Extreme Form Martial Arts : Extreme Form Martial Arts: 1st Section of Form

In this next section, we’re going to be talking
about the sections of your form and how to start it and how to practice it. You’re going
to break your form down into three different sections. You’re going to have the beginning
section, your middle, that’s going to be your second section, and then you’re going to have
your ending that’s going to be your third section unless your form is really long and
then you can have two middles, a second and a third, and then the fourth will be your
ending. But mainly you just want to have three sections. Okay your intro, your beginning
hand combo, and then your first big moves, and then you’re going to have your middle
section and then your ending. So let’s go ahead and start on our beginning section and
practice the beginning floor form. So in the beginning you’re going to start over here.
You’re going to do your bow. Walk in, remember right, left. Walk forward right down your
line. Bow again, and then here “Aya, judges my name is Caleb Labarda. I represent Tae
Kwon Do Unlimited. With your permission may I begin?” And then attention, bow, from here
walk backwards. Then from here you’re going to bow again. Now your beginning, sometimes
people just go right into your form or you can have a slow beginning like, and then look
and then do something slowly coming across and then you can look or you can start off
with a big flip. You can do like a backflip or something. When you go into a backflip
it’ll look like this. So from here, right onto your knee. Then we can come up, look
and go into our hand double. Chop, under, chop, punch, chop, punch, aya. Okay, so that’s
going to be the whole beginning section and then let’s go ahead and work our way towards
the middle. We’ll do some kicks, one, two kicks, and you can just go a little bit farther
if you want all the way until you’re getting ready to make your next turn for your form.
So that’s going to be your beginning section. So let’s do that one more time. So bow, come
forward one, two, walk this way, do your bow. From here your presentation, “Your name is
so and so. You represent so and so. With permission may I begin.” Bow, attention and bow, go like
scoot to the the back of the ring. You’re going to bow. You can do it any way you want.
This time we’ll do it without the backflip. We’ll just go cha, here and we’ll do a pull
across, look and then go chop, punch, ta. We’ll do a kick, skip, front kick, jump, aya.
Okay, then we’ll turn. Boom! And that right there, that’ll be getting ready for our second
section of our form okay. So practice your form in sections. So go ahead and practice
your first part of your form now which will be your first section.

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