Fight Club Hao Kung Fu Vevey

You are practicing martial arts? Practicing fighting sports? You are welcome. Every saturdays in the late afternoon we are doing fighting sessions. Light Fight Club This allows you to confront many different fighters. Many different techniques Many different martial arts The fighting sessions take place as follows: One hour only You come, we do a little warm-up for 15 minutes then 15 minutes of techniques training and unprotected fights and the last 30 minutes for the sparring We fight for 2 minutes and rest for 1 2 minutes and 1 minute to rest In which there is no weight class and no sex class So there are ladies or guys heavy or not, it dosen’t matter what matters is to experiment If you are a beginner and you want to try, to wear gloves and fight you can come too, there isn’t any problem we accept anyone as long as the spirit is good as long as you accept to do light sparring Then it’s your own instinct, your own qualities that will make you a fighter You come, you try You don’t like, you don’t come back If you like it then you continue, like most of us You don’t have a permanent contribution to pay It’s only 5 swiss francs each time you come and never mind if you don’t have the money, you come anyway The joy is to be numerous and many many people to fight looking forward to meeting you and see you soon!

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