Expert Sword Fighter Reviews Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Scenes

(upbeat film score) – Hi, my name’s Raab Rashi. I’m the owner of Sword Class NYC and one of the head instructors here. I’m going to be ranking the
fight scenes from Star Wars. Let’s start with Finn
and Rey versus Kylo Ren. I really like this fight. One of the things I really like here is that Finn doesn’t know
how to use a lightsaber and he’s using it exactly as someone who is not trained might use it. He’s striking very hard. And now Rey gets the lightsaber. Starts out with a stab
but really telegraphs what she’s gonna do, pulls it back. All right, she got a good rising strike. This is a cool fight. It’s not really using anything that I’d call a very historical technique. For the most part, swinging these weapons like they’re clubs and
trying to bash through it. And I totally buy that
for Finn and Rey, too, as far as I know has never
fought before with a lightsaber. What he does have going for
him is that he attacks a lot. And that’s always a good thing to do, to constantly keep
pressure on your opponent, especially if they’re wounded. So, next we’ve got Obi-Wan
versus Grievous here. Okay, immediately goes
into a useless stance. All right, if I could
use four swords at once, I might do a spinny thing, too. He had a chance, two of his
arms were used, two were not. He could’ve just stabbed him
right in the middle there. He’s gonna let one of
his hands get cut off. He’d rather lose piece
by piece, literally. All right, I don’t know. Obi-Wan does some really
ridiculous things in there. Sticking out his hand like that and putting the sword above his head. I don’t know what that stance is gonna do other than poke out his eyes. Let’s move on. Next we have one of the
all-time great sword fights. This is Luke versus Vader
in Empire Strikes Back. So, Luke keeping a very centered stance. This is called
“jodan-no-kamae” or long point. Even though he’s not angling it correctly, when Vader retreats from Luke, he keeps the sword
pointed right at his face. Luke makes a very beginner mistake in that his sword comes
up as moves forward. So that’s a fine time to talk, when you’re separated from the person. One of the things that
really distinguishes this is that there is a really
high emotional stakes here. It starts out with Luke, you know, really working hard,
putting in a lot of effort, and Vader almost toying with him. He’s using one hand. It’s only after Luke gets
our of the carbonite chamber that Vader switches to two hands and starts to really
take him more seriously. Next we have Obi-Wan and
Anakin against Count Dooku. Good, I’m glad he actually
used his force power there, because if I had the
ability to push things and pull things in the
middle of a fight, I would. Now, they’re dancing. Very bouncy swords here. That was a nice bind. As much as I don’t like
this fight, and I don’t, there are a couple things
here that I did like. Anakin, something that he did, is he bound up Dooku’s arms
and used the lightsaber to cut right through both of them. It wouldn’t work with a real sword. You don’t have the leverage
when you’re underneath to slice right through
someone’s arms like that, but with a lightsaber, you
can pass right through. So I think that was a really good example or lightsaber fighting as
opposed to sword fighting. What I don’t like is the sabers are just bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing. When two swords clash into
each other, they bind. And sometimes they do that in Star Wars, and sometimes they don’t. Next we’ve got Palpatine versus Windu. So first thing he does is
pretty cool spinning technique and immediately kills one
jedi, kills another one. Now he’s getting all these spinny things. I’m not really sure what that’s about, although he looks pretty good doing it. Some angry pushing again. Mace Windu takes a high
stance, vantag or jodan. I love what Sidious does. If you’re fighting more than one opponent, you wanna take as many of
them out as fast as you can. One of the things I
really hate that he does is every time he tries to stab, pulls back his saber like this, and then thrusts it forward. If you’re gonna stab someone, all you need to is keep your sword in front of you and extend your arms. Another thing is one of
those lightsaber sins where they attack above the person’s head. You don’t need to stop an
attack that’s going to miss. That said, I kind of like the
way they were fighting here. Now we’ve got Yoda versus Dooku. He couldn’t pick up his lightsaber. And now there’s a flying muppet. Bouncy, bouncy, he’s
like a little Pokemon. Oh, now it’s time to talk again. Oh boy, all right. Obviously this doesn’t really look like any real sword fighting at all. One of the things that makes Yoda cool is that he’s wise and old. Some of the best sword
fighters I’ve ever seen, masters who are 80 years old, 70 years old, even 90 years old, their strength comes
not from their movement, but from the simplicity
of their movements, how they don’t need to move a lot, how they can do so much with so little. And I think that’s what
they could’ve done with Yoda and really missed a
great opportunity there. Next we have Qui-Gon Jinn and
Obi-Wan versus Darth Maul. One of those Star Wars staples, blocking behind your back. Don’t know how they do
it, I couldn’t do it. Qui-Gon’s showing that terrible grip that you always see in Star Wars. You just don’t hold a sword like this. Once again, Qui-Gon
attacking above Maul’s head, not really doing anything effective. Some nice spins here that
have no practical use. Kind of some wild swings by Obi-Wan here. This is a really cool fight, right? But it’s not a sword
fight, this is dancing. Very kung fu influenced. A lot of theatrics, a
lot of jumping around. That said, it’s a very
amusing fight and I enjoy it. Okay, so this is my list based on the clips that I’ve seen today. Bottom of the list, the
Grievous Obi-Wan fight. After that, I’m gonna put
the Yoda and Dooku fight. Next, we’ve got the Obi-Wan
and Anakin against Dooku. To Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan against Darth Maul. Windu and other jedi versus Palpatine. After that, Finn and Rey versus Kylo Ren. Number one, Luke versus Vader. Lots of emotional energy. A lot of real technique,
but also the right amount of movie magic and filmmaking
and a very effective use of the force powers on each of them. – Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel. And now your part. – [Both] Subscribe here. – That was my part.

17 thoughts on “Expert Sword Fighter Reviews Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Scenes

  1. he doesn't mind at all, that most SW lightsaberbattles were choreographed by martial arts people and actual swordsmen…oh and …i don't think he realized that some people (like christopher lee for instance) were master-swordsmen, cabable of wielding ANYTHING with a blade. that HE doesn't get it, doesn't mean, no one else does. i wonder how good he would have come out, being betterd by a master like BASIL RATHBONE…lol!

    kylo ren and rey are just….well…my lil nephew and his sister would deliver a more exciting and real looking lightsaber fight than those two did…lol.

    best duel ever in SW? obi wan vs. anakin. period.

  2. Expert swordsman: shits on every prequel duel

    Also expert swordsman: praises the force awakens because the characters don't know how to sword fight

  3. Funny thing is lightsabers and swords are different number 2 how do you not show him one of the most memorible fights in stat wars franchise i mean he showed 1 but you know you cant forget obi wan and anakin

  4. Comments section is like: comparing lightsabers and real swords are pointless!

    Well, not actually. If the movies tried to create less of a dance and more of a sword fight. The scenes would be better. Not saying stop the fan favourites twirling and spinning around, just to incorporate realistic techniques and stances adapted to the weapon and the force. Even the lightsaber forms could be more grounded in reality (not in the sense of our own, but in the laws of the Start wars universe). Anyways, just my point of view as a historical fencer myself.

  5. This guys has been bribed by JJ or smthng? Clearly has no idea about lightsabers and their own fightning styles. This man has clearly no knowledge or understanding on the subject he is talking about. I could understand him reviewing some fights with traditional swords but not lightsabers in the hands of force users. (except rey and finn; they are a cinematic joke)

  6. Hire a Katana expert or a martial arts expert not a sword master
    Lightsaber combat did not inspire from medieval sword fighting, it inspire from samurias or other martial arts

  7. Well considering they are Lightsabers and not Steel Swords. It's safe to say they wouldn't fight like a steel sword. Light bounces, hence why Lightsabers bounce off each other.

  8. my god, these aren't sword, these are lightsaber, try to imagine why they may bounce against each other and why their users might need to jump around, moreover, this is a movie, not a compilation of classic sword's battle

  9. You didnt account for force powers, precognitive abilities mixed with telekinesis and a variety of other superhuman abilities, with the fact that the blade of a lightsaber is completely weightless, all the weight is in the hilt and lightsaber blades should bounce off each other as they would have their own energy field. I felt this was a little bit biased on purpose.

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