“Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts and Yoga” – Vito Rallo

I had a chance to catch up with Vito Rallo
who is the author of a new book called exposing the danger between martial arts and yoga. I will start by asking what’s your personal
background in martial arts? My background was involved in [ ] karate and
in that nearly 30 years I do have extensive work in the martial arts that I can speak
as an expert on it. I was a five time national champion. I was an instructor in two different universities. And throughout my history and involvement
in the martial arts I gained a lot of knowledge of what to do and what not to do. So at some point then you got the revelation
that it was not healthy. That is was dangerous. When did that happen? Well that happened about three years ago when
I began to do some research. I didn’t want to do the research because
I wanted totally out of this. But then there were church people and other
people that got me … there were church people that got me involved with this again and then
against my true knowledge of knowing what was in the martial arts as though that point
on everything seemed to go downhill until God kindly delivered me out of the martial
arts and the spirits behind it. So what are those specific dangers that you
see for people of for Christians involved in martial arts? Well that basically goes back to the history
of yoga. That’s where the martial arts came out of
and because the martial arts came out of yoga they are all connected to Hinduism and they
are all connected to Zen Buddhism and so today people no matter what they call martial arts,
they can call it Christian Martial Arts, Christian Yoga, they can say anything that they want
but in actuality it is a form of Hinduism. Actually a person is practicing Hinduism in
going through that. If they do any kind of training. So does that open the door for certain things
in their life? Yes. There are spirits behind everything that you
do. You can’t separate the spiritual from the
physical. It’s impossible even other people are involved
like masters will tell you Hinduism and yoga are connected just as the martial arts are
connected to Zen and Buddhism. There’s no separation of the two because
of the physical aspects behind them you are going to see that the power sourcing used
called universal power source that we talked about in my book. We talk about the energy that gives that person
that power. I asked a martial artist one time although
at the time I didn’t understand it, where do they get the power from? And they said well it’s from this energy
out in space or wherever it is at all around us. But not the God of the bible? No it’s not the God of the bible so what
they are saying is that personal energy is the energy they draw from. That energy is not of God but that energy
is of a demonic realm. What would you say to Christian parents who
are maybe looking for programs for their children? Self-defense or martial arts. Are there any safe martial arts programs or
things for children? My fifty years of knowledge of the martial
arts says the opposite. There are no safe martial arts. They are all connected. Both spiritually and physically there is something. They are connected to a Hindu religion. Now I keep going back to that because that
same Hindu religion for example was practiced at the white house a couple of years ago and
they let 1000 children practice yoga on the front lawn of the white house and that happened
to be on the very holiest day we have which is Easter. Sometimes you see Christian yoga, is there
such a thing as Christian yoga? It’s impossible. You can’t separate the two. Once again yoga is Hinduism and yoga is Zen
Buddhism is the martial arts and it’s all interconnected. In my book I [ ] that out about what those
two connections are Zen Buddhism in the Hindu religion. Vito thank you. We appreciate you taking your time today. Thank you. In order to legitimize the martial arts and
keep it in a form which is palatable and people won’t believe Hinduism or Zen Buddhism they
have given it titles such as Tae Kwon Do University. This makes it palatable because people believe
that their children are being educated in some type of educational. They are but they don’t realize what that
education is or what’s behind that education.

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