Extreme Form Martial Arts : Extreme Form Martial Arts Hand Combos

In this section we are going to be talking
about hand combos. Hand combos are going to be a big part of your form and you are going
to be able to make them look sharp and neat and precise using the proper technique and
being able to do them fast and accurate. Okay so let’s go ahead and start with the basic
hand combo, guarding position, you are always going to do traditional guards, you are not
going to have modern guards. In some styles we have modern and we have traditional. In
competition, freestyle martial arts it is going to be traditional. So go ahead and get
into a good stance. We are going to practice standing up a little bit so that our legs
don’t get too tired. First we go here and we are going to chop to our left so we are
going to make our first hand, which is going to be our chopping hand and it is going to
be my left hand, put it on top and the other hand is going to go on the bottom, underneath,
right here. We are going to chop, punch, and that is going to be your basic punch right
there so again chopping hand goes on top, the other hand goes right here and you want
to go elbow to elbow real tight, look where you are going, chop, punch, and now when you
are looking, chop, and switch your stance and practice going different directions so
make sure you have a good stance so let’s do it one more time. Let’s go ahead and drop
into a good stance, ready fold, chop, you want everything to be straight. You don’t
want to chop way out here or have, have your butt like this you want to have everything
squared. You want it to come straight out, chop, punch, you’re going to look, chop, switch
your stance, punch. That’s going to be your basic hand combo and you can go ahead and
add, once you get it down you can add stuff, like chop, under, chop, punch, chop, punch,
you can do a slice, punch, or slice, up or you can start with block high, two, three,
four, or you can start using different hand techniques like knife strikes or palm heels,
one, two, three, palm heel. Okay let’s do it one more time so knife strike, one, knife
strike, fold, two, switch my stance, three. Okay so go ahead and play around with those
and try different hand combos and different hand techniques that will work for you.

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