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– What’s up elite fitness athletes? One to another, ready? Official THENX. – It’s Chris Heria and my son, Zen. Today we’re going to be
doing a Father’s Day workout. Let’s get started. (energetic music) – All right guys, so today
me and my son are going to be doing a Father’s Day workout, so grab your son or grab your father and let’s get this workout started. Now before we start the workout, I just want to say that teaching your kids about a healthy lifestyle and working out at a very young age is super important. And the most important person
to do that is your first idol, the first person that you ever look up to when you’re growing up
and that’s your dad. Y’know, you always see your dad and it’s “Oh my gosh, I
want to be just like him.” And the thing about that is
your kids, or kids in general, they learn by example. They learn by watching, not
so much by the words you say, but the things that you’re actually doing. If you’re the dad that’s
going to be on the video games every single day, you
never do anything active, you’re always playing games, your son is going to be
doing that same thing or at least going to be
wanting to do that same thing. In life, you always need a
balance of play, discipline, and, of course, hard work. And the cool thing about
working out is you can bring all those elements into one. So teaching your kids at a
young age about working out is going to instill the
discipline that they learn from working out into
them at that young age. It’s also gonna open their mind. It’s gonna open their awareness
to a healthy lifestyle. They’re gonna start thinking, like my son, he’s always talking about like
how many calories is in this. Is this healthy or not? Is this unhealthy, y’know? I wasn’t even thinking about that stuff, when I was five years old. And having this around
in his life all the time, he’s very conscious about the things that he’s putting into his body and he’s very conscious about working out and keeping up with the healthy lifestyle. And the cool thing is that
the discipline that they get from working out is going to follow into other aspects of their life. And the most important
thing that you can show them is that working out,
hard work is something that should be encouraged and
is something that can be fun. So now we’re gonna show you
guys a couple of fun ways how you can have fun with your kids. Get your kids active and then
we’ll do a workout together. So, Zen, are you ready to have some fun? – Of course, I am. – Let’s do this, dude. Okay, so the first game
we’re gonna play, okay. We’re gonna race each other. It’s gonna be a competition. Okay, you see those balls over there. You’re gonna have to run. Race, get that first
ball, and then run back as fast as you can, try to beat your dad, and bring it all the way over here, okay? After that, you’re gonna
grab the second ball, bring it over here, grab the third one, and then bring it here. Whoever’s the first one to grab the ball and bring it back here, all of your balls on this
side first wins, all right? You ready to win? Are you fast, dude? I know you’re fast. – The speed of light. – Okay, well, you know what? I’m gonna do it with one foot and you can run as fast as you can. I’m gonna do it with one foot, okay? Just to make it a little bit challenging. Since my legs are longer than
yours when I walk, you see? So I’m gonna make it even for us. So start right here. – But I want, with one
foot as fast as you can, with one foot. – Okay, I’ll go as fast
as I can with one foot, but you use two feet, okay? Cause one of my legs is
along as two of yours, okay? Here we go. On your mark, three, two. (dramatic music) Ah, you beat me, dude. Congratulations, my boy. All right, so Zen won that round. We’re gonna go on to the next game. Who can hang the longest? All right, so with that first game, we just got up our heart rate. We got a little bit of
cardio in there, right? So now we’re really warmed up. And we’re gonna do some
more intense stuff. So now we’re gonna see
who can hold the longest. Okay, so we’re gonna do first just a hang. Then we’re gonna go into an L-sit, and lastly we’re gonna do a plank. So obviously whoever is the
last person hanging or holding is the winner. This looks like a game,
but teaching your kids at a young age to start
hanging, start holding, you’re gonna build their strength easier. They’re gonna be able to hold something before they’re ever gonna be
able to rep something out. And it’s also gonna show them how to start using proper
form from the beginning. So holding static movement and teaching them to do
that at this young age, it’s gonna build their mental endurance, and it’s also gonna build
their physical endurance too. And it’s a great way. It’s basically the first way to start your calisthenics journey. So start your kids here, just by holding, and they’re eventually gonna
be able to progress on. So, are you ready to start? The first thing
– Yeah. – [Chris] We’re gonna do is hang. Let’s see who can hang the longest, okay? I’m gonna put you on this bar. You’re gonna hold on as
long as you can, okay? When you drop, that’s it. So on your mark, three, don’t move, cause it’s
gonna be hard for you. Hold it still and hold it tight. Put your thumb around it. There you go. Three, two, one, action. (upbeat music) You got it, son. You got it. You got it. Oh. It was tie. – Tie. – Good job. That was a tie. Okay, it was a tie, guys. We’re gonna move onto the next one. Are you ready? Are your arms still good? They’re still good, right. You’re strong, dude. – Strong. – All right, so the next
one we’re gonna do is L-sit. You know how to do an L-sit? C’mon, I know you know how to do an L-sit. Get on this one. Let’s see your L-sit. Let’s do it facing this way, c’mon. Ready? Get in the middle. Face that way. Here we go. In three, two, your arms straight, one. Legs up, go. Hold it. (soft music) – Oof, did I beat you? – Tie. – It’s a tie. Was that a tie? Are you sure? We can try again. Want to try again? Okay, sure. All right, let’s see, the
best two out of three. Here we go. Three, two, one, go. (slow music) – You won, dude. You won, all right. So I think my son won that one. – Okay. – Okay, all right, we’re gonna move one. – Yeah, we did. – You did? Okay, so the next one
that you have is a plank. I taught you how to plank. Do you remember the plank, right? All right, I want to see
you do a plank first, just so you can show the
camera, all the kids out there, that don’t know how to
do a plank, show them. And then put your elbows down. Nice shape, that’s a plank, guys. All right, we’re gonna hold that move. All right, don’t waste your energy, son. Okay, take a little break. So he’s gonna do a plank,
and I’ll do a full planche. Whoever drops first loses. You ready? Okay. On your mark. You sure you’re ready? You don’t look ready. Okay, here we go. Get in position. Three, two, one. (inspiring music) – Whoo. All right, and he’s still hanging on. Look at him. Hey, you’re still trying. You’re still doing it, big boy. (Chris kisses his son) So, my son, he’s the
champion of that last game. So now, with all games over, now we’re gonna do a
real workout, all right. So now once you’re done
playing games with your kids, they’re already so invested into it. We’re gonna give them a real workout. It’s gonna feel like a game to him. Let’s do it. All right, so we’re done playing games. We’re ready to work out. Are you ready to work out? – Of course, I am. – All right, so my son is a
pretty tough kid right here, so he’s not gonna do like
a normal kid workout. We’re gonna do a super set. We’re gonna go for five muscle-ups, five straight bar dips,
and then five pull-ups, all without letting go of
the bar, all consecutive. We’re gonna build that endurance, but I’m gonna help you the whole time. Are you ready? – Yeah. – All right, let’s go, let’s go. Here we go. Let’s start with the muscle-ups. Here we go. Turn around, no, this way. Let’s jump up. Get a nice little grip. Got a good grip? Okay, here we go. Ready? One, go down, good. Two, good, hold it tight. Three, hold it, hold it, hold it. Tighten your arms. Tighten your grip. Four, good boy. Last one, five. Now we’re go on to straight bar dips. Five, here we go. One, keep your feet together. Two, three, lean forward. Four, one more. Five. Now, pull-ups. Hold, hold, hold, hold. You’re not done yet. Ready? One, good. Two, all the way down. Three, full range of motion. I don’t care if you’re five years old. Four, you learn the right way. Last one, all the way down. Up, five, hold it, hold it,
hold it, hold it, hold it. Keep your legs straight,
together, tight, like a pencil. Like slow down, down, down. Hang in, hang in, hang in there. And you’re good. Good job. Whoo. That’s a beast set. I’m gonna do it too, all right? Here we go. Watch daddy, watch daddy. (mid-tempo music) That’s it. C’mon, all right, so we
got two more rounds to go to complete our little super set workout. But thank you guys so much for watching our Father’s Day video. As you can see, we’re drenched. We’re sweaty. We had a good workout. You’ll definitely see this
boy around here more often. He’s been doing a lot of kid workouts for all the kids out there, trying to get in the
best shape of their life. And if you’re trying to get in
the best shape of your life, sign up right now, THENX.com. Become a member. We have workout programs
for every fitness level to get you in the best shape of your life. Not just look strong,
but actually be strong. Train like us. Train like a beast. Download our app in the App Store and take our programs and
workouts with you everywhere. And if you guys need a little extra push, during your workouts, check out our brand-new
pre-workout THENX Ignite, which you can buy right
now at THENX.com/shop. We also have brand-new weight belts to get your training to the next level and you can use for our
weight calisthenics programs on the THENX app, all right. – Bye ‘chievers. Have a good day. Peace out. Thanks for watching. – Peace out. (Chris laughs) – [Interviewer] All right,
Zen, how was the workout today? – It was awesome. – [Interviewer] Yeah, did you have fun? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Were you sweating? – A lot. – [Interviewer] Yeah, did
you get tired at one point? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Yeah? When? When did you get tired? – When I was doing the puller bars. – [Interviewer] Yeah? – When I was pulling up. I had so fun workout with my dad. It was so cool. People, if you see your big
brother or you have a sister and they’re like playing
games a lot, all the time, don’t play games all the time. You can play video games,
but not all the time. You have to do physical stuff. You have to learn about life and you have to learn about your body too. Would have to be healthy,
so you can live a long life. Start telling your dad to
start working you up now. And also working out
makes you super strong, so bye. (high-tempo music)

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