[Eng Sub] 170121 Kung Fu Yoga ETToday Yixing Interview

This time I’m Jackie Chan da-ge’s assistant XiaoGuang, there’s a knife beside you Bite it with your teeth and throw it over to me Huh? This, this isn’t good XiaoGuang is a playful & mischievous role and a relatively cute role What’s his purpose in this movie? To make people laugh Where do we go to find cars? car… Park it well We have a car! Hurry! While behind them during drag racing (scenes), it was really cool Thank you director Tong, you’re too great You let me drive a real car and you weren’t afraid for me to crash it I was quite happy This time collaborating with Indian actors was made me especially happy They all dance and sang well They taught me my movements I also added a little bit of my own dance moves in there Actually, this is my first time collaborating with Yixing in a movie A very hard working good brother He also can take on a lot of hardship and be under lots of pressure almost as if they’re nothing Once he came to shoot a scene He didn’t even say a word and got hung (on the wires) He shot (his scenes) and ended up getting injured So I asked him what’s wrong? Your condition isn’t very good He said oh ai-yo~ I only had an hour of sleep last night. I just came from Korea He’s that kind of a person. So I think he’s really great, really strong

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