Fight 4 Peace – Boxing in Afghanistan

The Afghan capital, Kabul will be the focus
of the boxing world on Tuesday when it hosts what has been labelled the “Fight 4 Peace”. The 12-round championship bout for the vacant
WBO Intercontinental middleweight belt will be the first professional fight to take place
in Afghanistan. The two challengers, German-born Afghan Hamid
Rahimi and Said Mbelwa from Tanzania, weighed in ahead of the fight on Monday. Twenty-three year-old Mbelwa, who fights in
the super middleweight division, has a record of 31 fights with 19 wins, eight losses and
four draws. Rahimi is six years older than his opponent
– he has won 20 of his 21 fights. Rahimi believes the “Fight 4 Peace” will do
just that. “The kids don’t take guns, they come the sports
way, and I believe in sports, I am a sportsman and I believe sports have the power and the
magic to bring all the people, all regions together and I hope it bring peace to my home
town.” The main purpose of the event is to make a
statement of peace and freedom in a country which has suffered from war and terrorism
for almost forty years.

27 thoughts on “Fight 4 Peace – Boxing in Afghanistan

  1. You dumb shit, what does race and religion have to do with boxing. you need to slap yourself seriously. Like i said before dumb ass, stop talking from your ass, get your facts straight, google the world champions if you see anywhere hamid's name i will eat my words, This whole show was a joke, this guy is self proclaimed champion, google the list of world Champions you will know this for yourself and then slap yourself the second time.

  2. Also you call yourself an afghan, you are a disgrace to Afghanistan by calling someone a modda fucka. I will never call you a modda fucka even if you are my enemy.

  3. @Seyarullah – you are nothing but a foreign agent trying to create instability between the Afghans. People like you are the true enemy of Afghanistan and peace.

  4. Dude, dont u dare to discredit an afghan athlete, because if you do so, you´ll be attacked by all the nuthuggers who turned into sports experts the day after their buddy got "famous".

    As to me, I certainly agree with you, Hamid has never been tested and he doesnt seem to be somebody who could ever upset a legit boxer.

    He´s lost a fight against against a 9-58-3 dude…
    Although he got robbed according to him, that just shouldnt happen….

    Peace out!

  5. درود به رحیمی و درود به صلح به کمک همه مردم افغانستان عزیز،رحیمی مشتزن بزرگ تاریخ است .wish to have a long life.

  6. Hey man, This guys do not know boxing at all so I do not blame them. They dragged a cab driver all the way from Africa and then beat him on an unfair ground. Said Mbelwa was fighting the re-free and hamid at the same time. I have nothing against hamid he did some thing real constructive in kabul which was great but how dare he called him self world Champion in the post fight interview. He is a B level fighter with decent skill. Peace man

  7. Fighting any one in the Elite level he will get into deep water and then schooled. Even the A Level fighters, i am talking about fighting Felix Sturm (Germany).Kelly Pavlik USA or even Kid Chocolate Petter Quillin etc etc.

  8. hamid rahimi echa bogari naku kate kere 3 cm andome mordanid echa feker nako sore klitschko ra dari klitschko tura kun mekona da ring !

  9. He is number 6 in the WBO Middleweight Ranking maybe after 2-3 fights he get a title fight against Petter Quillin. In Germany Pro Boxers start as a underdog first of all its hard to be a professionel Boxer and then you must fight some low level Boxer to build a record and put you in the Rankings. Germanys Boxing politics is hard the biggest Boxing Promotions have the big money TV deals and they close the doors for the smaller Promotions so thats why Boxers cant fight big names so fast

  10. you mean attila kiss he won the fight under desicion but Hamid got robbed in a rematch Hamid beat him. In Germany you cant fight big names with a low record first of all you have to fight low level boxers to build a record and then when you go up the rankings you get offer better fights and bigger names. I dont know how it work in USA but in Germany is like that you start as a underdog and fights to the higher level of boxing when you have luck and talent you get a contract with a big Promotion

  11. I respect your opinion and your boxing knowledge but WBO is not a legit organization any more. I m not a hater, This guy is a decent fighter for a third world country and a war devastated country. I have seen him fight he has too many flaws. I do not think he can be a champion. PEACE

  12. you right he has not a good Boxing technic but his willpower is big and what he done for Afghanistan organize the first professionel boxing match ever in Afghanistan is a big step for everybody. I know you are not a hater and your knowledge about boxing is big. Maybe you are a Boxer too ?? Can i ask you where you live ??

  13. I live in Canada and no i am not a boxer. However i am a huge boxing fan and used to box for fan when i was younger. I have been a fan since 89. The greatest sports ever sweet science. PEACE

  14. You know this kid Arash Usmanee from afghanistan is a real deal. Real good boxer he has the potential to be a world champion

  15. Oh ya i know this kid he fights in the super featherweight division in Canada he is a really good Boxer very technical great skills. Arash Usmanee inshallah he will be a World Champion one day,he is born as a boxer with talent technic and skills.

  16. so we have alots of good boxer in living in europe in in canada australia and america so rahimi was not good boxer couse i watch from tv his boxing his fighting he is good but not to much

  17. Don't say "established" say "sold" Afghanistan to British. That would be a fair comment about Afghanistan by a pashtoon like you. You fascist.

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