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After months of hard work,the prospects take a much-needed break
before reporting to training camp.Time away from the football field
is not only an opportunity to reflect,but to celebrate.It was really surreal.I don’t think it really hit me
until it was time to fly back.Yeah. Germany for you, man. Getting up to, and you’ll be part
of the New England Patriots and this historic franchise, it’s just a dream come true. Thing is, it is a story
that I think everyone can root for.Four guys have been added
to NFL teams this week.Here’s Christian Wade, getting a phone
call from Bills GM, Brandon Beane. You gotta see this.As of now, you’re officially
a Buffalo Bill. How’s that sound?I was lost for words.
All I could do was smile.All the hard work we put in,
it obviously finally paid off.Congratulations.-Thanks, coach, have a great day.
-You too.Yeah, man. Proud of you, man.It was a great feeling.I was waiting for
a call like that my whole life. I called my mom and I say, “Hey, Mom,
we made it, baby.”He’s going from Brazil
to the Dolphins, and if you saw…After that call,
crazy things happened in my life, like I went to meet the president
and the senators and the minister of sports
of the country.Met a lot of kids.They came here for…
Take picture with me.I try not to think too much aboutbeing away from house, from my family.When I get in my old gym,all the kids was there, my old friends, old players.Putting my kimono
and I saw the little kids,I didn’t realize
how they was waiting for me.“I want to take a picture
with Durval.” Sometimes I don’t realize
how this impacts the kids in my town.As a surprise,they upgraded me for the black belt.And now I’m a black belt in judo.Was one of the greatest moments
of my life.He’s the big fella.He’s going from Brazil
to the Dolphins.You also have Valentine Holmes,a professional rugby player
from Australia.-I like that.
-Great name.I see a trend here with these guys.He’s gonna join the Jets.Valentine Holmes
is off to the Big Apple. He is, Pete. He got a call
this morning from the New York Jets, which took the 23-year-old
a huge step closer to realizing his dream
of playing in the NFL.It’s crazy being in New York here,and all that training worked off, and that pro day we did
all worked off and I’m here now.In New York, training with the Jetsand living my best life. It’s crazy. I’m sitting
in New York City right now,where I could be, probably,
back in Australia.So, it’s crazy
how things happen in life,but definitely not taking it
for granted and really love it.-How’s it going?
-Hi, Holmes, how are you, mate? -Good. How are you?
-Good, mate. -Welcome to New York.
-Thank you. So, how’re you settling
in New York, mate? Yeah, it’s going good. Random people I’ve never met
know who I am just from playing Rugby League
back in Australia. Do you mind getting a photo? I just wanna get Val on our hall
of fame here up on the wall. One, two, three…For some random people to be
coming up to me like thatand asking how I’m going
and how the Jets is going is pretty cool to hear. Sharks win again. You’re a good luck charm. You should come in
all the time, they’ll win.I’ve gotta prove
to myself and to everyonethat I came here and I’m real serious
and I came to playand be the best athlete I can be.Here in Germany,there is people that might
not know football, but they know
the New England Patriots. No, thanks.I want to make sureto try to adjust to this
new reality as fast as possible.You don’t wanna come over to the NFL
where you have to compete for a joband you have to compete
against veterans that have been doing
this for a long time,with your head all in the clouds,so I was like, “Okay, this is what
I’ve been working for.”I’m gonna get another chance,I’ve got to take full advantage of it. We’re here now on our little break
before training camp starts.Trying to get out and hang out
with my old football team and stuff,and all the guys that
supported me from the beginning.This is the same field
that I used to play on when I was in the youth team
and I played on last season. I was right out here
with these guys, practicing, every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Catch you, baby.That’s Doc.He’s 61 years old
and he’s still playing in games. He played last year in a game
and he threw a touchdown. Nobody really gets paid here. Everybody that’s out here playing
is really just playing ’cause they wanna keep
playing football. All these guys are out here
keeping that alive. They’re all happy that
I got this opportunity and they’ll be watching
the games and stuff. And that’ll be enough. I think that really just gave me
a new drive, a new level to tap into, as far as my motivation goes.Now, in three weeks, camp starts.This will be the wrong time
to rest now.You wanna play in the NFL? Go make the team. Go, go, go.After an impressive pro day,former rugby star, Christian Wade,gave coaches around the NFL
a glimpse at his raw athleticism.Now, three days into
his first NFL training camp,expectations are sky high.At least these are easier to put on.But perhaps his biggest critic
is himself.Didn’t really know what to expect
how I was gonna be receivedby the coaches, teammates. Yeah, definitely the first
few days, that week or so, was like, I felt like I was
just there on my own.Everyone’s here to work. Do your job.We don’t really talk
too much to one another.We got some good catches
out there, man. I can’t be worried about failing.Christian’s transition
from rugby to footballis not his only challenge.The Buffalo Bills currently carryfive veteran running backs
on their roster,and a highly touted draft pick.To make the team, he must make
every opportunity count.Obviously, as the training sessions
went onand I guess people started to see
how I move and my speed and stuff.In rugby we do this all the time. In rugby, run, run, run. Some people are, “What was your time?”
And, “You the rugby guy, yeah?” I was watching some highlights. -Yeah, I was showing my parents who you were
-Yeah, Yeah. That one play where you got it, stepped up, went back,
and then went… Yeah, yeah , yeah, yeah. -Triple spin.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.And people are always saying that,“Man, I can’t believe you’ve only
been playing for six months.”Like, “You don’t look out of place
at all.”People then started to warm up to me
and they are a very friendly,welcoming team.And there’s definitely a great
team culture about it. -Hey, hey, good work today.
-Appreciated. Thanks. -Keep your speed.
-Thank you. Hey, good job, man. And the snap. London man doing great. He learning football the right way. -He’s still got a lot of work to go.
-Lot of work to run. But he almost there. He gonna be good.
Give him about a couple more weeks. He’ll be good. -“Family” on three! One, two, three.
-Family.To watch Christian the way he works,
the work ethic,he’s got a great smile. I think he brings positive energy
every day to our building and that’s… I don’t think you can place
an exact value on that, but we certainly value it here.He’s got a long road to haul here.But I think he’s up for the challenge.Christian Wade isn’t
the only one in transition.An NFL defensive linehosts some of
the most physical athletesin all of football.For Durval,adjusting to the upgrade
in competitionhas been more difficult
than he anticipated.Yesterday was a great
“Welcome to the big leagues.” Because it was tough, man. Most of the time, I was just, “God, how am I gonna make this?”I was really tired in the fieldand the tempo of the time
and everybody screaming,was a big transition,but I will run this throughand make my family
and my coach proud of me.I can’t imagine how many people
want to be in my place right now.But God, he gave this for meand I just want to grab this
and make it happen.1,500 miles away,Jakob Johnson begins
his own professional career,with the reigning Super Bowl Champion,
New England Patriots.A franchise known for
not only rejuvenating careers,but embracing the underdogs.I’m out there like every other rookie,
just trying to learn the plays,and trying to adjust to the speed
and the physicality,and not making any waves.Because there are
a lot of guys out therethat are really good
at what they’re doing.And you just want to be a sponge
and absorb every little detailto get better, yourself,
and help the team win.We just watched the Super Bowl
with all the guys down in Tampaand now I’m out here
practicing with this team.No matter where
this journey goes for me,what I’m gonna do is
try to absorb as much knowledge and as much, just, football as I can
from this organization, because, clearly, they know football.While time exploring the Big Apple
may have eased his transition,Val is still trying to find a home
on the New York Jets’ roster.Yeah, training’s been going good.I’ve had some good carries,
it’s hard to get a few.One, two, three, Jets!Because there’s obviously
a fair few of us running backsand everyone’s gotta have a go.So, when I do get in,
I try and show what I can doand try my best to make
as many yards as I can.With his versatility
as both a back and a returner,Val is looking to join
a growing list of Australiansfinding success in the NFL.You got a third down, okay?Obviously, I was a bit nervous
at start,obviously getting out there.Getting into the huddle, know where you gotta be in the huddle,
listening to the whole play.We’ve just started doing
scrimmage sessions.It’s been really fun
going against the defense.Pretty much my first time going
against a defense with helmets on.-What protection’s this?
-It’s a scarecrow. -So that guy right there is your four.
-Yeah. You go him, then him. Him to him. And he’s bringing you
over there, right?Lining up in the right position,
knowing your route,knowing who you gotta protect,who you gotta block
and stuff like that.On these drills,
you’re allowed to hold his shoulder. I’m learning it as each day goes on
and I’m getting more confident as the weeks go on.It’s just trying to take it
day by day.It’s all you can do
until pre-season games come along and you start showing them
what you can do on the field.Valentine’s doing a nice job,
picking things up, learning the sport,learning how to play.He’s got some athletic ability,
there’s no doubt about that. He works really hard.He’s picking up the offense.That hasn’t really been his issue.It’s just when everything starts
moving super-fast,he’s trying to get used to that,and I think it’s starting
to work for him. It’s slowing down for him and I think it’ll just keep
slowing down. I’m excited to see him get a play
in some gamesand just kinda see
how he reacts to all that.With the pre-season starting soon,all four international athletes
will have the opportunityto play in their first live NFL game.Something Valentine and the others
are determined not to waste.To me, this is the pinnacle
and I’m here.And it’s where I wanna be,
it’s where I wanna stay, it’s where I wanna thrive. I didn’t give up.
I’m not a give-up guyand I can’t fail.It’s a 90-man roster right now andeverybody has the same 24 hours
in the day and the same chance to make the team.It’s just about what you do between
now and when the day of the cuts come.

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  1. Why are they lying in this video? These guys were picked for the international player pathway program. The rules for the program is that these guys spots are guaranteed on the practice squad but teams cannot activate them. Their literally lying about making the team.

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