European Kendo Championships 2017 – Final Men Individual – Ito (FRA) vs Fritz (CZE)

Ito (white) [ – ] Fritz (red) [ – ] Ito (white) [ – ] Fritz (red) [ – ] Ensho Ito (white) [ M ] Fritz (red) [ – ] Ensho

5 thoughts on “European Kendo Championships 2017 – Final Men Individual – Ito (FRA) vs Fritz (CZE)

  1. The tall player did not really show any fighting spirit and was getting dominated by the short player. He also let the short player go too easily from the hikimen distance. He should have attacked his kote or men.

  2. Just one thing about "asian or nonasian" style of kendo. My opinion is this, but it can be wrong, of course, too: Mr. Ito is Japanese but living in France. At 0:55 you can see, that it is visible he lives long time out of Japan. Gesture he made here after Mr. Fritz announced problem with his shinai, is obvious. I am sure that typical Japanese kendoka living in Japan would never do this. This gesture means: "What the hell are you doing? Why you stop it?" This is disrespect against Mr. Fritz and even he is Czech, not Japanese, his behaviour is more Japanese than Mr. Ito´s. Kendo is not only about good skills of fighting but more about respect and politeness of considering the opponent. Anyway, Mr. Ito was better in this fight and he deserved to win.

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