Farrah Abraham’s Boxing Partner Finally Revealed — Is It ‘Teen Mom’ Replacement Bristol Palin? – Dai

Farrah’s going head to head with someone in the boxing ring to raise awareness against bullying, but who is the reality star facing off against? We’ve got all the details!    We hope Farrah Abraham, 27, is taking training seriously because she’s got quite the opponent lined up for her boxing match November 10! The reality star has been trying to get someone to square up with her in order to raise awareness against bullying, reaching out to celebs like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan to face off in the ring “They are real survivors like myself through bullying, so I think they would be great to get in the ring for the great cause of anti-bullying,” she told Hollywoodlife com EXCLUSIVELY. Even though those match-ups won’t be happening, Farrah’s got an opponent locked in! And no, it’s not her Teen Mom OG replacement, Bristol Palin, like fans were hoping Farrah isn’t interested in fighting her, but she will be fighting Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander    Sound familiar? Nicole is a VH1 reality star from the shows Flavor of Love and I Love Money Farrah made it clear that she wouldn’t be considering anybody for the fight who she considered a bully, so we think she made a great choice! Nicole came out a winner in both of her VH1 shows, proving she’s got a competitive drive  Damon Feldman, the fight’s producer, was the one who made the official announcement, but this was followed by an excited post on Nicole’s Instagram page “I can’t wait!” she captioned an Abraham VS. Alexander shot. “So excited to get in the ring! ITS GOIN DOWN Nov 10th!” Tickets are being sold for the big Atlantic City event, ranging from $45 to $75, with red carpet and meet and greet opportunities available, as well  It’s going to be a good fight! Farrah has already been posting all kinds of boxing videos, showing off her great form    But at the heart of it, this event is all about the cause! “Bullying has caused so many deaths, abuse and hardships,” Farrah told Hollywoodlife com. “I don’t tolerate any bullying and I’m proud celebrities can use their platform for a positive social impact ” What an awesome example for her daughter Sophia!

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