HG : I have stopped doing it, because it’s been a long time ago. H&D : Yhaa… Yohan is in such condition, you don’t want to help him ?! HG : Yohan and Me was Yohan and I learned different types of taekwondo YH : Hangyul learned about taekwondo to do some performance, while I studied taekwondo to attend the Olympics H&D : But Yohan can see him perform here, so you can tell Hangyul to show what technique he will show us :’) H&D : Whatever technique you have learned, surely you want to show us now, right? YH : Sure, I want to do it, but … :'( H&D : Then tell him that from the bottom of your heart, you want to show us that YH : Please SHOW IT !! (for me xD) YH : I’m going crazy, because I also really want to do it (Hangyul gives up) xD YH : (Tell Hangyul to do some of taekwondo technique, kind of some jump and spin technique :D) HG : YES !! (Hangyul obey him, hahaha) (Uri Cool Hangyul demonstrates what Yohan ordered) ❤ H&D : Is there another technique you want to show us? YH : Can you do the 540 degree spin? (Another ordered) (Hangyul accepted Yohan order, then do some practice first) 😀 ❤❤❤ HG : Ahh.. TT.TT (Fyi : Hangyul once had a torn ligament and that’s why his leg had been casted in the past) (Then Hangyul pretends like doing some little push up like Yohan said, lol) H&D : (Ask Yohan) Anything else you want to do ? xD (Another ordered from Uri Yohan) XD (And Uri Hangyul accepted it again, hahaha) HG : (Not really sure) (Finally, Yohan demonstrate how to do it well) ❤ ❤❤❤ YH : Enough here… :’) (Customer satisfied + clapping) H&D : YOHANNiiiii….A !!! (flustered) HG : Didn’t I do everything earlier? H&D : But that’s all what Yohan want to do and you’ve done it, so what !?! xD (Hangyul laugh bitterly) :’)

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