Ex-Aikido Guy’s BJJ Training in Lithuania • Martial Arts Journey

Every one so I am back in my home country, Lithuania I am in the capital of Lithuania, which is Vilnius a beautiful beautiful city with a wonderful old town So I’ve been living in business now for a few weeks. This is the first time we live here I moved to the city right after Ireland Dublin. I’m going to gym regularly training and I’ll keeping myself in shape Also, I found a Brazilian jiu-jitsu Academy, which I’ve been going to for the past few weeks. I liked the academy a lot So I’m gonna bring you together with me show you around talk to the coach do some welding show you my progress So yeah, it’s gonna be fun. So let’s go ahead and go on this martial arts journey together So right now I’m standing in front of my car Yeah, we’re gonna get into it and drive to the gym because the Academy is about 40 minute walk I did walk a few times, but that’s still quite a long walk Especially if you go forth and back and you finish quite late you start at 7:00 p.m So, yeah, let’s get to the car and we’ll have a chat there as we go So we’re on our way and obviously it won’t look too much into camera because we don’t want to get into Craxton so drive safely That’s for a lesson of the day So what was interesting as I joined this Academy initially when I started my channel? It wasn’t really known by many Lithuanians my my countrymen and women that I am a Lithuanian because I apparently have a pretty good American accent and so for a long time a lot of people From my country didn’t realize I am Lithuanian because I didn’t really speak about that or say anything about it but eventually When I realize that I did mention it a few times and some of my videos and a lot of my countrymen were like woah Holy crap, you’re a Lithuanian and because in Lithuania, we are a small country. We’re only three million million people and there’s a tendency that we are we’re very proud when some Lithuanian makes it makes it outside of Lithuania Andy and then when I went to the To the digits to school I which is called a four spied way I was wondering will someone recognize me or not, especially because a lot of people have known me with the ponytail and you know my old Aikido style Some people don’t recognize me just because of that but went there and at least I think at least five different people Came to me and said hey I was IRA land and I was actually happy I was I was happy to know people watch it and Apparently even one person he was looking for which martial art to do and inspired by my content He decided to do present in jiu-jitsu, so that’s really awesome And here we are Two Rokas’s have met. It’s a pleasant convenience. Easy to remember each other’s names. Head coach of A-Force Lithuania. Is that a correct way to introduce you? Yes. Head coach. What are your main priorities when leading your academy? What do you want to introduce to your community? In our practice each body build – weather he is bigger, smaller, taller, lighter. It has certain advantages. You don’t have to be perfect to begin. It’s great if you have certain physical advantages. If you are bigger you can make certain techniques work for you. But a lighter or smaller person can also do that. The other thing is that Jiu Jitsu is a way of life. I personally see a lot of parallels between BJJ and life. How you solve problems on the mat, dealing with various situations Same way in life when you face certain problems, you deal with them. You don’t leave them hanging. In Jiu Jitsu if you will leave a problem be, most likely you will get chocked. Same way you try not to leave problems without solving them. For me these are very similar situations. And I keep telling to people – if you end up in bad positions on the mat You have to solve them right here and now. There’s no waiting around or spazzing out. It’s a class together with my buddy which is actually one of the best things that Of being back in Lithuania is I get to hang out with him again before I continue to wrap up my experience and one person Cheater wanted to quickly introduce you something cool and that actually relates to a quick story that after I went from Aikido to functional martial arts I actually became very much interested in seeking functionality everywhere and the products I buy and the things I do and One of the things which actually started bugging me for a while was my old wallet It was bulky was too thick is difficult to read for my credit card there I was very happy when extra and international company, which is creating functional wallets has contacted me and gave me a chance Not only to use their product but also to introduce it to you so holding the small it right now in my hand and as you see it’s actually pretty small and Light and pretty thin which is great. That’s something I love if I take my old wallet and compared to it Well size wise you can see there’s a big difference and even this wallet is empty So it’s more bulky and he’ll stuff in it But if you compare it together This one is still slim or old it has pretty much everything that I want to have it in it Other than that one of the features that I love most is that if you click this button All the cards come out you can reach for your credit card very easily you can put it back in it’s it’s super convenient and also – besides that there’s a tracker right here at solar power – hopefully you Never run out of power this way there’s an app that I’m holding right now in my hand which eccolo which actually shows you where your wallet is on the map and You can actually ring the wallet here where it is So again a super nice convenience a fair person who likes to lose your things all the time That can save your butt and one more thing that I wanted to mention here as it actually has a protective layer For your card so skimming wouldn’t happen And if you don’t know what that is It’s when that people come next to you and they read your card to conduct less payment They directly take off your money or even worse through your information so that they could actually get into your card So really awful things can happen from it. So to have that protective layer I think it’s pretty clear because it seems that this problem is and a growing problem and more and more people can Have trouble with it I’m very last thing to mention if you’re interested to get this wallet for yourself In the description and in the top of the comments You will find an affiliate link where you can use the special code and get a special discount for it Which just found sir always great. Why pay the same amount when you can pay less now if we come back to this Now if we come back to the subject of Brazilian Jujitsu, it’s really nice for me to see that actually quality cheats It’s making its way to lift away near to my own country and the training I had traveling around the world There wasn’t a big difference in quality in the level where I trained and other places so I find that really great We had just a final thought about jiu-jitsu. I feel it’s an art which you have to remember that It’s all about SPR sahabi said in the famous conversation with Joe Rogan that it’s all about Consistency and not intensity and it’s a hard one to do because we all want to become better quicker But having a great place or close enough to your home to train that really makes a big difference Because you can always go there let out some steam consistently train don’t mind the taps Don’t mind cocoa losing. There’s actually the long-term. That’s just a lens, so it’s real hope As happy as I am that I found a good present in jiu-jitsu You like stuff Close to my home. I hope you will find one too. And yeah, we will continue to develop together So I’ll leave you here And as always I wish to question the hell out of yourself and just a quick secret The next video will be a cure verses in the name or executors versus anime. We’re gonna do the sparring again So stay tuned for that

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    And discount code: MARTIALJOURNEY15 to get 15% off your order

    Brangūs, lietuviai. Pilnas podcast'as su dviem Rokais čia 🙂 https://youtu.be/wrxhSew7m2o

  2. I find it interesting I'm not the only one who thought you was a yank! Just wondering, how did you get an American accent? Have you spent a lot of time over there, or do you learn American English in Lithuanian schools?

  3. I have been following your journey, in fact I have made your journey years ago. I was fed the same lies about Aikido, and now practice Uechi Ryu karate.

  4. Any plans on trying other BJJ gyms in Vilnius? And maybe express your opinion what exactly you like (or dislike) in them? 🙂

  5. Ive been following you for a long time. Kinda hard not to know you are lithuanian.yes your english accent is great.that masks the fact you are a non native english speaker.on an AMA you read my name near perfectly.
    Great to see your channel evolve and grow

  6. Ex-aikidoka here…doing a bit BJJ nowdays and it has a bit same flaws that aikido had. When I started aikido in eighties, most of the core trainers and teachers had judo background or some karate. Training was intense and sometimes hard. Then aspects of "we are one big family" went deeper into "way-of-life" and "aikido explains the universe" type of education. More diversity in age and gender among the trainers..more softer it became. BJJ has now same situation..there are more and more people on the mat that enjoy of being a part of the "community" than training martial art. I just can not take any more these "BJJ is the way of life" sorry..

  7. Back in the early 90s I was doing JJJ for some time and decided to try Aikido. I was shocked by the arrogance of the Aikido students. They dismissed every other marshal art. Looking back I can see they were compensating for the feeling they had, that there MA was not effective.

  8. have you considered visiting Torrence, California for the Gracie University?
    I've never thought about mentioning it until now but I think you would meet a alot of great and supportive people.
    Rener e Ryron são ótimos😊

  9. Sveikas Rokai, smagu kad grįžai į Lietuvą! Būtų smagu tave pamatyti ir parollinti ir mūsų gym'e Vilniuje – Roger Gracie Academy Vilnius.

  10. This is obviously none of my business… But how's things with your wife? That's a tonne of change in your life and I'm wondering how both of you are coping…

    Again… Probably none of my business.

  11. The tittle of the video:
    "Ex Aikido guy…. "
    The name of this vídeo is So stupid…. This guy dont forget Aikido and dont let Aikido in peace…

  12. Very cool and well said! How many days/hours a week are you training? The video looked like the class was over half rolling/sparring, is that about right?

  13. So in the martial arts Journey you went to Aikido , MMA , Karate & now Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.!? , You still haven't found the truth !?

  14. I knew you were Lithuanian, but I will say, as an American myself, you speak Standard American English better than some Americans I know.

  15. Is there any meaning behind the color of the gi? I know certain styles prefer certain colors but BJJ seems to just do whatever they want lol.

  16. YouTube channel collaboration conspiracy!!!! Rokas’ dog and Shane fazen’s (fight tips) dog have never been seen in the same room together..

  17. Vilnius looks like a beautiful city. I watch King Of Kings kickboxing and there are lots of matches out of Vilnius. They show scenes from around the city between fights sometimes. Man,what a beautiful city. Thank you for this video and Happy New Year to you also.

  18. Hey Rokas I made the same journey as you from traditional martial arts to kickboxing then bjj. One thing we should not forget is that we’re martial artist first and fighters second. In that our conduct should be base on honor, respect, and the bushido spirit. Yes we pursue a more effective fighting style but we should never forget the Philosophy traditional martial arts taught us.

  19. Seeing you training BJJ is like you are following the path that Sensei Morihei Ueshiba did before he invented Aikido. You're on the right path. Morihei Ueshiba did many years in military for physical training, he also learning Jiu Jitsu and Sword style kendo like for so many years longer than the number of you teaching Aikido. So when you finish the journey, you can come back to Aikido and polish your art skill into the fighting skill, which is to keep it simple not the fancy ones like most Aikido teachers did. Good luck.

  20. Hi, enjoying your journey – hope you get this. About aikido, most of the comments relate to the hand techniques. What’s the efficacy of the rolls and falls in your opinion?
    Cheers, Z.

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