Farrah Abraham Can Avoid Legal Action With Boxing Organizer — If She Takes On Kailyn Lowry In Fight

Who’s ready for a ‘Teen Mom’ showdown? Farrah Abraham can skirt her legal drama with her celebrity boxing promoters on one condition: she fights Kailyn Lowry!    Farrah Abraham, 27, has the chance to get out of hot water — but there’s a catch  Damon Feldman, the man who organized the charity boxing match that Farrah bailed on, says he won’t take legal action against her IF she boxes her Teen Mom costar, Kailyn Lowry! Kailyn, according to TMZ, wants to spar with Farrah in the ring, and Damon’s all for it Kailyn has not spoken out about this desire herself, and Farrah has not accepted the challenge yet But these two have traded verbal jabs for years; a physical fight is totally plausible!    You may recall that Farrah was supposed to fight Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander on November 10 in a charity boxing match, but dropped out after claiming the fight promoters screwed her over by not following through with a verbal agreement to provide accommodations and flights for her posse Farrah told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that, “Damon the promoter won’t book correct flights for my people, for my coaches and my mother and my daughter to come watch He is in breach of my contract. (He also promised) up to 32 rooms for celebrity guests, coaches and family These are the things the promoters agreed to and could not deliver so they are in breach and it’s not my issue ”  She also said in an Instagram Live video that had a change of heart about the boxing match after escaping jail time for a June 2018 physical altercation at the Beverly Hills Hotel Farrah told her fans that she’s taking her probation seriously, and therefore needs to avoid “bad situations;” to her, that means the boxing match Furthermore, Damon, Farrah told us, “has been threatening my career and threatening lawsuits when he is not delivering on his end… As a mother, I stand firm and I will not tolerate illegal, unsafe, or bullying behavior, the promoters and all associated are in breach on their part ”  Kailyn hasn’t piped up about Farrah’s situation, but their other Teen Mom colleague, Catelynn Lowell, said that she wanted to see Farrah get “laid out ” Needless to say, Farrah wasn’t happy about it. Farrah told us EXCLUSIVELY that she thought it was “disgusting ”

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