilla chieftan. You know him. Rehmat Khan. How long will you carry
this fire in your heart? Till retribution is done. What if you die before that? Did you find him in Banda? I did… Who are you, Gossain? The past. I know…
The route he has taken. He heads to Awadh, across the river Jamuna He comes
to redeem his promise. They are many people. They know you are coming Rehmat Khan Every warrior has his nemesis. Every warrior has his victory. Don’t wake the unknwown. You never know what stirs. These are best
left undisturbed. Lions, Serpents and Death.

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