Fight highlights: Tevin Farmer vs. Kenichi Ogawa (HBO Boxing After Dark)

♪ (TENSE MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ Protect yourself at all times,
and what I say you must obey. Good luck to both of you.
And the new champion…
Kenichi Ogawa!

100 thoughts on “Fight highlights: Tevin Farmer vs. Kenichi Ogawa (HBO Boxing After Dark)

  1. A lot of people are saying Farmer was robbed but I have to respectfully disagree. Now full discloser, I was rooting for Kenichi and I am not a fan of defensive boxers. But, I would have also been perfectly fine with Farmer winning. But this is the reason I thought Kenichi won. For one, Kenichi just hit harder and probably would have gotten a knockout if not for Farmer's defense. And am I the only one that thought Farmer played kinda dirty with how he tackled Kenichi not once but twice? Just what I think.

  2. Eller be and floyd ain't trying to let tank fight any real fighters like either of these 2 or loma. Ellerbe says tevin doesn't deserve to fight tank, now watch I bet you anything tanks next fight will be against a fighter noone has heard of.

  3. This is one of the reason i dont watch Hbo or top rank fights…
    Robbery …. Not way the japenes guy won .

    Glad that HBO IS DOWN IN THE SINK. .
    #boycot #hbo #curropts

  4. Tank would of knocked the china man out in round 4 No decision lol tevin is good but i see a huge difference in power . tank hits alot heavier

  5. yall are acting like this was a clear robbery, Tevin probably landed the cleaner better punches, but alot of close rounds and farmer didn't work at all . early, i wasnt surprised he lost honestly

  6. I'm still trying to figure out how the heck did this guy beat farmer. Smh this was definitely a robbery. Idk boxing be doing some weird stuff sometime.

  7. Are you fucking kidding me right now gtfoh timeout tevin farmer got robbed just like Adrien BRONER did what are the judges looking at and thinking

  8. Robbed that dude 😒😒😒
    That's fuckd up, but ol boy was getting with farmer tho so could've went to a draw in my opinion…

  9. This fight was ruled no contest! Everyone is saying Farmer was robbed but if you look it up on boxrec is says NC (no contest). Anyone know why that is?

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