(Eng Sub) 161106 《功夫瑜伽》Kungfu Yoga Movie Trailer 1 张艺兴 Zhang Yixing LAY

Translations by lyuanz Shiva’s Eye According to the legend Whoever has it Owns the whole world You are China’s greatest archaeologist 30 cases of gold He is an archaeologist like you too I am a treasure hunter 1.6 billion!!! [The fight for a thousand year old treasure] You are stealing the treasure This is illegal Wait for me!!! The treasure belongs to the world Not to one man’s life My 1.6 billion!!! Sorry!!! [A Stanley Tong Production] Xiao Guang, hurry! [A New Year work proudly presented by Jackie Chan] Run! Little Jackie! Little Jackie!! Uncle Jackie- [On the first day of Chinese New Year 2017]
[Bringing laughter to the entire world]

100 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) 161106 《功夫瑜伽》Kungfu Yoga Movie Trailer 1 张艺兴 Zhang Yixing LAY

  1. omfg….m so not ready for this …m an Indian kpoper…..dint know this movie had Lay in it….m crying happy tears….so gonna watch this….

  2. u know u need help when u know it's lay in the thumbmail (before reading the title) bc of his NOSE.

    and daamn ma boi looks fine. like always.

  3. I have a bad feeling this is going to be terrible. Lately all his movies are the same old plot and terrible. Sad to say, Jackie Chan already past his prime….He should just stick to Rush Hour series or just retire….


  5. I'm absolutely appalled. This is the same Jackie Chan that gave us Drunken Master, Police Story, Armour of God, Project A, Miracles, etc…and now he's making films with fucking CGI lions. Ugh…

  6. yeeah I am an Indian and I am big fan of KPOP and now there is both😍😍.
    this film is about India and China and lay is here

  7. IM SHOOK. YES YIXING!!! I've always loved Jackie Chan's movies but having my favorite person in it is just so exciting! Can't wait for this.

  8. This trailer came on when i went to watch the great wall and i didnt immediately know it was yixing but i was like why is that one guy so familiar and i googled and yessss first my baby luhan now my baby yixing in movies💕💕💕

  9. OMG ! I really can't believe it. Exo Lay is in this Indian movie !!!!! I am exo L + I m a BIG fan of Jackie + India is my neighbouring contry + I understand Hindi language. I m soòooo excited !!!!!!

  10. Lay – Kung fu yoga
    Luhan – The Great Wall
    Kris Wu – XXX (return of xander)
    although Luhan and Kris Wu are the former members but…we can see that exo has talented members that even make it to hollywood wow!! so proud to be a kpoper. 'cause they're working with famous legendary actors

  11. I just saw the movie and I can't even express my emotions seeing my bias in a movie with my favorite actor. Congrats Yixing on having your dream come true!

  12. It's an amazing movie and my favourite movie….jackichan sir , disha ma'am, or that Zhang yixing(lay)…they all are my favourite…😍😍😍😍

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