FightCamp: Connected At-Home Boxing Workouts

Welcome to your FightCamp—a fully
equipped studio boxing gym combined with a growing library of powerful and
motivating workouts, led by the best trainers in the U.S., brought directly
into your home, on your schedule. Your FightCamp is outfitted with everything
you will need, and includes the same high-tech training technology used by
many of the world’s elite fighters. The FightCamp Punch Trackers measure and
display all of your punch stats in real time, and these stats are core to your
fight camp experience. Simply connect the Punch Trackers to the FightCamp app to
gain access to a growing library of interactive workouts ranging from 15 to
45 minutes in length. When you start a FightCamp workout, you’re transported
into the center of a world-class studio boxing experience. Every workout includes
three-minute rounds with one-minute rest periods in between rounds. Your trainer
will introduce the punch combos and exercises at the beginning of every
round, and this information is also displayed on screen for you to reference
during the workout. Real-time punch stats are also visible on screen, and with
every round you’re encouraged to hit a minimum punch goal. Your trainers are not
shy about reminding you — ” punch count is 60, y’all.” After your workout has been
completed, these stats are saved on the FightCamp app so that you can benchmark
yourself and push towards new personal bests. With multiple new workouts added
every week, ranging from beginner level to advanced, FightCamp’s library offers
something for everyone. If you’re coming into FightCamp with little-to-no boxing
experience, our 10-week Prospect Path will walk you through a number of
tutorial videos and beginner-level workouts designed to teach you the basics, while
making you sweat. For those coming in with prior experience, FightCamp’s
intermediate and advanced-level workouts include fun and challenging punch
combinations put together by our experts— —all former competitive fighters with
decades of combined group fitness experience. So what are you waiting for?
Thousands of home fighters are already loving FightCamp, we know you will, too.

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