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Brother Man, we’re here I’m sorry to be such a bother. Don’t mention it. This place has been
idle for a few months. I’ve informed the owners,
they are nice folks. Thank you. Is this suitable
for your school? Wow, this place is huge! Is this okay? Yes, yes. Very spacious… Master Yip. You haven’t gotten
any disciples yet? What’s up, 3rd Aunt? You have such a big place here.
I’d like to hang my laundry here. Sure, no problem. Yong. Sigh, I told you before…
let me do this I don’t know what
to do with you. There’ll be no more water
left by the time you come. Then I’ll come back earlier next time.
Let me do these chores I’ve told you not
to exert yourself. How are you feeling? Mama, I need to pay school fees. Okay, hang on. Who’s that? Pay your rent! Mr. and Mrs. Yip! Don’t open the door. We don’t
have enough money for rent. Mr. and Mrs. Yip! Pay your rent. Master Yip, still no students? I’ll go hang my laundry… Let me help you…
Thank you very much! Hey, are you the one
teaching Wing Chun? Master Yip! Someone’s
here to learn kung fu! You wish to learn Wing Chun? I don’t even know
what Wing Chun is. Then let me tell you. Wing Chun is
the Southern art of close combat… Enough! Spar with me. If I
lose, I’ll be your student. Fine. Wing Chun. Yip Man. So, what do you think? You haven’t won yet. Do you yield? Yield? I don’t even
know what you’re doing. Do you know now? Master Yip, I didn’t know
you’re so skilful! Fantastic! Hey, young man! You
should be his disciple! I think you can start
paying tuition fees now. Hey! How can you
leave like that? Master Yip, what now? Your
potential student is gone. That’s him. How good can his kung fu be? Would I lie to you? He looks like he couldn’t
even hurt a fly. If you hadn’t told me, I’d have
thought he’s just a laundryman. You’re not really here to learn kung fu.
Please leave. Okay, then we’ll fight you. No need to take them off. Why not? Oh, nevermind. The Yip Man Palm. Told you not to take
off your shirts… Master! I am Huang Liang,
please take me as a disciple! – Master, I am Xiu Shi Chang!
– Wei Guo Jian Wang Kun. Please accept us as students! Eh, I asked first. You must
address me as “Eldest Brother”. Serve tea to Master! No need to trouble yourselves. Pay tuition fees first. In Wing Chun, we attack
and defend in one motion. Attack, and defend. To disable an opponent
in the shortest time. This is block and attack. Block and attack. Follow up with a
dozen quick punches. Understand? (BLANK LOOKS) Who is Master Yip? Master! Liang, did you ask them to come? Master, do you think you
can fight off 10 men? The best thing is not
to fight at all. Continue training. What if they use weapons? Run. Time to collect tuition fees. Okay. You always say that I will collect soon. Hang on a sec. What’s up? It’s time to pay tuition fees. What’s happening? Time to pay tuition fees. If you have the
money, please pay up. Here you go Master. Master, I can only pay $2…
My mother… she needs the money. I’ll
pay the rest later. Pay next time… next time. Go home for dinner. Bye Master. It’s so little…
what shall we do? No choice. You also know
things aren’t so good now. The students asked for
help, I can’t refuse. Then we need to appeal
to the landlady. Yes, things will
work out eventually 2 pieces of cake please. – You want the egg tarts?
– No, thanks. Stop! Hold it right there! Thief! Return it to me! Please don’t beat up my dad. No money? Then we’ll get him. Please let him go! Stop, stop! Don’t beat him up. What’s happening? He stole our roasted
duck I’ll pay for him. Give it here! Let’s go Jin Quan? Uncle Man, I know where Dad is. Bring me to him. Here Jin Quan! Uncle Man, he doesn’t
recognise anyone. The Japanese shot him in the head once.
He doesn’t recognise anyone anymore Jin Quan, I’m Yip Jin Quan! Get away! Get out! Go! Go! Let’s go, Uncle Man. It’s my fault. I
did this to you. Let’s go. My dad hasn’t chased me away
yet That’s why I’m still here. On good days I can get odd
jobs and buy food back. On bad days, we starve. Don’t worry, Kwan I’ll help you take care of him. Since you are recommended by Master
Yip, I’ll definitely hire you. Kid, if you agree to half
salary, you can start now. No problem. Have a seat. I’ll
arrange work for you. Brother Man, don’t leave.
I’ll treat you to tea. Thank you. Don’t mention it. Have a seat. This is good. Thank you Uncle Man. Kwan, you must work hard I will. What do you think? I can
bring you there later I’m from Hong School. I don’t
need to learn from you! Since you aren’t interested,
why tear my posters down? I don’t care what you learn.
You’re blocking my poster. Want to know what Wing Chun is? You’re looking for trouble? We won’t bully you. One on one. No helping! Okay. Also, don’t poke eyes. Enough talk. I’m in a hurry. So you yield? No! No? Do you yield? When you strike, don’t
move from this line. Relax. Relax more. Who is Yip Man? Yes? Your disciple Liang has
beaten up our brother. We took him hostage. Bring money
to rescue him at the fish market. Let’s go. Brother Jin. Are you his Master? That’s right I believe it’s just
a misunderstanding. Let’s talk it over. Can you release my disciple? Release him! Are you all right? I’m fine. Why did you beat him up? We sparred and he lost.
It’s not my fault. What? I can’t beat you? Don’t be rash. You’re all young men. Sometimes you get minor
injuries during sparring. Next time I’ll come specially to
clarify things with your Master. May I know who your Master is? You don’t need to know who he is.
He’s better than you. Enough talk. Did you
bring the money? No. Don’t be rash. Attack! Behind you! Chop him up! Master! Liang! Master! I’m here. Master, you really can
beat up more than 10 men! Only if we can escape. Stay close to me. Follow me! Go, Liang. Go! Jin Shan Zhao? Nobody move! What are you doing? Master Yip, you are free to go. Thanks. You’re asking for it! Break it up! Master! You stirring up trouble again? No, Master I was sparring with him, but he brought
his Master here to intimidate us. Ji. You trying to be
Big Brother here? No of course not. Big Brother Hong, let’s
talk things over. You want to talk with
a knife in your hand? No, no. That son of a bitch tried to ’cause
trouble on my turf. That’s why I was… This isn’t your turf. This is my road. Your
patch of ground is mine. So you tell me,
whose turf is this? It’s yours, of course. You can leave now.
It’s not your concern. Which style and school are you? Greetings Master Hong. I’m Yip Man
of the Wing Chun sect from Fo Shan. The situation is like this. My
disciple sparred with yours. My disciple definitely went too
far and injured your disciple. You’re saying my Hong
style is inferior? I didn’t mean it like that. Who allowed you to teach martial arts?
Do you know the rules? I don’t know of any rules. Okay I’ll tell you
the rules now. You must accept challenges
from the various schools. If you win, then you are
fit to teach martial arts. So now you know the rules for
opening a martial arts school. Enough talk. There are
rules for martial arts schools, and then there
are rules of Law. Now that you’re done. Wan, Po! Take these
2 into custody I have a spare set of handcuffs.
Arrest him too. Huh? Me too? Master! Stop squirming! Let’s go. Move it. Settle your affairs, and let’s go in.
The Chief is waiting. Sir. The Chief is asking about the
manpower and security arrangements. Everything is arranged.
No problems. So how much will I get
for the competition? Please excuse us a moment. Don’t worry, I’ll
take care of it. So how much is his cut? You
tell me, I’ll tell Master Hong. Speak! Are you going to tell me? Don’t worry. These cops are just
strutting around acting tough. It’ll be okay once we make bail. Master Jin, I’m sorry
to get you involved I’m sorry to get you
involved today. Hang on a bit I’m deaf in this ear after you
wacked me there the other time. So what were you saying? I said, I’m sorry to get
you involved today. It’s nothing. If it weren’t for your
wake up call the other time I don’t know what
I’ll do here in Hong Kong. Open up, Police! Open up! What’s wrong? Any of Yip Man’s relatives here? I’m his wife. Your husband is
arrested for fighting. Bring money to bail him out. Mr. Liang! Mr. Liang! Mr. Liang! What’s wrong, Mrs. Yip? Please save my husband! I don’t
have enough money for bail. Wait here. It’s very troublesome to open a martial
arts school here in Hong Kong. There’s too many schools,
too many masters. Too many rules too. And that Master Hong
has many supporters. Many disciples, and
a lot of money. So what? I’ll get him
once I’m out of here I’ll destroy his fish stall
and poison all his fish! What’s the difference
between you and them, then? Hey kid, you fight pretty good I’m not a kid! Which part of me
looks like a kid? Liang! Don’t use that tone. Master Jin is your elder. It’s all right, he’s young. He reminds me of myself
when I was young. If you want him to turn
out well, get him a wife. Just like me… wife, kids, family.
It changes a man I want to post bail
for my husband. What’s his name? Yip Man. Did you bring the money? Yes, here. Yip Man, you’re free to go. Hurry up I’m here to bail Jin out. Wife! Brother, please open the door. Quickly! That’s my wife. Liang, is anyone coming for you? No. Don’t worry Master. They’ll
release me in a couple of days. You go on I won’t be able to see you out. Brother Geng, I need
to impose on you again I want to bail my disciple out. Is it okay? Brother Man, I didn’t
bring enough money. Master Yip. Master Yip, wait a bit. Wife, do you have any money? What do you need it for? It’s an emergency. You’re always like this.
No money! Help people out here, Wife. This is the last time. Mum’s the best! Master Yip, here’s the money I’ll return it to you as soon as I can.
Thank you. No problem, don’t mention it. It’s so difficult to open a school here.
Why don’t you just give up? I’ll just have to go visit the
other masters. It’s nothing I don’t want to worry
every day like before. We made it through the war,
there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t dwell on it. Go to sleep I’ve fought this type of
matches many times before. They were blades below
then, not stools. Have you heard of
this Yip Man before? The name means nothing to me. No I’m sure he’s no match
for you, Master Luo. Likewise, Master Zhang. Will you be going up there? I’ll go if you go. Enough talk. Let’s drink tea. Cheers. Master. He’s here. Fellow Masters. This is Yip Man. He wants to establish his
sect here in Hong Kong. That’s why he’s here today
to accept your challenges. Yip Man. If you surrender, you lose. If you leave the
table, you lose. If you’re the last man standing on
the table after all the challenges I’ll greet you as “Master Yip”. If there are no
questions, we can begin. What, he’s just going to
walk up to the table? He’s not supposed to
touch the ground. Greetings fellow masters.
I am Yip Man I’m from Wing Chun
sect from Fo Shan I hope my fellow masters
will go easy on me. Which master will have a go? Master Luo, aren’t you going? I’ll wait and see if anyone
else is going first. Fine then, I’ll be the first. Please. Please. Lightning Kick. Beware, brother. Are you all right Master Luo? I’m fine! He’d be dead if it
were blades below. This is too much. The table is really slippery! Thank you for going easy. Come on, don’t let him stop. Master Zhang, your turn. Master Zhang, go on… go on. Master Zhang, the table
is really very slippery. Please. Please I yield! Thank you for showing mercy. Thank you for going easy on me. Any other masters
want to have a go? Please. Please. Master Yip. Master Hong. To join this association,
you must pay a monthly fee. What fees? It’s the rules. Everyone
pays $100 a month. Pay and you’ll have no trouble. If there’s any masters that still think
I’m not worthy, I’m game anytime. But I won’t fulfil your personal financial
interests by paying this “fee”. As you wish. Don’t look for me
if you’re in trouble next time. You may go now. Medication. Master, here’s the medication. Are you insane? Drawing
these on my newspaper? I just wanted readers to
understand the content. Is the feedback that bad? Everyone in Hong Kong now
wants to learn Wing Chun! This is fantastic! Continue the drawings.
I’m counting on you. Get back to work! Well done! Good job! (WING CHUN FIGHTS HONG
STYLE TO A STALEMATE) Mei, stop doing your homework.
Eat. Eat first, okay? Wife, more porridge please. You’ve not been eating well lately.
Eat more. Where are you going? You blind? I’m going
up to do my laundry. Are you really just
doing your laundry? What do you think this big basin is for?
Washing my head? 151… 152… Where
are you headed? To learn Wing Chun. Wing Chun? It’s not here. The newspapers say it’s here. No it’s not. Go away! You’re better off
learning Hong style. Hey! You bunch of rascals are preventing
people from learning Wing Chun! You son of a bitch! Come down! What are you doing? You deaf? Come down! What? No, you come up. Come down if you have the guts. Come down if you dare! You’re crazy! So unbecoming! Look, Wing Chun disciples! Attack! They’re coming down. Hurry. Come out! The owners are thinking twice
after what happened today I understand. They’ve decided not to lend
this rooftop to you anymore I understand. I’m sorry I’m sorry too.
I’ll be going now. Goodbye. Bye, Brother Geng. Master… I’m sure you know by now. We can’t train here anymore. Master, it’s not our fault!
They started it! Yes they started it. Let’s go look for
them to settle this. Pack this place
up before you go. Bring the wooden
men to my house. Master… Ji. Give these to the disciples.
They’ve earned it. Thank you Master. – Here’s yours.
– Thanks. Good work everyone. You still dare to show up here? I’m here to see your Master. Ji… you may all retire. So, your school in
a bit of a jam? I’m here to tell you
that I’ll continue teaching martial arts
even without a school. And I’ll never pay
you a single cent! Don’t ever harass
my disciples again. And don’t get other
people involved. You are causing trouble by
not following the rules. If it weren’t for me
placating the Westerners. Do you think everyone else can
teach martial arts in peace? You chose to collude
with the Westerners. Yip Man, you only
think about yourself. You don’t have 200 disciples, of course you
don’t need the blessings of the Westerners. Of course you can take it easy I understand what you’re saying. As Masters, aren’t we are obligated
to guide our own disciples first? My conscience is clear. As you wish. If you’re upset with me in
the future, come directly to me Goodbye! Hold it! You’re not leaving that easily. What do you want then? We did not finish our match earlier.
It’s time to finish it. Watch out! Husband, we’ve been waiting
for you to start dinner. The children are hungry. Are you
finished discussing business? Master Hong, do you think
it’s more important to have dinner with your family,
or to finish the match? What does everyone want to eat? Ice cream! I’ll bring you all out for
ice cream after dinner I’ll take my leave, Master Hong. Please see yourself out. Master. Come in. Put it over there. Here, over here. Why are the wooden men
brought back home? The rooftop is being
rented to someone else. So I’ve brought them home. Okay, you go on home. We’ll start
training here tomorrow morning. – Train here?
– Yes. Be here early tomorrow morning. Bye Master. Go home and relax. Goodbye Master. Master, I wish to talk to you. Have some tea, Liang. Have a seat. Master, it’s my fault that you
lost the school. I’m sorry. Please, get up. Get up. Come, sit down and we’ll talk. Liang, do you think
I’m very skilful? Of course! You can
fight off 10 men! What about 20 years later? In 20 year’s time, you
can beat me easily. People will grow old. No one’s invincible
forever in this world. Actually, you have a
knack for martial arts. However, you’re only focusing
on the fighting techniques I want to you to understand the
spirit in Chinese martial arts. It enbodies the Chinese
heart, mind and soul. Understand? I’m trying to. Want to hear a story? Years ago, I smacked the butt of
that Master Jin we met in jail. Back at Fo Shan, he came to my house to
fight me and messed my place up, so… Are you practicing kung fu? Yes, I’ll teach you
when you grow up. Come on let’s go. Master, look. Continue your practice. Fancy meeting you here I was in the neighbourhood. What do you want? I have extra tickets, and wondered
if you’d like to come too. It’s a Western boxing match. Goodbye. Master Hong, your eyes are
red Are you all right? Oh I’ve had it since morning. I’m
probably coming down with something I’ll be fine after
some herbal tea. This is a nice place
for training. Place 3 rows here 3
rows over there too. Hurry up. Master Hong. Come over and say hi. I’ll
introduce you to the Champion. Hello. Ignore him. Westerners like
to leave things around. So when will we get our money? He keeps avoiding the subject. Do it for free this time. Free? My men stopped working at the
fish stall to set this place up! Don’t be upset, or else
there’ll be trouble. Take it as going on a diet. This isn’t the first time. Master Hong! Chief. It’s okay not to pay me.
However my men need to eat. You have to pay them. Don’t speak to me
about money now. If not money, then love? Now you’ve made him angry. If he’s not paying,
I’m quitting. If you quit, he’ll take
your fish stall too. Just bear with it. Bear with it? I’ve tolerated
it for a long time! Speak Chinese, not English! You heard him. Let’s go. We quit too! Let’s go. Let’s go. Hold on! Look, they’ll get in
trouble because of you. You guys stay and work. Let’s get back to work. Come on. Don’t be angry. He will
get his retribution. – Master Yip.
– Master Hong. Thank you for the tickets. There will be a demonstration of kung
fu from every school on stage later. Please ask your disciples
to show yours off. Let more people learn
about your Wing Chun. Yes of course. See you later. Hey you, get ready. – You 2 go up too.
– Okay. Go up and join them. Let’s go. This isn’t good. It’s not your money that is used
to promote Chinese martial arts. Stop fighting! Stop fighting! Break it up! Stop fighting! What do we do? Everyone, stop fighting! Stop fighting! Break it up! Stop! Stop fighting! Stop it! Calm down! Stop fighting! Calm down! Everyone please calm down. Liang! Bring him down. Xin, help please. Slowly! Slowly! Come here, MC. If you don’t like our demonstration,
you are free to leave. But you’ve caused injuries,
you need to apologise I will fight! I will flatten him
to the ground! Until he apologises! Kill the Westerner! Fellow masters,
leave this to me. Everyone please stand down. Fine, we’ll stand down. Thank you. Master Hong, are you good? I’m good, no problem. In the next round, don’t
go head on with him. Attack his biceps. It won’t be that easy. Oh no! Master’s having
an asthma attack. Please stop the
fight, Master Hong I won’t let these
Westerners belittle us. Don’t get maimed just for pride I can tolerate if
it’s only my life. But not if it’s the entire
Chinese martial arts world. Master… Master, yield! Master! Master Hong, I have the
utmost respect for you. (MASTER HONG OF HONG STYLE SCHOOL
– Sit down! None of your business. Sit down. Who’s the editor? What’s up? Arrest him. Sir! Please don’t! No, please! No! Sir! It won’t look good for you.
He’ll continue to give you bad press if you
continue the beatings I will deal with him.
Leave it to me. Fat Aunt, you must
set him straight. How can he say such things? The Chinese don’t use joss
sticks just to mark time. The Chinese practice of
burning joss sticks. Other than measuring time, and more
importantly, it is to honour our ancestors. It’s the Chinese culture. Mr. Milos I challenge you. Chun, eat quickly. Don’t
let Mrs. Fang wait I’ll see you off later. Mama, why must we stay
over at Mrs. Fang’s? Because Daddy wants to train. Here, let me. – Sorry for the trouble.
– It’s no trouble. The boy is Yip Chun. Mr. Yip, you must
beat that Westerner! I’ll bring these in first. Don’t worry about us.
Concentrate on your training. But don’t stay up too late. You must win. Let’s go. You go on home. Normally I live alone. Just
make yourselves at home. This is your bed. It’s okay. Continue I said, continue! What’s wrong? Police! What are you writing? Still dare to write? Not afraid of another beating? “Wing Chun Master accepts challenge
to a Western boxing match.” Do you think that’s good enough? Why not “Western Dog
Soundly Defeated”? “Reporter endures Police
brutality for the truth.” But did you get the truth? I have the truth! You have guts. I’ll give you the truth and
you write about him till he is ruined. Okay, okay! That Chief hates us Chinese.
Always bullies us I’ll break the real news
to you, you report it. It will finish him off! Mrs. Yip, what’s wrong? Oh you’re in labour! Chun,
go fetch your father! No, I don’t want
to distract him. Then I’ll go get a midwife. Chun, take care of your mom. Master Zhang, over there! The Hong Kong Chinese-Western
Boxing Match will start soon. The hall is packed with both
Chinese and Westerners. It’s very lively here. There are Chinese judges in
the judging panel this time. Hopefully it will be a truly
fair and impartial match. Don’t go away folks! I tell you, he’ll go
down in 3 strikes. No, I mean he’ll defeat the
Westener in 3 strikes. Master Yip, are you
confident of beating him? You must win! Are you fighting for yourself,
or for Chinese martial arts? The Twister is
making an entrance. Good! Yip Man can’t
wait to kick his ass. Master… Master Yip, kick his ass
like how you kicked mine! Anyone can kick your ass. Shut up! Both of them are
sizing each other up. Master Yip! Master! Master Yip has been knocked down! They’re
going to start the knockout count. Master Yip! Get up! He appears to be injured. I’m not
sure if he can even stand up. Master Yip seems
okay, and he’s up. This time it’s The Twister
that’s knocked down. Good work, Master! That bloody Westerner… still
standing even after so many hits. Master Yip is attacking
with his Wing Chun. (CHANTING) Master Yip! Master Yip!
Master Yip! Hey that’s cheating! You animal! The bell has gone! Master, Master! Master! Master! Oh my God! Master Yip is down after
a knockout blow from The Twister! Master, get up! Get up! Get up! Get up, Master! “We cannot allow the
Westerners to belittle us.” “I can bear it if
it’s just my life.” “But I cannot tolerate it if it’s the
entire Chinese martial arts world.” “Master Hong, don’t go head on with him.
Attack his biceps.” “It won’t be that easy” 4 5 6 7 8 9 10! Daddy’s won! Daddy’s won! Yay! I know Yip Man! Dude, everyone here
knows Yip Man. Huo Yan Jia, Huang Fei
Hong, Yip Man and me. The 4 Dragons of Fo Shan! Master Yip! What do you want to do now? I want to go home. He looks like you. What shall we call him? How about Yip Ching? I want him to be
an upright person. Okay. He looks like you Uncle Man I have a new friend, and he wants
to learn kung fu from you. Come in I want to learn from you.
How much? What’s your name? I’m Bruce Lee. Why do you want to
learn how to fight? So that I can beat up
people I don’t like. Very spirited. Come back when you’ve grown up. (IN 1956, 16 YEAR-OLD BRUCE LEE
22 YEARS TEACHING WING.) Chun and spreading it
all over the world) (FOR THE GLORY OF

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