Fight highlights: Sergey Kovalev vs. Vyacheslav Shabranskyy (HBO World Championship Boxing)


100 thoughts on “Fight highlights: Sergey Kovalev vs. Vyacheslav Shabranskyy (HBO World Championship Boxing)

  1. Great win by Kov. For all you jokers saying ward beat him by low blows. Go watch the tape. Way before those "low blows" he was fatigued and taking punishment. Not to mention that right hand that came from Russia with love. Made him speak proper English.

  2. Good win for SK but this must be feel like he's going back to amateur level with 500 ppl in the audience as opposed to 1000s.

  3. Yes ….. But Andre Ward made Kovalev look like a beginner! ….. Ward is THE champion! …. Like they say, when the cat ain't home, the mice are all over the place dancing, or so is Kovalev!

  4. The guy walked into every big punch he was Taylor made for SK and you don't wanna be walking into punches coming from kovalev unless you wanna go to sleep early !!

  5. How did this kid get to fight for a title before Barrera who knocked him out.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had no defense

  6. Kovalev is a good fighter, but against the solid defensive Ward, he couldn't do much. All the people here saying that Kovalev got robbed are delusional. Ward is arguably the most gifted fighter of his weight class. He's the classier version of Mayweather for his weight division.

  7. lol this guy is trash. I was saying it before Ward beat his ass.. They picked the right guy… This fight was offered to Kalajdzic but he is coming off an injured hand so he couldn't accept. If Hot Rod would have been able to take this fight Kovalev would have three losses.

  8. Andre ward, Virgil Hunter & Andre Berto disliked this video. Virgil done his best to put a hand in defeating GGG, got to wonder what he has got against Eastern European fighters.

  9. U can tell he learned a lot in those ward fights. Good to see him bk in the ring. I do think he’ll always have trouble dealing with wards fighting style skill/speed tho. He knows now that Dre ward Is a master in that ring 🏆💯🥊

  10. Good to see a world class fighter holding back the power when they see their opponent is defenceless and outclassed. Pure class

  11. My name is Sergey kovalev and I want to say to my fans I am back and i fire john Jackson because he put oil in my corner and thats why Ward make me do chicken dance because i slip on oil.

  12. Im sure many found this entertaining but not really ro me. I mean dude barely shows an ounce of defensive skill and gets KOd easily. Id rather watch whats considered a borefest by casuals than this

  13. Shabransky belongs on the back of a garbage truck. Kovalev doesn’t get as many points as you guys give him for this win. He only did what he should do.

  14. I don't think all the Kovalev haters realize how hard it is to box and keep your focus after taking several low blows.. I've been hit in the balls playing soccer, and I could barely run down the field. Can you imagine trying to box while being having severe testicular pain?? Shit I would quit too.

  15. Glad to see Sergey back after his two frustrating as hell fights against Andre "son of judges" Ward. Ward is the most boring and frustrating fighter to watch.

  16. Kovalev will fight Barerra on March 3rd though Duva is promoter and will ruin him. Kovalev has unteachable power behind his punch. I will go so far to say he is the scariest boxer since Tyson. When he touches gloves with anyone before a fight they already are worried. The 1st time be hits you flush or not it feels so hard. Ask Bernard. Barerra has technigue. No power.

  17. 🌷☺Thank You HBO BOXING for bringing BOXING to ALL The BOXING Fans! God Bless Boxing.

  18. I wish kovelav the best. Kovelav Gets cheat on the first ward fight than a nut shot on the second ward fight…its hard to come bak from cheated fights

  19. Day give him salami boxer so he can get back his confidence …..with all the saga with ward ( corrupt judge's) kovalev should have wine the fight it was robbery

  20. The Krusher is BACK!! Fuck Andre Ward ass sucker, Son of Judges, Son of Fouls, Son of Referee, ball buster, US hometown decision boy!!

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